When watching Pro Soccer Teams, it makes me question my coaching ability.

               I was watching Real Madrid against Athletico and was amazed at how good they are. Yes I do realize they are professional. But, I as a coach, try to teach some of these things and at times it doesn’t get through. Small simple things like heading or getting your body in front of the ball, the inability to do these things cost these girls each week.

           I coach u12 girls, that is crazy on its own merits, and these girls have improved exponentially over the last year. I am very proud of them and honestly believe several of them are going to have very good high school careers. At least 3 could be good enough for college, if they keep improving. But for all of those positive things, I of course want more got them.

              We have put a lot of work into one touch passing, one touch shouting, receiving the ball and moving without the ball. The hardest part is getting them to move without the ball. We get called for offsides quite a bit, which I am fine with as long as they are trying to create passing lanes. I don’t like it when they aren’t paying attention. Our offensive plays are slowly expanding, giving us more oppurtunities to score. Our execution and consistency just aren’t there yet.

          On defense our issues are smaller, but just as important. We lack team speed, that is our biggest weakness. We try to force the other team to the side with aggressive positioning and then go for the toe poke. We also tell them to boot the ball out of bounds if the other team is near them. Our defenders ate our weaker players, but we are working with them on bringing the ball up the field and creating a true buildup. Problem here is that play around with the ball and pass to the middle. Puts my heart inky throat.

            Our goalies have shown a great amount of improvement. Footwork is coming along nice and they are cutting the goal off nicely. They are catching the ball and not letting anything slip by. What we lack between the goalie and defenders is communication. It will come but we want it yesterday.

              I just hope I can keep them improving. We are on the right track, but I want them to go to high school as complete a player as I can possibly make them. I hope o an up to it and I don’t let these girls down.

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