My NCAA Championship game pick.

               Michigan and Louisville are getting ready to play for the title. It seems as if the matchup favors Michigan. After beating a tough Syracuse team, they seem to have the momentum. Louisville is no joke themselves, they beat a strong Wichata State team.

                 Louisville is a strong defensive team, that overwhelms with pressure defense. Petting Siva is very physical guard, in my opinion the offense goes through him. Russian Smith is the better scorer and shooter but the team goes as Siva goes. Dieng should have a big defensive game, blocking a few shots. Of course Rick Pitino is a great coach, just inducted into the hall of fame. The main weakness for Louisville is outside shooting.

             Michigan has at least 4 guys on the floor who could score 20 points any night. Trey Burke won the national player of the year, although he didn’t play like it the other night. Hardaway Jr. and Stauskus can both shoot from outside. Glenn Davis III is a good shooter playing out of position as a  power forward. Mitchell Mcgary has played incredibly in the tournament. He had a double double the other night with at least 6 assists and 3 blocks. Bielien as coach, I really don’t care for. Michigans big problem is rebounding.

           Louisville will get off to a slow start, they will make it close late. But Michigan wins 71-67.  Congratulations Wolverines.

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My Final Four Predictions.

               The Final Dour starts in about 3 hours. Louisville v. Wichita State and Syracuse v. Michigan. These are 2 good matchups, although one has the potential for a blowout. Louisville has become the countries sweetheart with the horrible accident to guard Kevin Ware. They were a trendy pick to win it all.

             Louisville comes at you with constant pressure, 2 good athletic guards and a pretty tough big man. Petting Siva may not become a star at the next level but he is the glue that holds this team together. Russ Smith has been on a tear in the tournament, may be playing better than anyone not named Trey Buries. Louisville has ridden him and he has responded. Coach Rick Pitino is a time tested coach and proven winner.

              I have watched almost every game of this tournament and the only guy from Wichita State that I can Rob Blake. That might even be wrong, I am on the road and writing from memory. Off the top of my head I can’t even name the coach, I honestly didn’t picture Wichita State here. They have done it with timely shooting, heady defense and strong rebounding. Today I see their run ending. Smith and Siva will be lights out and the pressure too much.  73-62 Louisville.

                Michigan has a lot of talent surrounding the college player of the year Trey Burke. Tim Hardaway Jr., Glenn Robinson III and Mitchell Mcgary form a solid core. Mcgary seems to score at will on the low block and has also contributed some solid rebounding. Trey Burke basically won the game against Kansas. He put Michigan on his back and ran with it. I personally am not a big fan of John Biehlien (sorry for the spelling), but he apparently gets the job done.

                Syracuse has gotten here because of the suffucating 2-3 zone. Michael Carter-Williams has played really well, he will be a special player if he developes a solid midrange game and improves from 3 point land. James Southerland and Brandon Triche have been solid contributors, although both disappear for stretches. The length and quickness sets this zone apart from any other. Jim Boheim is a good coach who has a special relationship with this team. If the score stays low Syracuse will win, higher score look for Michigan to take it. The zone will be too much. 61 -48 Syracuse.

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