Mitch Mcconnel and John Bohner keeping secrets.

                  Republican Senators left a dinner meeting with President Obama reinvigorized. One Senator said that we were not aware of the cuts President Obama was willing to make. These concession were not communicated to us. This is very odd, the galvanized Republican party with a communucation problem. The Republican Senators walked away talking of an open conversation with the President. That is odd, didnt Boehner say the President refused to reach across the aisle.

                 If Republican leadership is not communicating the Presidents intentions what other problems could have been avoided. Even Paul Ryan is changing his tune and coming more centrist. This may actually show the true agenda of Republican leadership. Mitch Mcconnell said it on day one, his main objective was to make Obama a one term president. John Boehner not only refused to work with the president but apperently his own caucus.

             This exemplifies the dysfunction that is plagueing our government. The American people have suffered on how many occasions because Republican leaders lied to other Republicans. I am not sure if Boehner and Mcconnell are stupid or treasonous. Maybe this is the change we were looking for, maybe Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and the others can move us,forward. That would be incredible.

              If I did what Boehner and Mcconnell may have done, I would be fired. All of these manufactured crisises may have been avoided. This may also change the way I think of Republican party. It is hard to dislike a party that will work together.

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