Ed and Lorraine Warren- The Donovan Case part 3, from The Demonologist

             One item in a demonic haunting that is off limits to the demon are Rosary Beads. Only the strongest anf most menacing entities will touch them. Ed was speaking with Father Jason on the phone. Father Jason watched hid Rosary Beads float out of his room, make a left down the hall and then another left into the kitchen. There they wrapped around a kitchen chair in a gesture of strangulation. Ed told Father Jason to get himself and the family out of the home. The Donovans went to stay with Ted’s parents.    

While at his parents house the spiritual assault continued. Plumbing was ripped out of the wall and the banging continued. Objects levitated throughout the house. Father Jason was affected as well. He saw a dark mass blocking his way to his room. The same mass would keep him prisoner in his room at night. While shaving the light turned off, disassembled and theb parts were set on the sink. On Thursday April 25 the Warrens returned to dedicate their time to the case.

The Warrens met Father Jason at a local restaurant. The Donovans were no where to be found, but they had given Father Jason a spare key. When they got to the Donovan house, Ed went in first. The house was trashed. Furniture strewn about, a repulsive smell, all fluids were dumped everywhere, beds were flipped, the refrigerator contents were dumped on the floor with the plates and silverware dumped on top of it. Halfway down the hall Ed realized something was wrong. The house began to rumble and shake but Ed couldn’t mive to get out. Father Jason and Lirraine realized something was wrong and tried to find Ed. He stumbled into the room with 2 long gashes in the form of the cross on his arm.

He was cut in the arm when he put his arms up to protect his face. Realizing that this case had become a confrontation, they realized that they had no alternative but to fight it. If they did not the Donobans were most likely going to die and these entities would torment the Warrens and Father Jason for life. About noon on April 25 the drained Donovans arrived home to the disaster abd immediately began to despair. But a collective effort between everyone put the house in a semblance of order and lifted their spirits. April 26 the Warrens helped Father Jason with the paperwork to present the church. The date of the Exorcism was Thursday May 2.

In the meantime the Warrens stayed with the Donovans. Metal picture frames smoldered and caught on fire. Scarves, towels and linens burst into flames and were flung at people causing very painful burns. Furniture was appearing in different rooms and then reappearing in the right room. Ed told the Donovans how much he liked their car. The next morning the spark plug wires were tied in knots and the carburetors hoses were pulled loose and dangling. The activity intensified as the exorcism came closer. The night before sleep was impossible. About 10:30 that night they saw a bright light in the living room doorway. They watched the form of an older women materialize from the waist up. Lorraine told Ed to back up because it wasn’t human. Two chairs tumbled toward Ed and pinned him against the wall. He made the sign of the cross and both chairs dropped. At 9:30 in the morning the exorcist arrived.

Father Roark and Ed had worked together once before. Ed felt fairly certain there were several lesser inhuman spirits and an Incubus were present. As well as a higher diabolical intelligence, a devil. Before beginning the ritual Father Roark blessed everyone there. Father Roark confronted Patty. He asked if she willed this upon her family. She shot back in anget that she didn’t. Then more calmly told him she did not intend for this to happen. He asked if she asked the lord for forgiveness. Father Roark started the exorcism.

As he conducted the exorcism, Ellen saw something materializing by the fireplace. Its head was horned, it had cloven feet and a tail. The temperature in the room dropped bear freezing. Father Roark cast holy water on it and it immediately disappeared. Only to be replaced by a blood red face of a devil on the carpet. Again it had the menacing horns. It looked up at them with absolute hate. Father Roark swung the apergillum filled with holy water at the face. It slowly faded and left a pink outline on the floor. The exorcist said the sign of departure had been made, he said a prayer to wrap up the exorcism.

This is a documented case of a diabolical attack. It lasted 60 days. Ted’s brother wrote a statement that Ed kept in his records.
I, nor anyone else in my family, have ever before witnessed or actually experienced anything so weird and terrifying. I am sure the impact of the obscure experience shall remain with my frightened children and wife indefinitely. The incomprehensible predicanent that we have witnessed leaves our frightened family group in bewilderment. At least for the present time, it defies all rational and logical explanations. All the tangible evidence and facts related to the preternatural mysteriousness of those events witnessed by our family group should be laid bare and then rationally reviewed by competent people who are experienced in these weird abd perplexing matters. When and if a review is completed, I firmly believe that the ultimate conclusions will eventually suggest that unearthly powers ir influences were at work. Phillip Donovan

After the exorcism the Donovans life returned to normal. The damage was not covered by insurance, they refused to cover acts of God. Brian went on to college. Patty is now married and of course has 3 children. The Donovans still livevin the home.

Radicalism and Terrorism, Introduction

               Many of us have the same question, what is causing the radicalization of so many young people? Why the need to hurt others for a religious belief? What kind of political statement are you making by bombing innocent people? Then after they commit an atrocity, they don’t seem to understand why people would hunt them down. Claiming we just go after them because of their religious beluefs, no people chase you down because of your actions. The man who killed the British soldier said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. To hold anyone responsible for the actions of several hundred years ago is ludicrous.

I am going to do several pieces on Radicalization, the why, the how and can it be stopped. Hopefully it will be a window into a world where murdering innocents is praised. A sane person cannot understand this, but maybe we can find a way to keep their recruitment lower. I will focus on Islam, although other religions might nit produce terrorists, they do produce some things that are disturbing.

We need to truly understand what terrorism is, by definition. Wikipedia defines it as, the systematic use of terror, often violent, especially as a means of coercion. The International community does not have a legally binding, criminal law definition of terrorism. Another definition, the use of violence and intimidation in the pursiit of political aims. According to Laura Beth Nielsen, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Legal Studies at Northwestern University, said n a write up fo ALJAZEERA English. She said that the most obvious definition is that terrorism is meant to terrorize. All these definitions say basically the same thing, using force to make a political statement.

Where did terrorism begin? The concept of terrorism dates back to the days when Rome invaded Judea. In the first century zealots and Sicarii would break into the homes of the Roman soldiers and kill them in their sleep. The attacks were selective and occurred in heavily defended areas. It continued until the Sicarii committed mass suicide. During the 11th century the Hashshashin (assasin) an offshoot of Shia Muslims opposed Fatamid rule. They attacked various forts and were successful, but did not have a large enough force to attack directly. The greatest perpatrators of terrorism were the Thugi cult of India. The Thugi (Thugee) existed for centuries attacking anyone, at anytime, in any part of the land. Theur weapon of choice was the garrote. The total death count varies anywhere between 100, 000-200, 000 because the total number of Thugi was unknown, as was India’s population. In 1883 the British army killed of the Thugi cult.

Why do terrorists kill innocent people? Terrorists target people least prepared for an attack. In the terrorists eyes these people are not innocent as part of a community that is their enemy, therefore in the eyes of the terrorist they are the enemy. Hypocritical, I know, they do not want us to judge all Muslims, but they judge all others. The way terrorists view it, being innocent is impossible if you live in their enemies country. Why do they attack other Muslims? Easy answer, different offshoot of Islam. Their term Jihad, means broad struggle. If you do not agree with them, you are the enemy.

Why do they hate America? One answer is that after WWII, we sat down and drew borders for these countries without their input. We backed leaders, who were unpopular with their people, but friendly to us. We intervened in a lot of their affairs, creating dissent. Another reason is our support for Israel. After 9/11 Al Qaeda said they attacked because of the Pro-Israel and anti-Palestine foreign policy. Obviously there are many different and ddifficult reasons why we have become a focus of terrorism. But in the mind of the terrorist it makes perfect sense.

To me it is hogwash. None of these reasons are important enough to kill children and innocent people for. These terrorists are willing to provoke other countries but act as if they are persecuted for no reason other than religion. Any religion that rewards you for killing others must have been perverted. I cannot see how any God or cleric can condone that. But then again I am rational and not a zealot. I am writing this for insight for myself and anyone else who reads them. Not to humanize an animal who kills non military combatants puposely.

Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson won’t apologize for hate speeches because he is a Christian.

                  The Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia says that he is a Christian and has no reason to apologize for his history of hate speech against the LGBT community, liberals and abortion providers. It was only after African-American minister E.W. Jackson won the nomination at the Va. Republican convention last week that anyone became aware of his hate speeches. He has a history of saying gay people were perverted and sick people psychologically.

Last year he said that homosexuality is a horrible sin, it poisons cultures, it destroys families, it destroys societies and it brings the judgement of God unlike very few things that we can think of. He compares Democrats to slave masters and compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK. “Liberalism and their ideas have done more to kill black folks, whom they claim so much to love than the KKK, lynching, slavery and Jim Crow ever did and that’s a fact”, Jackson said in a 2012 interview. This is a steady choice for any political office.

He says the things he says because he is a Christian, not because he hates anyone. His religious values really matter to him and he will not rephrase or apologize for anything he said. He also said that people should not paint him as one dimensional.

Jackson is a virtual unknown who has never held public office. He has grabbed headlines in recent days as Democrats rightly pointed out his past comments on abortion, race and homosexuality. The more that is learned about Jackson, the crazier it gets. He praised the Constitutions original clause to count blacks as 3/5s of a person as an anti-slavery amendment. The context of this statement was to attack President Obama after a pastor at a church service he attended referred to the 3/5s clause as a historical marker of racism.
Jackson misses the fact that the very existence of the 3/5s clause meant that slavery was written into the Constitution. In that sense, unlike the 13th Amendment which banned slavery altogether, the 3/5s clause was pretty much the opposite of an anti-slavery amendment. The fact that an elected law maker thinks like this, shows the depths the Republican party has sank to.

The Republicans and their constituents continue to go further into the nut house to grab these nominees. Their tenuous grasp on reality does not help their inabilty to truly grasp the Constitution. This is a major reason the Republican party has lost more than they have won recently. The inability of the party to recognize their extreme ideology is pushing normal people away and drawing crazies like bugs to a light, is quite alarming. If the Democrats begin acting like this I will become an Independent, I will not be beholden to a nut job.

Republican ideology us fundamentally flawed, elections are only proof I really need.

                 The Republican party is perplexed as to why they cannot win a Presidential election. After what George W. Bush did to our country, how fan you blame people for mistrusting your party. He lied us into a major war, didn’t pay the tab for both wars we were in and his economic policies decimated our country. Yet Republicans push the blame on President Obama and expect the country to forget what Bush and his cronies did.

               The Republican party now says they want to reach out to Latinos, yet one Republican lawmaker from Alaska called them “wetbacks” and the Heritage Foundation, a Republican thinktank, had a known racist assist in writing their immigration study. Of course you can’t forget Rush Limbaugh and the prophet Glenn Beck for their wonderful support of women.

              Instead of focusing on our economy and creating jobs, they are focused on Benghazi. Yes it was a tragedy, we already had hearings, figured out the problems and put things in place to hopefully prevent it from happening again. Remember there were 11 attacks on embassies/consulates during Bush’s tenure, with about 60 deaths and not one Republican called for a Congressional hearing.

         While Republicans are busy protecting our 2nd Amendment, they continuing stepping on our voting rights and our 1st Amendment rights. I guess the money the NRA gives them not only overpowers 90% of Americans, but also our Constitution. They force creationism and their religious beliefs on abortion on us. Abortion us legally protected by our Constitution, which also days Federal law is the law of the land. So why don’t states follow or.

          Democrats offer more stability and are there for all the people, not just 7% of them. Compromise is the true key to Democracy, when one side won’t compromise nothing will happen. So until Republicans realize it is not their way or the highway we can never move forward as a country.

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44% of Republicans believe an armed rebellion may he necessary.

               44% of Republicans believe an armed rebellion may soon be acreality in the U.S. As for Independent voters, 27% indicated that guns would soon be used to settle the country’s political problems, according to a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll. The partisan gap, about whether armed revolution will play a role in America mirrors the difference on gun control. While 50% surveyed said that gun control was important to protect the public, only 24% of Republicans agreed, while an incredible 73% of Democrats favored gun legislation, according to the survey.

             The idea of using weapons to prevent a democratically elected government from doing the will of the people began with the Koch Brothers funded Yea Party protests. Republican and conservative “experts” inflamed right wing supporters that the U.S. government was infringing upon the peoples rights. Republicans, with support from the Koch Brothers,  claim their liberties are being infringed upon because the Constitution prevents them from opposing religious edicts on the people. 1st Amendment is there for a reason.

             What the Republican threats of armed revolution really shows is that anything that isn’t in line with Republican ideology is an assault on their liberties. They believe that gay rights, contraception, gun control, free and fair elections are reason enough for an armed uprising. Nearly half of all Republicans chosen form of government is fascism, Democracy be damned. Democracy, which is one the best forms of government in world history, but because we elected a Democrat as President, nearly half of all Republicans believe armed revolution may be necessary to protect their liberties. In order to impose an authoritative regime.

                It is difficult to imagine Americans abandoning Democracy for another form of government. There are a large number of Republican inspired people who hate our representative Democracy that they are leaning heavily towards an armed overthrow of government and installing a fascist dictatorship. This transition has Bennett done in plain sight and with full cooperation and assistance from establishment Republicans and state legislatures nationwide. If Americans are foolish enough to believe the Republican use of armed revolution is predicated on the right to unrestricted firearm possession, Democracy is already doomed. All that is left is to hand the power to a Koch Brother installed fascist regime.

               President Obama was hated before he became President. He is hated because he represents change, not just in politics, but in the face of the country. Whites are no longer the major majority we have been in the past, the melting pot has truly become just that. The Republican ideology scares many minorities as well as many white people. This alone gas caused many to be wary of any policy Republicans put forth. This is the party that said if you didn’t support the Iraq war you were un-American, but yet calling for an armed revolt is not.

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Are parents getting bullied into privatizing Public Schools?

              Adelanto, California has become ground zero for the fight between billionaires and poor, vulnerable parents and children. The Victory Daily Press, a right wing news paper, gleefully announced on its front page that a local school, Desert Trails Elementary, had just made history as the first school in the nation to be privatised under California’s new parent trigger law.  The paper described the takeover as promising a fresh start for the failing elementary school and claimed widespread support from parents. This is an area where the median income is about $12,000 per year and about 15% of the adult population is incarcerated.

              Tie L.A. Weekly described the takeover as a historic moment for the education reform movement in the nation. The New York Times compared it to the movie Won’t Back Down. The movie promotes the parent trigger law as a panacea for America’s publiceducation woes. It empowrresthe parents to fight back against self interestefpublic school teachers and Republican described Union thugs.

              In April 2011 the Indiana legislature approved House Bill 1003, a measure that broadly funds religious and other private schools. The multi-billion dollar program sets up a new school voucher scheme, expands a tax credit program and offers tax deductions for the cost of private education and home schooling. This was clearly a means to force tax payers to subsidize religious and private education. More money for the wealthy at the cost of our children. Private and religious schools do not have any oversight, so not have to meet the test qualifications of a public school. To top that off parents already pay to put their children in these schools, why do they need tax payer money as well. It is just to take more from public schools to ensure their failure.

                 This ‘s not about education reform. Thus is part of a national drive to radically privatize education. Mitt Romney pushed this during his presidential run. There are many other big dollar foundations and sectarian interest groups demanding tax payer dollars for parochial and other private schools. If they are funded by taxpayers and government they cannot teach religion and are no longer private schools. The long term goal seems to be to shut down the public school system or to damage it so its affects on American life is minimal.

       Religious leaders and Republicans are saying that public schools are secular, no Christian or Anti-American. Which is unequivocally untrue. Our public school system accepts children of all faiths and denies none. Nor do they force religious beliefs on anyone. No child is turned away regardless of religion, race, sex,  sexual orientation, family background, disability or economic status. Our schools are governed by publicly elected school boards, whose members represent diverse communities and are directly answerable to the public.

          This is an attempt by Republicans, to force feed children their beliefs, religious and other. Which is a violation of the 1st Amendment. But of course only the 2nd Amendment means anything to these hypocrites. Privatization us not good fir public interest, just look at the Kids for Cash case in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. The juvenile system in Luzerne County wad privatised. 2 judges were eventually sent to prison for receiving over $2 million to place children into these private facilities. The juveniles were not allowed legal representation, werenot allowed to speak, received 9 months for getting caught smoking narijauna for a first time offense and spent longer sentences then were originally sentenced. Both judges were found guilty and are currently incarcerated. This shows that private entities will do whatever it takes to make a profit.

             Democrats of course support public education, but as spineless as they are trey let conservatives get away with this junk. This us the closest thing people have as protection. Many poor do nit have the money to take this to court or are undereducated. These are the people Republicans take advantage of, they are a bunch of bullies.

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Kansas governer signs one of countries harshest anti-abortion laws.

            Kansas Governer Sam Brownback signed a bill that declared life starts at fertilization, blocks tax breaks for abortion providers and bans abortions performed solely because of the baby’s sex. The House voted 90-30 for the bill and hours later the Senate voted 28-10 in favor of it. This of course is in direct violation of Roe vs. Wade and the Supreme Court ruling that abortion is ok until the fetus reaches viability, which us 23-25 weeks.

                The bill passed despite the lack of reliable data on the amount of sex selection abortions performed. In 2008 2 Columbia University economists did a study that suggested aborting female fetuses,  which is relatively normal in some countries where parents prefer males, is being done on a limited basis in the U.S. Pro-choice proponents say that there is not any evidence of such procedures in Kansas. Pro-life supporters believe it is a growing problem that is exacerbated by the sophistication of prenatal resting.

               This bill also requires doctors to tell women about the disputed link between abortion and breast cancer. Which again shows that the anti-abortion stance of the Republican party is a bit of a witch hunt. It again shows their disdain for the Constitution and the 1st Amendment. There is nit supposed to be an establishment of religion, therefore a lawmaker cannot force their religious beliefs on anyone at anytime, for any reason. Roe vs. Wade is Federal law and the Constitution stated that Federal law is the law of the land.

             Despite the fact that the legislation is 70 pages long, it apparently doesn’t state everything Governer Brownback wishesto stay on the issue of abortion. Before he signed HB2253 into law, an AP photo reveals that he made a few additions of his own in his notes. He typed a couple of phrases; building a culture of life and all human life is sacred. He ended up using these on his speech to abortion opponents before approving the bill. He also wrote Jesus and Mary at the top of the page.

                 While hardly the first time a politician has used his religious beliefs to justify their anti-abortion stance. It is a relative slap in the face of the historical seperation of church and state. This is because the pro-life movement has branded reproductive freedom as blasphemous to the Christian faith. Catholic lawmakers are often very hostile towards abortion rights.

              But even as the Republican party and the Tea Party use Christianity as the reason for their position, their position is not really reflective of the Christian Coalition in the U.S. Abortion rights aren’t always in sharp opposition to religion. Over 75% of white Protestants, along with 65% of African American Protestants and 63% of Catholics support a womanish Constitutional right to legal abortion services.

              So once again it seems the Republicans and their conservative base are manufacturing an issue to keep focus off of their inability to help the country. Again they work against the majority as if they were dictators. President Obama and Democrats need to stop thus insanely push to control a womanish body and choice or it may lead to something worse. The Republican ignorance of the Constitution borders on treasonous in many different areas. You cannot be a protector if the Constitution if you only believe in enforcing the parts that work for you.

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DOMA, everyone is entitled to pursue happiness.

                  I realize that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was signed into law by Bill Clinton. It even passed both houses. I will make no excuse for this. For a government to determine who can get married is wrong. The Constitution us not a tool to attack certain race,sex or sexual orientation. It is a tool to help Democracy thrive.

                   If two people want to get married, who are we to deny that right. It doesnt matter if it is 2 men, women, talking horses or a man and woman. There is nothing in the Constitution that states otherwise. To take the side of a religous institution violates our 1st Amendment rights. There is not an established religion in the U.S. for a reason. We have religous FREEDOM.

                  I heard the arguement that people only get married to procreate. What if a man and woman get married and dont have any children. Should they not be allowed to be married? This is why we try to seperate church and state. A governing official does not have the right to push his religion upon me. So religiin should gave nothing to do with the DOMA decision.

                This is a simple matter, LET THEM GET MARRIED! Why deny a human being their right to pursue happiness because you disagree with their choice. It is their choice not yours. Let them make it.

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Creationism is a religous belief, therefore it should not be taught in public schools.

               Creationism is a RELIGOUS belief that life, the earth and the universe are the creation of a supernatural being. Young earth creationists believe this as well as the Old Testament literally describing 6 24 hour periods. Therefore they maintain that the universe, is more or less, 6,000-10,000 years old. They further maintain the speciacition occurred during this time as a result of extant genetic information and environmental pressures. Old Earth Creationists still maintain the universe, the earth and all living things were created by God, but that the universe is very old. Creationism is also the position held by some regarding the human soul. Where fraducianism says the soul is generated along with the body at procreation, creationism would teach that God creates the soul in the period of conception.

               In the U.S. there is a Constitutional division between church and state. This prevents the teaching of creation ideas in public school because creation ideas are based in religion. The Establisment Clause in the 1st Amendment prohibits the government from endorsing any particular religous belief. This prohibition ensures that our public schools remain places in which students of all faiths and even those who do not ascribe to religious beliefs, may learn in an atmosphere free from divisive theological debates and sectarianism. In disapproving prayer in school it maintains the fact that the government does not endorse one religion. In simpler terms it protects children from having religous dogma preached at them instead of math.

               The 1st Amendment states that in no uncertain terms that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free excersize there of. In a 1987 authoritative case over the teaching of origin in public schools science classes, where the U.S. Supreme Court majority stated that a legislature can pass an acceptable bill regarding theteaching of a science. If its purpose is to increase the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of science education and teaches scientific theories of origins. There is nothing scientific about creationism because it is a RELIGOUS BELIEF, therefore it forfeits any scientific method.

                This again is another battle of protecting our Constitutional rights. The Republican party wishes to force religion on you, there by violating the 1st Amendment, but then screams about violations of the 2nd Amendment. Again Democrats are on the right side of this constitutionally. Many people come to this country to flee religous persecution and to force a religion on a child is patently wrong. I am in no way attacking anyones religion, I am in favor of protecting my children from being forcefed yours. It is my Constitutional right.

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What would god ask of you?

                   I am not a practicing Catholic although I do believe in god. I grew up Catholic but moved away from the religion as I grew older. This is a question I heard on TV today. It was a strange question. Most of what you hear on the news is bad or crazy or just nonsense.

                   This is a good question for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. For me it is easy to answer but has a couple of parts. God is not going to ask me to do anything I cannot do. I am pretty sure everyone has heard the expression that god will not give you more than you can handle. So in effect that question kind of answers itself.

                    The second part is that god wants you to be a good person. I dont have to go to church to know what is right or wrong. That is what your conscience is for. This is your internal confessional. When you are wrong your conscience lets you know. This is a gift god gave almost all of us. Some not so much, maybe they stepped out of line when it was being handed out, Republicans. Many of them claim they are Catholics but do nothing to prove it. Going to church means nothing.

                 Third is that god wouldnt want a good man to watch bad things happen. When we see something wrong we need to do something. We cannot watch innocents get hurt and claim we are good people. God would not want anyone to be hurt if someone could stop it.

                 Last would be tolerance. We need to be more tolerant. Enough of attacking people because of color, creed, sexuality, political preference or anything. We all suffer the human condition, we all make mistakes. Hate and intolerance are not working. Lets change it, wise up , practice what is preached.

                  But then again what do I know. I am a lapsed Catholic. I think these things would help, I feel it would help. The Catholic church says god works through us. So maybe god is working through me.

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