Todays Soccer practice.

                We had our highest attendance at practice today, 12 , we were only missing 3 girls. We had a very productive practice. The girls worked really hard, no complaints at all. The 3 of us coached decided to run things a bit different now. We would normally break the defense and offense into separate groups to work on drills, it really helped improve the kids. Now we are going to try to make them more well rounded, all drills are done together, while one of us works with the goalie. Hopefully we see quick

We did our speed and change of direction drills, while mixing in cardio. Started off with 2 laps, jumping jacks, squats and mountain climbers. We then did the zig-zag sprint, 4 corners change of direction and the bow tie run. Zig-zag concentrates on speed and change of direction. 4 corners is a forward run, side stepping, backward run and another side step, all change of direction. Bow tie is a sprint forward, run backward, sprint forward, run backward and then a side step. They went from one right to the other and did each 3 times. There were no breaks in between. They did a great job.

We then worked on our dribble and pass drill. Dribble through the cones, make a soccer move past a coach, pass the ball across about 15 yards leading the next player into the drill. The first 2 times they to concentrate on control, not speed. The third through fifth one was to focus on both. We saw quick improvement in fundamentals. The passed were quick. We then had the kids run give and goes against one defender and a goalie. It took a few tries but we saw some improvement from our weaker ball handlers. We then went 4 offensive players against 3 defensive players and a goalie. Each time we ran kids switched from defense to offense, all kids did both things.

At the end we had a scrimmage. All players attacked and defended. There were some nice passes, really nice shots, some incredible defensive plays. They were anticipating each others moves, passing to a spot not just the person, really using their heads. It was really impressive to watch. Moving without the ball, working together, everything we have been saying. I know not every practice will be like this, but when you get them enjoy them. Girls are tough.

17 Senators decide protecting rapist is more important than removing the Military Chain of Command from sexual assault cases.

          17 Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee protected rapists by voting not to remove sexual assault cases from the chain of command. The current system is not working. Leaving it in place is irresponsible and lazy, yet it seems as if part of our government wishes to do so.

The Pentagon recently reported more than 70 sexual assaults were occurring in the military everyday. From 2011-2012 the number of sexual assaults increased from 19,000 to 26,000, but the reported number of assaults remained at 3,000. Most sexual assaults go unreported in the military because only 3% of the 2012 cases were prosecuted.

The Senate Armed Services Committee has a chance to help victims of assault. They could have put us on the same path as many other countries by investigating the cases outside the military. But instead they let victims down, let future victims down and let all Americans down. 17 Senators decided protecting the rapists were more important than helping the victim.

Senator Carl Levin (D-Mi) replaced Senator Kirsten Gillibrands plan with his own. The Levin plan is backed by Defense Secretary Hagel. It would keep the military in charge of prosecuting sexual assaults, which they are obviously not qualified to do. Senator Levin said “We need to change some things. We can do some things better. We have to. But I think we’ve got to be careful when we talk about taking the chain of command structure out of this process.” Isn’t it insane doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

It seems Senator Levin is oblivious to that fact that a large portion of these assaults are committed by the people in this chain of command. The fact that Gillibrand legislation had a bipartisan group of 27 co-sponsors didn’t seem to effect the Armed Services Committee’s decision. For 17 Senators keeping the status quo was good enough. Thousands of victims, their families and millions of Americans be damned. They obviously know what’s better for a for all of us then we do.

I would have thought Democrats would stand with the people on this. They have let me down. This was the wrong decision and sets a horrible precedent. It is almost as bad as talking about legitimate rape because it makes victims less likely to report the assault. In this case Democrats are wrong, they are still a better choice then Republicans. Republicans take the wrong stand daily. This decision was wrong and needs to be corrected.

Payback in Politics.

             Chuck Hagel was confirmed today. Despite the protests of certain members of the Republican party. John Mccain & Rand Paul to name 2. A man who was once a frontrunner to be a Republican candidate for president. Why did these Republicans come out against a former Republican Senator?

            The Republican party is said to be a very loyal party, not to the American people, but to each other. Apperently Chuck Hagel upset the apple cart by disagreeing with his party. He criticized Bush 43 for the Iraqi war, the surge & how the Iraqi war was handled. He said that we did not need to go into Iraq, that it woukd be a money drain. He was right. He said the troop surge wouldnt work, is there any indication that it did. He was right again. How the war was handled was a blunder beyond blunders. After we invaded our troops didnt know what to protect, as things were being looted they stood & watched because their commanders didnt know what to do. How was it paid for? It wasnt! Again he was right.

              Was Chuck Hagel being punished for being right? Was he being punished for disagreeing, although he still voted with his party? Or was he punished as a way to hurt President Obama? Any one of the three is a really bad answer. There is not a single way to explain any of the three without looking petty. Dick Cheney as VP said it was unconstitutional to hold up a presidential nominee, what changed? The Republican party has been dropping the ball for at least the last 15 years, probably longer.

             How can a party that bases decisions upon pettiness remain relevant? I dont think they can. Instead of acting out, work on compromise. Work together, no one in a governmental position should get 100% of what they want. You are governing 50 states, with all colors, creeds, sexual orientations & religions. Rich, poor, middle class & the homeless. COMPROMISE is the answer, not hurt the American people because I am mad at the Senator from Pa.

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