ALEC and the Koch Brothers, conservative mega-lobbyist.

The Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity and ALEC have used the states rights arguement as a back door for the wealthys plans for America. Americans for Prosperity is Koch Brothers official lobbying arm, while ALEC recieved generous contributions from the Koch Brothers and generally do their bidding. Americans for Prosperity said that Michigans right to work law was a message to every other state that is a closed union shop. That if Michigan can do it, any state can. The idea is that the law will hurt union support for Democrats. It is about offering a counterpoint to the ruthless brand of American Capitalism that the Koch Brothers and ALEC support. The decision to join a union should be up to employees not a Republican Governor. A Republican Governor lobbied heavily lobbied by Dick DeVos and his front group Michigan Freedom Fund, or Americans for Prosperity and ALEC. ALEC wich of course is heavily funded by the Koch Brothers, drafted the mock photo ID legislation after the 2008 election. In at least 5 states that passed Voter ID laws for the 2012 election, the measures were sponsored by legislators who are members of ALEC. Seems they have a disproportionate amount of influnce on our Elections. The Koch Brothers have been found in serious violations of environmental protection laws, yet nothing of note has happened to them. One of the first measures George W. Bush signed into law as Texas Governor was an ALEC model bill giving corporations immunity if they inform regulators of their violations. Dozens of other ALEC bills would limit Environmental regulations and legislation that in turn benefit the Koch Brothers directly. ALEC and the Koch Brothers are behind tax payer subsidized vouchers for public education. ALEC and the Kochs often pursue parallel tracks. ALEC educates legislatures, Koch funding has helped tutor hundreds of judges with all expense paid junkets to fancy resorts. This is where they learn about the free market impact of their rulings. On just about every issue taken on by the Koch Brothers, ALEC has provided legislative tools to carry them through state legislature. From privatizing Federal and State services and assets, to blocking common sense caps on unlimited credit card interest rates. ALEC operates like an arm of the Koch agenda, circulating their bills that make their view of the world concrete. For a mere $25,000 Koch Industries sits as an equal board member with state legislators. Influencing bills that serve as a wish list for its financial and ideological interests. This is an intricate web. I have found ALEC working with the NRA, Americans for Prosperity, Koch Brothers and the Michigan Freedom Fund. With this amount of lobbying power, it is a wonder anything is done for the people. I wonder who will pop up working with ALEC next.

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