Accountabilty, is something that is seriously lacking in this country. From top to bottom we always find an excuse why we couldnt do it or did it. As much as our people are guilty of it members of our government past and present are worse off. Many just do things and expect us to forget, but now it is immortalized with the internet.

            Look at Richard Nixon. Tapes came out that prove he caused the Vietnam war to last longer. LBJ had brokered peace in 1968, he announced the end of the war on Thursday. Saturday peace was called off. Nixon told the allies he could get peace if he got in office, because of this the war lasted 5 more years with 15,000 American deaths. Why didnt LBJ say anything? The FBI illegally recorded calls from South Vietnamese embassy.

             George W. Bush and his Republican cronies lied us into the Iraq war. He sold everyone on WMDs and mushroom clouds. The Democrats stepped right in line and voted for this war. Over a decade later we never found a single WMD or nuclear weapon. About 110,000 Iraqui civilians died as well as how many Americans. For a lie or was it a grudge? What is going to happen to Bush and Cheney, will they face prosecution? I doubt they will be held accountable either.

            Mitch Mcconnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan led us into the Sequester. Cutting money from programs that help children and elderly. Finding a back door to stop cuts to the military, so they get the cuts they want but not the cuts they agreed to but dont want. They get the cuts they ask for but its not enough. These men blamed it on President Obama but they all voted for it and said how much they liked it. They are obviously not held accountable.

           Please tell me how you expect average people to be accountable when our leaders arent accountable to us. It starts there, a parent leads a child, a government leads a nation. Leaders believe in accountability, why dont ours.

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