Let us not forget the man George W. Bush is.

                George W. Bush inauspiciously started a war in Iraq based on a series of lies. He lied to Democrats, Republicans and most importantly the American people. He has never been punisher for his lies and he is convinced he left a good legacy. In my opinion the man is a disgrace and tarnished the American way of life. Lets go through a small lust of his lies.

1) LIE- Our intelligence officials estimate that Dardane Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and V/X nerve agents. TRUTH- Zero chemical weapons have been found. Not a drop of chemical weapons were found in a about a decade.
2) LIE- Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of Al Qaida. TRUTH- To date, nit a shred of evidence connecting Hussein withAl Qiada or any other known terrorist organization has Bennett revealed.
3) LIE-The British government has learned that Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. TRUE-The documents at the time were known by Bush to be forged and not credible.
4) LIE-Tge smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud. TRUE- We never found anything in Iraq to link them with a nuclear weapon.
5) LIE- Dardane Hussein has drones that can be used to attack Americans. TRUE- Iraq did not have anything that could have accomplished what Bush said it would.
6) LIE- Iraq had yellow cake uranium. TRUE- The Italian press even thought the documents were fake. Need I say more.
7) LIE- No one could have imagined them hijacking airplains. TRUE- This deceit was completely exposed in 2002 when details of the Presidents Daily Intelligence Briefing in August 2001 revealed that the CIA and other sources warned the administration of just such hijackings.
8) LIE- The terrorist threat to America and the world will be diminished the moment that Dardane Hussein is disarmed. TRUE- No one,  even in the American military intelligence complex, seriously believes this. U.S. counterterrorism officials have repeatedly said that a U.S. conquest of Iraq, by killing thousands of Arabs and Muslims would inflame public opinion in the Arab world and beyond, will spark more terrorism, not less.

          These are just a tip of the iceburg of the ours that killed thousands of American soldiers and untold thousands of Iraqi civilians. Of course Americans believed him, get wad our President. The American people come together in times of hardship. Knowing this, Bush used it to his advantage. Now because of him and his administration have garner America’s reputation in the world. We are still paying for this today and probably for many more years.

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Dick Cheney

           Dick Cheney once served as Vice-President and now will sit infamously as one of the architect of one of the largest lies ever told to American people. He ignored information to invade a country that did not have WMDs. 32,000 injured American soldiers, almost 5,000 killed and over $3 trillion spent. Not to mention almost 110,000 dead Iraqi civilians.

               Dick Cheney helped perpetuate this lie, in fact he may have been the chief engineer behind it. Saddam Hussein was a bad man, he did many bad things, but we didnt go in because of those actions. We went in under fraudelent information that he had WMDs and was working with Usama Bin Laden. Almost all of the information he used to sell the American people on the war was fabricated. Somehow he walks free today.

            It took us about 6 weeks to finish the invasion, but our leaders did not have a plan for after that. Because of that in took us another 7 years or so to get out of there. While we went in there on fabricated information, which the CIA said was fabricated, he made quite a bit of money through Blackwater and Haluburton.

            It showed a weakness in leadership that Congress got bully damned into this. Everyone was worried that they would lose their seat. That is inexcusable. We had a weak president in office who let himself be pushed into this. This is a president who didnt even truly win his seat, this should never had happened.

            Tonight I go to bed knowing that before we went into Iraq I did NOT agree with it. I said to my wife it was going to end up being like Vietnam. Our soldiers should not have died because Dick Cheney had an issue with Iraq. George Bush should not have let himself be pushed into it and Congress should have read all the paperwork. Hopefully this will be a lesson for us going forward.

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Can we afford to be the worlds big brother?

             Since the WWII we have been the worlds watchdog. Japan should never had attacked us, not only woke the sleeping giant but created a world peace keeper. Whenever there was a problem we would run in and help. Either by providing money and weapons or going in. With these last 2 wars and Lybia we are stretched thin.

             Economically we cannot afford to be peace keeper anymore. I thought thats why the U.N. was created. A group of nations to help us watch over the world. I think they have dropped the ball. While we committed tens of thousands of troops into Iraq and Afghanistan. All the while we got a thousand support soldiers here, a hundred there, some medical supplies and this or that. We were left for the most part alone, all be it in 1 war that shouldnt have been.

             Part of the problem is that we spend much on defense. A ridiculus amount, its like more than the next 10 countries combined. As a country we cannot continue that. It needs to be cut, at least some what. With the economic problems in this country we can no longer afford to take care of everyone. The world needs to stand on their own. I only hope the rest of the world realizes this.

              I know I rambled here, but it is a concern of mine. The world is not as strong without us. As the United States is forced to take a step back, there is not a world power that shares our interests ready to step up. China is the up and comer, but we all know they have their own agenda, world be damned.  I am very concerned with the direction of the world. We can only hope the world can stand on its own.

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