Alex Rodriguez, how long has he cheated.

                 First off, I despise Alex Rodriguez, I think he is only productive when it doesn’t matter. Don’t tell me how great he did in one Post Season and World Series, how about all of the others he participated in and did nothing. Yes he is a former MVP, hollow numbers for losing teams.

Unfortunately for Alex Rodriguez, he is the face of the steroid era. This is the second time in his career he has been linked the PEDs. He is among more than a dozen players targeted after allegations they were linked to the Biogenisis Clinic. All of baseballs eyes are fixed on Rodriguez, especially after Ryan Braun, another former MVP, has been suspended 65 games for PEDs.

Rodriguez currently sits at 647 home runs, fifth on the career list, 115 behind steroid king Barry Bonds, sorry I meant home run king. Rodriguez has signed 2 record contracts in his career. Both for 20 years, one at $252 million, one at $275 million. Ridiculous amounts of money for hollow numbers.

A-ROD has always been an enigma. Immensely talented, yet it seemed he was universally disliked. Robotic in interviews and not the most well liked guy in the game. I have been a Yankee fan my entire life. When they signed A-ROD the first time I considered quitting as a Yankee fan. The second time was worse, they gave him more money, when no other team wanted him. Realistically they could have gotten him for half the money.

After being routinely pinch hit for last postseason. That was the last time he played and hopefully the last time he takes the field for my beloved Yankees. He has not only tarnished his image, but that of the Yankees as well. He is the poster child of how not to be in the major leagues. He has brought shame on the game, as well as all the others. But Rodriguez was the face of baseball for a time. Braun plays in a small market and in my opinion has been outshined by Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg. Those are becoming the faces of the game.

The only way to truly remove PEDs from the game is to tie punishment to the contracts. If a player violates the agreement the team should be able to void the contract. The player broke the rules and signed a contract under false pretenses. You tie a hundred million dollar contract to steroid use, I guarantee steroids will slowly disappear. A 50 game suspension means nothing in todays game. Apparently neither does the players legacy. Definitely needs to be fixed or baseball will become irrelevant.