What if mythical creatures were reality?

                Mythical creatures brings to mind Dracula, werewolves and other creatures from books. Is it at all possible that some or any of these are real? Sasquatch is another big one. Are they real? Despite some skeptical evidence many believe in its existence.

There are Bigfoot Research Organizations around the country. They not only claim to have seen Bigfoot but to also hear their communications. They do wood knocks and calls to communicate with Bigfoots. They use updated equipment to try to collect evidence. They are convinced of Bigfoot’s existence but as of now do not have the proof that scientists would say are conclusive. Do they exist?

UFOs are another highly researched topic. There have been numerous videos over the years showing strange lights in the sky. Of course everyone has heard of Roswell, the recovery of an alien and its ship. I have never seen anything like this but I also never take the time to look. I am not clear on whether there is documented evidence or not. But I have heard of a ranch in Wyoming where they see odd flying lights in the sky almost every night. Are they real?

I believe in ghosts and demons but I am on the fence about UFOs. Sasquatch might be real, I don’t know. If these things are real isn’t it possible that Vampires and Werewolves are real? There are so many species discovered daily that there is no telling what we might eventually find. If we could prove the existence of ghosts, I am sure we could prove these other things. I know it is a big what if, but what if? Many stories have a bit of truth to them; why should these be any different?