Memorial Day, for those who give their lives.

                 Memorial Day is supposed to be in rememberance of those who gafe their lives for our freedom. Every conflict we have been involved in, brave soldiers gave their lives to preserve our freedoms. But is a day enough? We reserve the right to debate and speak freely, but without these heroes putting themselves in harms way, we have none of these freedoms.

Through the Sequester we have taken away the military tuition assistance program. Instead of armoring our military vehicles the way we were supposed the Republican led House cut the budget and gave them cheaper protection. Our soldiers take the brunt of the action, then get treated like pariahs. It is a shame that these brave men and women are treated like this.

The back log at the VA ua particularly disturbing. The President, Republicans and Democrats all talk as if they will do something about it, but nothing gets done. Although on most issues the President has done pretty well by the military. Republicans and their austerity methods are hurting the military spouses and families. Soldiers families were losing their homes while overseas. He helped them, with the aid of Democrats in the House and Senate.

If anyone thinks that this is hiw these people should be treated, you are as mad as Rand Paul. These people do things most people are unwilling to do. For that they deserve better. A CEO at a multi-billion dollar company makes more than these heroes. They rob our country blind and put these soldiers families out of their homes. Our soldiers recieve a paycheck, a slap on the back and good luck with you and yours. If we do not eventually correct this we will not have a military worth joining. Please honor our soldiers and their sacrafices. Think of those whose mother and father didn’t come home and say a prayer or pour some beer on the ground in tribute. Without them you would not have your freedom to drink that beer. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.

Payback in Politics.

             Chuck Hagel was confirmed today. Despite the protests of certain members of the Republican party. John Mccain & Rand Paul to name 2. A man who was once a frontrunner to be a Republican candidate for president. Why did these Republicans come out against a former Republican Senator?

            The Republican party is said to be a very loyal party, not to the American people, but to each other. Apperently Chuck Hagel upset the apple cart by disagreeing with his party. He criticized Bush 43 for the Iraqi war, the surge & how the Iraqi war was handled. He said that we did not need to go into Iraq, that it woukd be a money drain. He was right. He said the troop surge wouldnt work, is there any indication that it did. He was right again. How the war was handled was a blunder beyond blunders. After we invaded our troops didnt know what to protect, as things were being looted they stood & watched because their commanders didnt know what to do. How was it paid for? It wasnt! Again he was right.

              Was Chuck Hagel being punished for being right? Was he being punished for disagreeing, although he still voted with his party? Or was he punished as a way to hurt President Obama? Any one of the three is a really bad answer. There is not a single way to explain any of the three without looking petty. Dick Cheney as VP said it was unconstitutional to hold up a presidential nominee, what changed? The Republican party has been dropping the ball for at least the last 15 years, probably longer.

             How can a party that bases decisions upon pettiness remain relevant? I dont think they can. Instead of acting out, work on compromise. Work together, no one in a governmental position should get 100% of what they want. You are governing 50 states, with all colors, creeds, sexual orientations & religions. Rich, poor, middle class & the homeless. COMPROMISE is the answer, not hurt the American people because I am mad at the Senator from Pa.

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