Peaceful protesting met with police violence. Is the police state real?

          To try to ascertain the exact number of people killed by the police is not possible . Police departments do not have to report to anyone these statistics. Out of 1700 police organizations only 750 actually reported their numbers. Yes, the numbers state that African Americans are killed almost 2 to 1 to white people despite making up only 12 percent of the population. So I do believe it is time for Fox News and the crony conservatives to admit that race is an issue. A great example of the hypocrisy is Sean Hannity. He supported what Cliven Bundy was fighting for his rights and was an American hero. This despite Bundy dodging a tax instituted by conservative  hero President Reagan, he owed millions of dollars in back taxes. He was part of an armed resistance against federal agents and was an American hero. The people of Ferguson or any of these others cities protesting were referred to as thugs and hooligans who were breaking the law. Yes both were said by Sean Hannity.

        If you ever took the time to listen to conservative radio, there are no progressive stations in my area, you will here the perpetuation of this ugly race rhetoric. Rush Limbaugh, who is one of the most disgusting human beings on the face of this earth, said Eric Garner deserved to get choked because he broke the law. Although he refuses to acknowledge that the cop broke the law by using an illegal choke hold, illegal means breaking the law. Fox News is horrible. For a white mass murderer the headline is about how he was bright and brilliant, despite the disturbing fact he killed several people. For Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a wanna be cop, the headline was, he was suspended 3 times in school. Those are just a couple quick examples that show how minorities are viewed by the conservative media, which then trickles down to the dregs of society, the radical conservatives.

Growing up I remember cops carrying a gun, cuffs, baton and their radio. Possibly pepper spray. Cops are better armed now and in Pennsylvania are required to wear their bullet proof vests whenever on duty. There is more crime now then I recall, the local news papers seem to think so as well. But even so, why the militarization of the police force? Aren’t they here to protect and serve? It now seems like the police are an invading force, authorized to use whatever force they want. I understand that if you fight with cops they are going to kick your ass. But killing unarmed people, shooting at them as they run away, beating a woman on the ground who is cuffed, choking people, firing tear gas at peaceful protesters, all while Wall Street is robbing us blind and walking away Scott free. I have had experiences with cops, I have never been beat or shot, but I am white. I have had cops give me a ride to my home when I was intoxicated. They do seem to abuse their power, but as I said my personal experiences were not bad. I truly do not know how it feels to walk in a minorities shoes.

The way our police resemble the military reminds me of videos of Nazi Germany. They robbed people of their rights, arrested who they wanted and abused their power. They also went after a certain group of people, the Jewish people. They systematically decimated them, in the end almost wiping them out. I realize it gas not reached that level, yet. But what is the next step? Can’t indict a cop who shot at a guy 12 times, hitting him 7 times. Can’t idict a cop caught on camera using an illegal choke hold to kill someone. What is next? A group of African Americans or possibly a whole area of town they live in? The whites there are collateral damage in the conservative war on people of color. I feel as if I went off the tracks. But did I? If our justice system doesn’t stop this, who does? How many have to die to change this?

I keep saying conservatives because they believe the victims are wrong. Democrats are spineless, sending out weak statements in order to avoid upsetting the corporate apple cart. We will get nothing from those in our government because they are owned, they recieve their marching orders from the rich and powerful. The 1960s were when the Civil Rights Movement, a mere 50 years ago. Our Conservative Supreme Court Judges ripped apart the Voting Rights Act. I have a very difficult time understanding why these people are so obtuse. Why do they hate so much? Why does this hate pervade our society? Can the media be blamed for all of it? Of course not, ignorance seems to be embraced in our country. People speak of the Constitution, but know nothing about it. The loudest speaker gets the most attention. Sadly that is typically a Ted Cruz or a Sarah Palin.

I believe the militarization of our police has a purpose. Conservatives keep talking about President Obama taking away our rights. I say bull shit to that. That is conservatives mirroring their intentions to keep the focus off of them. Many say that we have become an oligarchy. I believe we are headed to a method of feudalism. Our debt will make us indentured servants,to work their factories and fields. The cops will become their military as our states separate. Conservatives want a group of states with a “defanged” federal government, essentially creating 50 autonomous countries. They will eradicate as many of the poor and minorities that they can. Then live as kings. They will eventually fight amongst each other or be destroyed by Russia or China. The police state is the wealthy jump starting their vision.

I reread this and thought, I sound a little deranged. But, what if………

When did radio and T.V. personalities begin to be political players?

           In my area we do not have a progressive radio station. Everything talk radio is conservative. So I listen just to see what the other side thinks and why they think it. Usually it takes me about 2 minutes before I begin talking to the radio. Many people look at these shows as the news, they are NOT. They are opinion shows with an agenda. Same fact is portrayed 9 different ways on each show.

Rush Limbaugh is convinced that he is the most important player in Republican politics. Yes, he is probably the most widely listened to talk host on radio, but 96% of what he says are outright lies or twisted into his version of the truth. He even said he banned all MSNBC from his show. He is a known bigot, a known misogynist and yet people take his word as gospel. Howard Dean made the mistake of mentioning him in his presidential campaign, playing right into Limbaugh’s narcissistic ego. Why do members if the Republican party let him effect their decisions? He is an entertainer.

Then you have Hannity, Beck, Ingrahm, O’Reilly and all the other conspiracy nuts. They preach hate of President Obama about things that aren’t true. He is not an American citizens, patently untrue. In fact Ted Cruz was born in Canada, but because he is Republican it is ok. They attack the President on Benghazi, while failing to mention that the GOP falsified documents. They lie about the ACA, his agenda, his budget, how Food Stamps are killing America, but never mention that Corporate Welfare dwarfs traditional welfare.

Many people cannot put into words why they hate President Obama. I will do it for you. You dislike him because he is not white. People hate the ACA, but under another name they like everything the ACA provides, but hate it again when they find out it is Obamacare. The middle class and poor should at least respect him, but there is outright hate. Radio personalities give lies to inflame that hate. When presented with the truth, they blow it off and move on to the next lie. It is a machine of hate created to enforce a system of Corporate Feudalism.

I am sure Republicans look at Maddow, Shultz and Mathews the same way. But the lies are not there in most cases and they are not inflaming hate. They are not perfect and do a lot of things I don’t agree with, but they are different monsters than the GOP machine. These hosts do not effect the actions of the Democrat party. These people are entertainers putting their own spin on the news. They are not political players.

John Boehner claims the American people don’t want a Congress that does anything.

              Another preposterous claim from the party that has cornered the market on absurdity. Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to convince himself that his do nothing ways are acceptable to the American people. Just another insane claim from the Republican party.

               Congress has about a 30% approval rating on its best days. Yet Speaker Boehner and the Republican party are trying to convince the people or themselves. This Congress has done less than any Congress since the 1940’s. Even less than the one before this. They abuse the Filibuster in order to stall any bills President Obama tries to pass.

This is a Congress that refuses to even pass a law that forbids the sale of guns to a person on the Terrorist list. So they knowingly support the NRA in selling guns to terrorists. Democrats are furious about this, as well as the American public. So how does John Boehner come to the conclusion that the American public wants a do nothing Congress. Why is this party so deluded?

This is the same party that called President Obama a do nothing President. If the people want a do nothing Congress, why wouldn’t they want a do nothing President? Republicans arguements tend to fall in on themselves because they are based in lunacy. But keep beating the drum for Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz. They will successfully drive this country into the ground. Yes, their party will wave and cheer the whole way down.

Karl Rove launches Benghazi themed attack ad aimed at Hillary Clinton, but Benghazi is not a political stunt.

               Less than 5 months into President Obama’s second term, Karl Rove kicked off the 2016 presidential campaign with a Benghazi themed attack ad that directly takes aim at Hillary Clinton. The web ad was launched by the Karl Rove funded American Crossroads. They spent more than $21 million during the last election. It is the freshest evidence that hyperpartisan SUPER-PAC slush funds are now a core part of the permanent campaign.

             The American Crossroads ad matters because it is a preemptive strike against Hillary Clinton and her possible 2016 presidential campaign run. The days of Clinton being Obama’s favorite cabinet member with Republicans are apparently over. According to polls Hillary Clinton easily bears Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. Chris Christie is closest in the polls.

                The Rove ad never mentions President Obama by name and only shows him briefly standing beside Clinton. They were standing together at Andrews Airforce Base when Ambassador Stevens and his aides bodies arrived back in the U.S. Tie clip of Clinton speaking is important because it uses the most credible criticism of the Obama administration in the wake of the Benghazi attack. It shows her incorrectly blaming the awful internet video that the we had nothing to do with.

                  Roves video portrays Clinton as the problem, showing a shift in no longer going after the Obama administration. The demotion of whistleblower Gregory Hicks after the attack us used as evidence, whether true or not. The ad goes on to ask ” Was she part of the cover-up?” The ad then answers in the affirmative, after airing her saying “What difference does it make?” Never mind that Republicans always omit the next sentence, which was “It is our job to find out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again.” But that isn’t good material for an attack ad.

            The fact that American Crossroad is trying so hard to connect Benghazi to Clinton shows us the large role hyperpartisan shadow money groups okay in our politics. The IRS targeting Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status is completely wrong. But investigating the many shadow money groups playing politics while doling out tax breaks to donors is overdue. This is mist likely the earliest presidential attack ad in history.

             This shows the fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans turned Benghazi into a political stunt to attack a “potential” Democrat candidate for president. Republicans say that Democrats used Sandy Hook that way. But there was a difference, it wasnt used as an attack ad, the parents of those children created their own lobbying group to confront the NRA. Benghazi was a tragedy, but the way Republicans are politicizing it is a travesty.

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NRA is having there 142 annual convention, a nut jobs paradise.

             These conventions have speakers, including Ted Nugent,  who said if President Obama was reelected he would he dead or in jail. Of course that was untrue. There will be a lot of gun sellers selling a lot of guns. It is a gathering of people who believe the 2nd Amendment takes precedence over all others in the Bill of Rights.

          Outside the convention center will be another politically powerful group. Survivors of Gun Violence and Families of Gun Violence victims including one relative of a Sandy Hook victims. They will be reading put loud the 4,000 names of people killed by guns this year. These groups are becoming a thorn in the NRAs side.

         Many of the Senators who voted against the Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill that supporter Universal Backgrounds Checks. The drops in approval have been between 6-19% and have these Senators scrambling to make up for this loss in momentum. The NRA has plastered Congress with their lobbying cash and have stopped Senator Dianne Fienstiens Assault Weapons Ban and High Capacity Magazine Ban. Their main attack dog on that one is Canadian born Senator Ted Cruz.

              A bit off subject here, but Republicans, Tea Party and conservatives kept asking for President Obama’s birth certificate. We already know that Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an America citizen and a father who was born in Cuba. Yet he is being touted as a Presidential hopeful by these wackadoos.

               The NRA has spent a lot of money in recent elections, mostly in 2012. But there money is not getting results, there success rate is about 25%. Not really worth the money they are spending. But this is what lobbyists do, they use money to move a vote in to their direction.

           As far as I know there is not any Democrats speaking at the convention. They rely on inconsequential people who have nothing to do with politics. Sarah Palin is a favorite among these well adjusted people. Sarah Paling has never done anything to help any Americans. But I guess they have to take what they can get to satisfy the nutjobs.


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Senator Ted Cruz votes against Sandy relief but asks for all possible help in Texas explosion.

             Texas Senator Ted Crux lambasted the Sandy aid package, voting against the measure in January. Crux issued a statement explaining that he voted against the aid because it included a number of spending measures that were not related to disaster relief.

            However in Washington last Thursday,  Cruz said he wad working to ensure that all available resources are marshalledto deal with the horrific loss of life and suffering we have seen. This was after an explosion at a fertilizer plant leveled the plant and nearby houses and businesses. It also claimed the lives of at least a dozen people and injuring hundreds more.

Senator Cruz said,” Hurricane Sandy inflicted devastating damage on the east coast and Congress appropriately responded with hurricane relief. Unfortunately, cynical politicians in Washington could not resist loading the bill with new spending utterly unrelated to Sandy. Emergency relief for families who are suffering from this natural disaster should not be used as a Christmas tree for billions in unrelated spending. 2/3s of this spending is not remotely emergent, such as Smithsonian repairs, upgrades to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration airplanes and more funding for headstart. The CBO estimates that only 30% of the authorized funds would be spent in the next 20 months and over a billion dollars would very spent as late as 2021. This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington. An addiction to spending money we don’t have. The U.S. Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt.”

              This stunning hypocrisy doesn’t end there.  It probably would have been helpful if Senator Cruz were familiar with where his state stands on the FEMA handout chart. Senator Cruz represents the state with the most FEMA-declared natural disasters since the start of 2009, according to an IWatch News analysis. The top 2 states have combined for more than a quarter of FEMAs declared disasters in that time. Texas had the most with 75.

          For all the Republicans bluster about the evil Fed and how they want to secede and how everyone should be like them and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. It is instructive to recall Governer Rick Perry’s outraged condemnation at being left to his own devices after fires swept through Texas. “It is not only the obligation of the federal government, but its responsibility under law to help its citizens in times of emergency.” Now Rick Perry is desperately gloaming onto President Obama, even going so far as to finally admit that the President is a Christian. Big whoop!

            Thus seems to be the Republican/Tea Party M.O., deny other people help but screaming and crying when they need it. Most of the pork in the Sandy bill was going to Republican states. The thing is disasters aren’t about politics with Democrats/Liberals, who would rather help the people. But we live in a country where it only seems to matter when it happens to you. Wrong again, we are a country and we all should matter all the time. Economy, jobs, 90% of the people want common sense gun control, raise in the minimum wage and equal pay for women. All of these we have been denied by Republicans, for special interest groups. People will remember, because we will make sure of it, when you are up for reelection.


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Gun Control does work.

                The Boston Childrens Hospital study looked at gun violence data from 2007-2010 in all 50 states and compared them according to the severity of the gun laws. Researchers found that states with the toughest gun laws had a 42% lower mortality rate than states with the loosest gun laws. Those same strong gun law states had a 40% lower gun related homicide rate. The Boston study also found requiring background checks and permits were closely associated with gun related homocide and suicide rates.

             Over a 4 year study period, there were 121,084 firearm fatalities. The average state based firearm fatality rates varied from a high of 17.9% (Louisiana) to a low of 2.9% (Hawaii) per 100,000 individuals per year. Annual firearm legislature strength scores ranged from 0 (Utah) to 24 (Massachusetts) of a total of 28 possible points. States in the highest quartile of legislative strength had a lower overall firearm fatality rate than those in the lowest quartile. Compared with the quartile of states with the fewest laws, the quartile with the most paws had a lower firearms suicide rate and a lower firearm homicide rate. The study could not determine cause and effect, further studies are necessary to define the nature of this association.

           The NRAs Wayne Lapierre has stood adamantly against the implementation of new federal gun laws, citing measures as an all out attack on responsible gun owners with an eye on taking their guns away. He has completely ignored and opposed proposals that include universal background checks, banning military style weapons, and outlawing high capacity magazines. Lapierre said at CPAC 2011 and was repeated nearly verbatim by Senator Ted Crud that more lenient gun laws lead to a decrease in gun violence. But the data to support this claim is non-existent.

               I am not one to cite polls, but here goes. Quinnapac University points out that a majority of Americans support stricter gun laws despite opposition from the NRA and NRA backed Republicans. The last poll on background checks said that 91% of Americans support them. That is more than support capatilism, like eating Italian food or even pizza. Obviously Democrats have the backing of the people and President Obama. President Obama called for Congress to vote on it, which they will do in April. We have to pass these laws.

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When I hear you speak…….

             When I hear President Obama speak I listen. I believe he cares and will try to do the right things for this country. I hear compassion and truth. I hear a man I believe in.

             When I hear Vice President Joe Biden speak I am intrigued. Joe Biden is a regular guy from Scranton, 15 minutes from where I live. I hear a man who tells it like it is and people call them gaffes. I want to hear the truth and he gives it to us. I hear a man who gets the job done and whose critics listen to him. I am glad he is V.P.

             When I hear Hillary Clinton speak I hear out next president. I hear a strong , confident woman who has made it with her wit and intellegence. I hear a woman who has and will do the right things. I hear a woman who does not back down from a challenge.

             When I hear Harry Reid I get concerned. I do not hear confidence. I hear a man more worried about his seat than helping Americans. I am a strong Democrat but Harry Reid does not inspire confidence in me. I believe he backs off and gives Republicans alot of leeway.

              When I hear Mitch Mcconnell I want to cover my ears. I dont think he knows the truth about anything he says. I think he has been there too long and has lost sight of governments goal. I hear a jumble of words because he does not say anything worthwhile.

             When I hear Ted Cruz I hear a very passionate man. I also hear a man who lets passion get the best of facts. I hear a misplaced anger towards opposition party members. I hear a man who will destroy the poor and middle class to kerp the wealthy sitting pretty.

            When I hear Paul Ryan I cringe. I hear a petulant little man who is quite intellegent. To make a budget a fictional document takes alot of work. I hear a man who cannot accept the fact.he lost in the last election. I also hear a man who thinks the American people are stupid.

           When I hear John Boehner I cant wait to her his next lie. I hear a salesman trying to sell me used underwear. He doesnt even try that hard to sell it. He says his piece and is done. I hear a man desperate to keep his job.

           Last but not least, when I hear Glenn Beck I get angry. This man believes he is some sort of prophet sent by god to help us. He is so confident in his radical agenda it is scary. His listeners buy his nonsense like it is gold. He sells them on mumbo jumbo with no proof. He is not a profit, in fact he is a horrible person. He is so concerned about George Soros, you would swear he was crushing on him.

               If you read this let me know what you hear. Even if you think I am a loon, it would be appreciated. There are so many other people, I might make this a Sunday night thing. Every Sunday I will write When I hear you speak….. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you.

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What is Republicans reasons for voting against universal background checks for gun owners?

                 I today am asking any Republican supporter out there to please explain why the Republican party is against backgrounds checks. The NRA even supported them at one point. What changed? I want to hear real reasons. Please someone explain this to me. This is part of the Republican partys problem.

                  I dont want to hear some NRA talking point, 2nd Amendment defense or they are going to take my guns crap. The 2nd Amendment arguement is tired and in fact ho hum. You are allowed to have guns, your rights, I get it. But LIFE is more important than guns. The NRA is a lobbying arm of gun manufacturers, all things I have said in previous posts. It is not a gun list so the government can take your guns. At what point has this happened, it will NOT.

                   We need to get past this bologna. Our children need to be protected, we need to feel that they are safe. Armed guards were in Columbine, what did that do. NRA and GOP say guns dont kill people, but there were no guns allowed in CPAC. But I thought guns didnt kill people. If it is truly money that is holding up legislation to do this, our country is in a bad place.

               I know greed is a Republican creed, but normally they only hurt people by ignorance. Now each person that dies by gun violence that could have been prevented, is on Reuplican hands, you to Ted Cruz. Please tell me why this is an issue you need to screw the people on.

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The budgets presented this week will be nonsense.

                   Both political parties, Democrat and Republican, are going to present budget proposals that are D.O.A. What is the point of proposing something that offers no compromise? The Democrats have yet to present theirs, so I am jumping the gun a bit. I dont understand why our two party system cannot compromise. It is ridiculus already.

               Paul Ryan presented his budget today, which is basically a carbon copy of his last budget. He gives the wealthiest Americans another tax break, lowering it from 37% to 25%, puts corporate taxes at 35% and of course attacks entitlements. He says he is looking for a balanced proposal, but please remeber we have gotten $2.50 in spending cuts compared to $1.00 in higher taxes under President Obama. Ryans budget ,which I will write a more involved post on later, works under assumption that the ACA is repealed. Yet he uses the savings from the repealed ACA to pay down budget.

                  Looking into my crystal budget ball I will make a few assumptions about the Democrats budget proposal. Of course they are going to call for more revenue from closing tax loopholes. Probably raise the corporate tax rates and try to reform entire tax code in order to close overseas tax loopholes. I do not think they are going to offer any more cuts to “entitlement” programs. I am not sure if this is right but income inequality is at one of the highest levels in our history.

              All the same good points and bad points aside, there seems as if there is no chance of either bill passing.  Now please remember these are proposals, so their is not any information on what legislations would be changed. I support President Obama, but if he keeps giving in to cuts to programs that help people he will be deemed a failure. On the other hand why do Paul Ryan and the Republican party insist on creating manufactured issues.

             These are the reason people distrust Congress, Republican party and voted overwhelmingly Democrat. Republicans continue to get boxed in by the Tea Party. Just the other day Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and Mike Lee (R-Ut) said they would hold up vote to stop government shutdown unless the ACA was repealed. Again the extremist in Congress are trying to hold Americans hostage. But keep putting out unpassable budgets.

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