Demonic possession is scary stuff.

          I am a big fan of Ghost Adventures,  I am sure some of their stuff is faked or whatever you may say.  But those guys helped more explore the field myself.  I have only done several investigations,  including my house.  The man who lived here before us shot himself in the head in our front room.  I have gotten several evps,  curtains in the front room are always pushed like someone was looking out the window and a lot of very odd K2 hits.  I think we also have the spirit of a cat.  But anyway,  what the GAC guys did in the beginning was crazy.  Now the ZOZO demon.  This is the first show that got me in a long time.  But seriously,  the idea of demonic haunting scares the hell out of me.

First off anyone using an Ouija board is inviting serious trouble. The chances of actually communicating with a family member or a “good ghost” seem very slim to me. If it really is a key to another spiritual dimension, what do you think is waiting by the door? I think positive spiritual energy communicates in very helpful ways. For example, your gut tells you not to go to a store and it gets shot up (bad example) do you think something is not communicating with you? The same can be said with evil spiritual energy, you doing very self destructive things despite not wanting to. I think we were effected by the spiritual realm regularly, we just are not open to the fact.

To tempt a demon willingly is not smart. Demons can cause chaos in our personal life, professional life, mentally and physically. For a person who has been possessed to tempt it again is absolutely absurd. I am terrified that I am going to come across a demon. The Christian faith says if you are true in your faith you cannot be possessed. Then why do so many Christians become possessed? It is a matter of circumstance. Wrong place, wrong time or asking for it. Even devout Christians who were possessed need multiple exorcism to be cleared and sometimes that doesn’t work.

There are people dealing with paranormal situations daily. The stigma that comes with this causes them not to seek help. This allows the demon to go through its steps. Once it reaches possession in many cases it is to late. Through the research I have done, there is not one demon I can find more common than others. The ZOZO no one is sure if it is a demon, an animal spirit or whatever it may be. It is said that certain Demons are stronger in certain months, they use certain sins to tempt you and that there are offices for each demon. Now each demon is supposed to have and adversary Angel. In this sense wouldn’t you need to call on said Angel to combat the demon? I am not an expert by any means on this.

I have never to my knowledge dealt with a demon, nor do I want to. This stuff is seriously scary. Whoever is dealing with this I feel horribly for. What you have to through in order to get help is ridiculous. I hope if anyone reads this they stay away from the Ouija board or any other circumstances that bring Demons to you. If you are experiencing anything start a journal and mark everything. This can help you when someone comes to investigate. The one or 2 nights they spend there nothing may happen. I don’t think blessing the home yourself is a good idea either. Bring in someone that does it professionally. Good luck and stay safe. 0

Different kinds of ghosts, spirits and entities.

            Anyone who investigates the paranormal realizes that there is something out there. Exactly what that something is can differ from investigation to investigation. Spirits are essentially energy, that is why you are able to pick them up with a K-II or a MEL-Meter. It is the different types of energy/spirits that make each case different.

Ghosts are spiritual energy that was once attached to humans or animals. They retain the personality characteristics that they had in life. Generally they are trapped between realms, unable for whatever reason to cross over into the spiritual realm. Generally they are harmless, but of course there are a percentage that were evil in life and remain the same in death. Many cases they are residual, just like a tape playing over and over again. Some are one time appearances. Your uncle is in the hospital, you turn in the kitchen and he is there smiling, then gone. You then find out he died. These spirits can of course cause problems, but can only levitate small items. Generally they are not trying to scare you. They are trying to exist, make contact or are not even aware you are there.

You also have hungry ghosts, ghosts that could not get what they needed in the afterlife. They come back to feed off of humabs fear energy. These are commonly found in Taoism. Child ghosts are particularly upsetting. They generally are lonely and looking for attention. Animal ghosts are animal energy attached to a location. You can see the previous owners cat running in your front room. Vengeful ghosts are to be avoided. These are ghosts that attack men or women because of perceived indiscretions caused by them in life. These ghosts attack humans, by scratching, choking or pushing.

Spirits is a term many use to describe entities that were never human. Angels, demons or elementals, all of wich are not to be trifled with. Angels are exactly what you expect, they are good, can be asked for help and sometimes will. But again they can cause harm if trifled with. Guardian angels are human spirits that watch over a specific person. They try to protect them. Animal guides are essentially the Native American guardian angel. They try to guide the person to do the right thing. You don’t call on an inhuman spirit, you never know which one you will get.

You then have Elementals and shadow people. Elementals are attached to the land; protecting it from harm. Normally they will not harm you, but will if they must. They use fear to move people off their land. Some see them as minor gods, druids worship the deities. To appease these spirits an offering of some kind must be made, in many cases that will work. Shadow people, not much is known about them. But as cameras improve and shadow detectors are used we are gathering more evidence. Some people see them as malicious entities, others think of them as watchers from another realm. Either way they are very off putting and make me uncomfortable.

Of course we have the Demonic. These are the spirits I believe most paranormal investigators wish to avoid. These spirits are an affront to God and mean to destroy humans. There main goal is possession and death. They are evil, intelligent and have a hierarchy. They get more powerful as you head up the laddet. Generally if there is one demon there are more. Some quick telltale signs are smells, sulfuric and rotting, taps or knocks in 3s, teleportation of objects, amongst several others things. Many times they were invited in and others they were already there. Unlesd you are a shaman or an exorcist you should not challenge a demon. These beings are feared by most ghost hunters and one famous group had a smart saying. “When in doubt, get the hell out.”

This is just my experience and what I have read. If you have different ideas please feel free to add or correct. This is not an exact science, for me it has been trial and error. Always looking for more input.

Writing about demonic hauntings, does it open you up for attack or just paranoia?

                I have written several pieces on demonic haunts. Let me be very clear here, I have never personally dealt with one, nor do I want to. From all of the research I have done, I want no part of this. I am an amateur ghost hunter/paranormal investigator and am not eqipped for that type of thing.

Just to give an example to the paranoia that it could create. Last week I came home and found a hoard of flies in my house. It took us about 6 hours to get rid of all of them. Hours after that I found 4 scratches on my arm and couldn’t figure out where they came from. So of course I looked for natural reasons and even after finding them I was still unsure, back of my mind the anxiety was there and still is. Infestations start slowly and I want to be prepared in case. I went through the house reciting the Our Father prayer as well as telling any unfriendly spirits to leave.

Does this mean I am in that stage or just paranoid? Hopefully just paranoid. But I think wtiting about these type of hauntings may draw unwanted attention. Anything that lets the world know that Evil spirits are real I imagine runs a higher risk. For that reason I will only write periodically about this subject. I still am not sleeping properly because of my hopeful paranoia. It is my mind keeping me up, with what I hope is an irrational fear.

People who are under demonic attack are worried no one will believe them. That people will think they are crazy. You are not. There are many people out there who will try to help. I don’t know if they can, but the effort helps people mentally. I honestly hope my gut feeling is right and the natural explanation are correct. 4 scratches are 1 to many. Nothing has happened in 5 days. So here’s hoping.

The Enfield Haunting, real or a hoax?

        In late August of 1977 Peggy Harper put 2 of her 4 children to bed. She was recently divorced and recently moved into her home. They lived in a semi-detatched 3 bedroom council house in Enfield, North London.

At about 11:00 2 of her children began screaming. When Peggy went into their room, they complained that their bed was jolting up and down. Of course she did not see anything and thought it was their imagination. Janet was 11 and Pete was 9. At 9:30 the next night, Janet and Pete began complaining about a shuffling sound. In fact they believed a chair was moving. When Peggy turned on the light she heard nothing. She told them it was their imagination. She turned off the light and heard the noise herself. She turned it back on, kids were in their bed and no furniture was moved. She shut the light off and heard it again. She said it sounded light someone shuffling in slippers.

The family then heard 4 knocks on the partition wall. A heavy chest moved 18 inches from the wall, Peggy thought that it was to heavy for the kids to move. She moved it back and it moved right back where it was. Peggy yelled for the kids to get out of bed and go downstairs. They saw the neighbors light on and ran next door. The neighbors searched the house abd garden, finding nothing. The knocking continued, so they called the police, who also witnessed the knocking.

The events continued. Plastic bricks and blocks began being flung around the house. When they were picked up they were very hot. They brought in a vicar and a medium, nothing helped. They called the press and the Daily Mirror sent a reporter and a photographer to the home. After seversl hours with no activity, they decided to leave. When leaving a disembodied voice said BYE-BYE. Then the blocks started flying again. One hit the photographer in the head. When developing the pictures, they found holes where the blocks were.

They told the Harpers to call the Society for Paranormal Research. Maurice Grosse from SPR arrived on September 5, and nothing happened for several days. Between 10:00 and 11:00 one night they heard a large crash from Janet’s room. They went into the room and found a chair had been thrown 4 feet across the room. Janet was asleep and saw nothing. After setting it back up, it happened again minutes later. Grosse had a marble thrown at him from an unseen hand, saw doors open and close by themselves and had a strange breeze from his feet to his head.

On September 10 the Harpers made the front page of the Daily Mirror and were the subject of a 2 1/2 hour Night Line special. They were also on a radio special.

The disturbances continued. Electrical malfunctions, an infrared T.V. would not work properly, tapes would not record, tapes would dematerialize, then reappear, cameras would be bent, melted tapes and of course the knocking continued. Furnture would slide across the floor and be flung diwn the steps. Puddles of water would appear, dresser drawers would pull out and slam, toys would fly across the room, fires would break out, curtains would blow in wind with the windows closed, several cases of human levitation, Janet was flung across the room, neighbors saw it through a window and a curtain trued choking one of the kids.

Soon Janet began speaking in a guttural male voice. She would be in a trance like state. The voice gave many identities, but Bill was a usual. He said he had died in the house. The Harpers had never heard of this. Psychiatrists came in to determine whether Janet was being mischievous or having issues. Grosse brought in speech pathologists to determine if it was Janet using her second set of vocal chords. They determined that she was, but that would have an effect on her normal voice, which it did not.

Mediums were brought in. Janet was sent to a mental hospital for testing. While there the head of psychiatry sent his assistant to the house to determine the problem. Grosse also determined there was an intellegence to activity. He would get answers to questions, 1 knock for no, 3 for yes. He asked how long ago the spirit died and recieved 53 knocks.

Not everyone was convinced this was real. They caught Janet bending spoons and an iron bar on camera. They also saw her jumping on the bed flapping her arms. Her uncle said she had learned to talk in a deep guttural voice. So of course the authenticity us questioned. But arent all hauntings authenticity questioned? This is why people never come forward.

After 2 years the events subsided. It is said that many believe it started as true phenomenon and became trickery. If you want to see the full story go to Thank you guys for posting this, as well as for helping the people you help.

Do Urban Legends and Local Stories contain a morsel of truth.

                 If you look around on the internet you will find thousands of local and urban legends. But do any of these stories contain even a morsel of truth? The majority seem to be just what they are, stories. Then you have a small percentage that could be true and a smaller percentage that is true. The nature of these stories is to scare people and in many cases it works.

Alien abduction is a source of consternation for me, why would so many people lie, but where is the tangible proof. I just recently looked into the story of Sheepsquatch. It is in the Appalachian mountain region. It has reportedly been seen by many people. It apparently is a huge sheeplike creature that walks on 2 feet and it can snap the neck of a German Shepherd. People say they hear growls and screams from the mountains in the area of Breckinridge,Ky. It has reportedly been seen by many people but again no tangible evidence has bee collected.

Another popular one is the Jersey Devil. The most prominent story of its creation is a freak of nature mated with a human and created this monster. A winged monster that is about the size of a large deer. The only evidence found here are blurry pictures and witness accounts. Not that I think these people are lying, but police say eyewitness reports are never very good. That bring said, you are already on a scary situation, anything is going to set your already on edge senses off. Is that the case, I don’t know, but where is the proof. Hundreds of people went looking and come back with nothing.

The Mothman, everytime he is seen a tragedy happens. He was seen before an important bridge collapsed and this happened on more than one occasion. The Grass Monster, supposedly 8 feet tall, 500 pounds. Only thing that has been found is a couple blurry pictures. The Tommyknockers in the old coal mines. A bit harder to prove, but they supposedly warn the miners of a possible cave in. In some cases miners have heard it and disappeared. A miner hears that, they leave.

Locally, one of our legends is called the Legend of Baby Road. Apparently a woman leaved out there with her child. One rainy night she heard her child crying, but it wasn’t from the child’s room. She looked out the window and the baby was outside. When she ran outside the rain coming down turned to blood and her child was gone. The women supposedly killed herself. The legend says that on rainy nights in the area of her home she appeara holding a baby and anyone that stops to help disappear, leaving their car right on the road. I have investigated this several times and the only thing I got was wet.

I am sure the majority of these people are telling the truth. What would lying get them? Tangible proof seems so difficult to come by and in many cases it doesn’t make sense. Big monsters in the woods and we cannot get a DNA sample. Maybe as more people investigate proof will come out. But until then Urban and Local legends will be looked upon as stories.

Ed and Lorraine Warren- The Donovan Case part 3, from The Demonologist

             One item in a demonic haunting that is off limits to the demon are Rosary Beads. Only the strongest anf most menacing entities will touch them. Ed was speaking with Father Jason on the phone. Father Jason watched hid Rosary Beads float out of his room, make a left down the hall and then another left into the kitchen. There they wrapped around a kitchen chair in a gesture of strangulation. Ed told Father Jason to get himself and the family out of the home. The Donovans went to stay with Ted’s parents.    

While at his parents house the spiritual assault continued. Plumbing was ripped out of the wall and the banging continued. Objects levitated throughout the house. Father Jason was affected as well. He saw a dark mass blocking his way to his room. The same mass would keep him prisoner in his room at night. While shaving the light turned off, disassembled and theb parts were set on the sink. On Thursday April 25 the Warrens returned to dedicate their time to the case.

The Warrens met Father Jason at a local restaurant. The Donovans were no where to be found, but they had given Father Jason a spare key. When they got to the Donovan house, Ed went in first. The house was trashed. Furniture strewn about, a repulsive smell, all fluids were dumped everywhere, beds were flipped, the refrigerator contents were dumped on the floor with the plates and silverware dumped on top of it. Halfway down the hall Ed realized something was wrong. The house began to rumble and shake but Ed couldn’t mive to get out. Father Jason and Lirraine realized something was wrong and tried to find Ed. He stumbled into the room with 2 long gashes in the form of the cross on his arm.

He was cut in the arm when he put his arms up to protect his face. Realizing that this case had become a confrontation, they realized that they had no alternative but to fight it. If they did not the Donobans were most likely going to die and these entities would torment the Warrens and Father Jason for life. About noon on April 25 the drained Donovans arrived home to the disaster abd immediately began to despair. But a collective effort between everyone put the house in a semblance of order and lifted their spirits. April 26 the Warrens helped Father Jason with the paperwork to present the church. The date of the Exorcism was Thursday May 2.

In the meantime the Warrens stayed with the Donovans. Metal picture frames smoldered and caught on fire. Scarves, towels and linens burst into flames and were flung at people causing very painful burns. Furniture was appearing in different rooms and then reappearing in the right room. Ed told the Donovans how much he liked their car. The next morning the spark plug wires were tied in knots and the carburetors hoses were pulled loose and dangling. The activity intensified as the exorcism came closer. The night before sleep was impossible. About 10:30 that night they saw a bright light in the living room doorway. They watched the form of an older women materialize from the waist up. Lorraine told Ed to back up because it wasn’t human. Two chairs tumbled toward Ed and pinned him against the wall. He made the sign of the cross and both chairs dropped. At 9:30 in the morning the exorcist arrived.

Father Roark and Ed had worked together once before. Ed felt fairly certain there were several lesser inhuman spirits and an Incubus were present. As well as a higher diabolical intelligence, a devil. Before beginning the ritual Father Roark blessed everyone there. Father Roark confronted Patty. He asked if she willed this upon her family. She shot back in anget that she didn’t. Then more calmly told him she did not intend for this to happen. He asked if she asked the lord for forgiveness. Father Roark started the exorcism.

As he conducted the exorcism, Ellen saw something materializing by the fireplace. Its head was horned, it had cloven feet and a tail. The temperature in the room dropped bear freezing. Father Roark cast holy water on it and it immediately disappeared. Only to be replaced by a blood red face of a devil on the carpet. Again it had the menacing horns. It looked up at them with absolute hate. Father Roark swung the apergillum filled with holy water at the face. It slowly faded and left a pink outline on the floor. The exorcist said the sign of departure had been made, he said a prayer to wrap up the exorcism.

This is a documented case of a diabolical attack. It lasted 60 days. Ted’s brother wrote a statement that Ed kept in his records.
I, nor anyone else in my family, have ever before witnessed or actually experienced anything so weird and terrifying. I am sure the impact of the obscure experience shall remain with my frightened children and wife indefinitely. The incomprehensible predicanent that we have witnessed leaves our frightened family group in bewilderment. At least for the present time, it defies all rational and logical explanations. All the tangible evidence and facts related to the preternatural mysteriousness of those events witnessed by our family group should be laid bare and then rationally reviewed by competent people who are experienced in these weird abd perplexing matters. When and if a review is completed, I firmly believe that the ultimate conclusions will eventually suggest that unearthly powers ir influences were at work. Phillip Donovan

After the exorcism the Donovans life returned to normal. The damage was not covered by insurance, they refused to cover acts of God. Brian went on to college. Patty is now married and of course has 3 children. The Donovans still livevin the home.

Ed and Lorraine Warren- the Donovan case part 2, taken from the Demonologist.

                   Ted Donovan finally got in touch with the Warrens. He recited his tale to Lorraine Warren. At first she thought his imagination had run wild, but by the time he finished his tale she was sure his home was under demonic siege. She told him they would be there the next day.

When the Warrens arrived they found stones littering the yard, but the house looked placid. Inside they saw the damage and Lorraine sensed the presence of entities so numerous and malevolent that she had to fight not to leave. Ted walked them through the house reciting at least a dozen incidents in each room. When the tour was over Ed began to conduct his customary interview. Asking what may have caused this, when it first began, is anyone seeing a psychiatrist, did they purchase antique furniture or has anyone used an Ouija board. Patty replied yes. They asked if the spirit told her its name. Which of course it did not. The Warrens both agreed that something needed to be done.

Ed Warren telephoned Father Jason, who arrived a just after sunset. The activity already had started. To test it, Ed pounded on the wall twice, he recieved to pounds in return. He then rapped 4 times, in response it rapped 4 times on the table and then the floor. Ed asked Father Jason to perform a blessing in each room. That reduced the power and frequency of the blows. The Warrens were leaving for Maine that night, Father Jason would stay with the family. During the next few days activity continued as usual. The Wensday of Easter week the demonic showed its defiance of the priest. If Father Jason asked for a pencil or glass of water it would float over to him. Sometimes he didn’t even say it out loud and it would be on its way.

That night no one could sleep because of the evil permeating the home. Thursday the Warrens returned to find an ashen and sgaken Father Jason. He left and the Warrens stayed with the Donovans. The screams and pounding and ripping made Ed question whether the home would handle the assault without falling in on itself. That night the family said an ultra-black figure materialized in their room. The double bed levitated with 3 of the Donovans sitting on it. The dresser rolled across the room at Ed, all after he challenged the entity. At this tine Brian was with Lorraine. He levitated off tye bed and was thrown 5 feet in a wall where he landed in a crumbled heap.

The activity kept up, Ed questioned whether the house could handle the abuse. Ed challenged the entity, causing a bed with 3 of the Donovans on it to levitate and dresser to be rolled at him. At the same time Brian was with Lorraine. He was levitated then flung against the wall. Knowing an exorcism was the only chance to save these people, the Warrens began compiling data and doing personality interviews. The Exorcist the movie had recently been released, so the church was reluctant to act. Ed interviewed Ted first. He was the most affected, he couldn’t handle the idea the Devil was in his home. Ellen was next, she questionef why God would let this happen. Brian was a tough read, but he would definitely need counseling. Patty showed a range of emotions, hostility, indifference, lashing out, Ed thought she was primed for possession.