2014 midterm election, voter apathy or a GOP strategy?

                So the 2014 midterm election ended with a Republican runaway.  They gained the majority in the Senate and gained more seats in the stagnate House.  Congress had an 11% approval rating yet 96% of incumbents retained their seats.  I find it very odd that people were so unhappy yet kept the same people in office.  If anyone thought the Republican strategy would change,  that they might work with President Obama, joke is on you.  Senator Lindsey Graham called him a child in an interview.  Seems the citizens of American did what the GOP wanted,  stayed home on election day.

Is this a master plan by Republicans? No, it is being perpetuated by the party but their marching orders come from the Koch brothers and groups like ALEC or the NRA. The plan seems very complicated but it is not. Very simple, how can a party with a very large deficit in membership beat a party with the larger membership? First they had to win at the state level. When they did that, the began to redistricting or gerrymander. Gerrymandering is the process of breaking up voting districts into more favorable districts for the party in charge. The Supreme Court ruled that Gerrymandering was illegal, but why would laws stop these crooks.

Step 2 was a little tougher. Once they took over the states and gerrymandered the districts they needed to keep moving up the ladder. The gerrymandered districts allowed Republicans to win seats in predominantly Democrat areas. Once they gained seats in the House, the majority, they started pushing voter ID laws in their States. These laws are intended to limit the votes of minorities. Many minorities do not have the proper ID, in some states people that voted for years were no longer allowed to vote. They shortened early voting, voting hours, absentee ballots went missing in several states, voter registrations went missing, people were turned away and Democrat votes turned into Republican votes. All of these laws for a .0002% rate of fraud over the last 10 years. Republicans have said from different states that they needed to limit voting in order to have a chance to win. These are the so called protectors of democracy.

At the same time all this was happening in 2010, still happening today, the billionaires went to court in the Citizens United case. They won the right to contribute as much as they want without anyone being able to track their political spending. The last estimate I saw, the Koch brothers spent over $300 million on the 2014 election cycle alone. Many of this us dark money, which is extremely hard to teach, but is traceable. It is said that Republicans and Democrats get the same amount of money. The upfront money we see, Republicans had about a 20% advantage on. Where as dark money it is estimated anywhere between a 60% to 150% advantage. Most of this money comes from single donors. If you believe money has nothing to do with elections, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The candidate with most money wins 94% of the time.

The last part, which probably should have been the first part, is the main stream media. For instance, 2 of the most popular conservative news sources Rush Limbaugh and FOX NEWS are the 2 most unreliable news sources. Limbaugh is estimated to lie approximately 75% of the time and FOX News tops them at about 85% of the time. Approximately 250 newspapers are owned by 7 conservatives. News channels are complicit as well. Instead of covering anything going right, they went with Ebola and Is is. They played the Republican scare tactic game. So the plan was later out.

Through all these things they routed a Democrat party whose President lowered the deficit, GDP, unemployment, the unemployment rate is at 5.8%, gas prices and health insurance. There would be more jobs of not for Republicans led by Mitch McConnell voting against the Veterans Jobs Bill and the Jobs Bill. This Republican party is not here for the people, they are there for those with the paper. Democracy is not dying a slow death, it is being murdered right before our eyes by enemies dressed as Patriots.

Government shutdown is the leadup to raising the Debt Ceiling.

         First to be clear, the Debt Ceiling is for bills Congress already incurred. It allows us to pay the bills Congress already approved. Under George W. Bush the Debt Ceiling was raised 7 times. That is under a President who took us from a surplus to about $10 trillion debt. He ran up a $15 trillion bill. Where were the Republican fiscal hawks then. Sadly many were ok with this spending.

The extreme right wing of the Republican party, the Tea Party, have pushed a very extreme agenda. The word compromise means surrender to them. They have made it a mission to destroy our government. My way or the highway is not how the Democratic process works. To use dramatic methods to extract every last thing you want is undemocratic. No one ever gets everything they want in the democratic process, they compromise and get the best of both sides. This is why Congress is in gridlock, the refusal to negotiate in good faith.

It is ignorant to blame President Obama for this shutdown. In fact Michelle Bachman said that they were happy with the shutdown. Other Republicans said theg were giddy about the shutdown. Why we President Obama give away the house when Republicans are coming back for more in a few weeks. Republicans are attempting to extract some now and more in the Debt Ceiling negotiations. Democrats are letting the Republican party show their lack of empathy for the American people.

From April until now, Democrats attempted 18 times to negotiate to avoid this shutdown. They were filibustered by Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mike Lee and several other prominent Republicans. Republicans have said they will not budge on Debt Ceiling negotiations. Despite the fact they already approved the spending. Very hypocritical stance. They keep mentioning the choice was President Obama’s. What they dont say is that there never was a choice. There was an ultimatum. Do this or we shut down the government. Now the GOP is scrambling to save their tarnished image, which is unsavable.

This is just setting the table for the next showdown in a few weeks. Republicans are making a spectacle of everything in order to polarize the country more. We will be in this same spot or worse in a few weeks. Our economy is taking a severe hit from this shut down. I believe Republicans thought President Obama would blink and negotiate the ACA. They took a calculated risk and lost. Sadly they weren’t smart enough to set up a way out of the mess they put us in. Just don’t move from manufactured crisis to another. Govern intellegently, think about the people. Stop spreading disinformation. The ACA is the law, help people learn it.

Government shutdown, the Republican way of throwing a temper tantrum.

             The last time Republicans refused to negotiate on the debt ceiling our country had its credit rating downgraded. Why does a political party refuse to compromise?  President Obama has tried to work with Republicans since day one, despite Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders making him a one term president their number one priority. Obviously hurting the economy or making Americans suffer doesn’t get in the way of their attempts to accomplish this. They lost, President Obama is in his second term. What is different?

Republican demands are simple, get rid of the ACA and do things our way or we will shut the government. Many of these Republicans voted to expand the debt ceiling 7 times under George W Bush. The same Bush who oversaw the largest jump in the National debt, from a surplus to about 11 trillion. They voted for the Bush tax cuts, which added about 2 trillion to the debt and 2 unfunded wars. But when President Obama is in their they become fiscal hawks. Where were you when the train derailed?

So why are we here? Why is a government shutdown looming? Each continuing resolution the Republican led house has passed is attempting to defund or change the ACA. What Republicans won’t tell you us that the plan to repeal the tax on medical machines for hospitals or other offices, a 2.32% tax by the way, will cost the government about $28 billion. The President tried to get Republicans involved in the ACA process but they refused, saying they would stop it. They didn’t, it is the law of the land, found Constitutional by the Supreme Court. So are Democrats and President Obama wrong for not negotiating on the debt limit? NO!!! They already tried, Republicans didn’t want to.

The GOP is worried about their corporate sponsors, those that lobby and pay for their services. They do not work for the Democratic majority. Unfortunately this is the society Republicans want. They want the gap between rich and poor to continue and they want American people in debt. It is a version of a Feudal society. They do not believe in Democracy or the Constitution they state they protect. They are willing to hurt the country for a Corporate formed ideology, what is referred to as a ruling class.

On Friday I listened to Mitch McConnell and his cohorts speak after a vote. One was speaking about President Obama and Democrats need to adjust their energy policy. It came from a man who recieved $700,000 from Natural Gas and Oil companies since 2006. As well as a party that recieved over $23 million in donations from the Oil industry since 2007. They recieved 88% of all donations from the Oil industry in that time. So as they say the proof is in the pudding. Look at the numbers and think about why Republicans are willing to shutdown our government and risk our economy.

Chineese military and Republican party found using same spying tactics on Liberal organizations and Unions.

                In February a firm called Mandiant and the New York Times revealed that the Chineese military is engaging in a sophisticated campaign of internet spying and cyber attacks targeting U.S. Corporations and government websites caused widespread alarm. What hasn’t been noticed is the Chineese plot has a lot in common with a Republican conspiracy to spy and sabotage Liberal advocacy groups and Unions. A plot developed on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2010.

Mandiant identified the plot by looking through a database of hacking tools. The tools were managed by the same individuals associated with the American firm that had been enlisted to help the Chamber of Commerce execute its spying and hacking plan. That was before it was exposed by the hacking group Anonymous.

Attorney’s for the Chamber were caught negotiating a contract to launch a cyber campaign using similar methods as the Chineese. These could reportedly be used to cripple vital infrastructure and steal trade secrets from Fortune 100 companies. The Chamber was seeking to undermine its political opposition, including the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) and MoveOn.org. Anonymous again revealed the plan.

Un January 2011 the Chamber recieved a CD with target data. The targets discussed were Labor Unions, SEIU, IBT, UFW, UFCW, AFL-CIO, Change to Win, as well as Progressive organizations like the Center for American Progress, MoveOn.org, Courage Campaign, the Ruckus Society, Agit-Pop, Brave New Films and others. The tactics described in the proposals are illegal. There were no discussions in the leaked emails about the legality of using such tactics. The Chambers lawyers and the contractors quibbled for weeks about the appropriate compensation for these hacking services. At one point, $2 million was demanded.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a powerful business lobbying group that had become a fully functional part of the Republican machine. Republicans condemned President Obama and the NSA for the surveillance of phone and internet activity but hypocritically do it to those who disagree with them. At least the NSA and the Obama administration are doing it in the name of National Security. Republicans condemned the IRS and the Obama administration for targeting Tea Party groups, which Mitch Mcconnell said President Obama was not involved with. Yet hypocrite Republicans do the same type of subterfuge to undermine Democrat leaning adversaries. Republicans are caught in this, yet the conservative media does not report it. I guess that is what happens when you own most of the media.

Rush Limbaugh, the hypocrite and bigot, how does he have a radio show?

                 As I have said in some of my earlier posts I listen to conservative talk radio sometimes because we do nit have a progressive channel. It also truly prepares me for how to debate concervatives. They listen to Rush Limbaugh like he is quoting the Bible. If you look up what get says you will actually see that he skews every story to fit his agenda.

                What I just said was a play on what he was saying today. He was saying that the media is totally flawed because they are liberals who present their agenda in every story. The media has let the American people down because every news story they write is skewed to get their liberal agenda across. I realize that I said that twice but I can’t get over Rush Limbaugh saying it.

                 This is a man who called Sandra Fluke a who’re, yet has been married 4 times. He at one time went into rehab for drug abuse. A good conservative Catholic does not get a divorce or did they change that to keep the rich coming to church.

               This man speaks as if he doesn’t twist the news to work for his agenda. He turns everything into a President Obama conspiracy. He forced the IRS to look at Tea Party organizations who were looking for tax exempt status. He blamed President Obama for the Benghazi situation. He praises John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitchell Mcconnell and Marco Rubio as Herod of the American cause. He tends to leave out the parts where Republicans are trying to take away our civil rights.

               Democrats are evil to this man. They do nothing but hurt the country to Rush Limbaugh. He at one point was the shining example if conservative Republicans, then he started letting Hus true identity show. He let on that he was a bigot and a sexist. He has lost a lot of advertisers and is now distinguish his company money. The Stop Rush movement has gained traction as is causing Hus corporate advertisers to drop like flies. One step closer to removing this man from the radio.

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Congress is unhappy with Sequester. News Flash so are we.

              With a government shutdown pending, Democrats and Republicans alike are filing amendments to the Sequester, a hundred or so. The Sequester which was a fail safe to force both parties to the table has been embraced by Republicans. John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in the Sequester deal. Paul Ryan said the cuts that effected children and the elderly were good cuts. No more revenue is the rallying cry.

            In Paul Ryans budget proposal he got rid of the military cuts in the Sequester, which Ryan wanted, and in fact he adds $2 billion to the military spending. They are trying to get rid of military cuts because of the effect it has on military contractors, large contributors in many cases to Republican officials. Now what bugs me is that these people got what they were looking for and are now trying to weasel out of it. Ryans budget proposal gives another 12% tax break to the wealthiest Americans, while turning Medicare into a voucher system.

            Democrats tried to avoid the Sequester but their Republican counterparts thwarted all efforts. This is obviously a gross negligence on the part of the Republican party. Democrats propose a budget and now Republicans come out in defense of the middle class. The Sequester is effecting more than just the military but you wouldnt know it. When 2014 elections come around remember which party dod what.

             The Sequester was President Obamas brainchild, but 170 Republicans voted for it. Please remember when Mitch Mcconnell talks about job loss because of Democrat budget proposal, that he was all in favor of the Sequester. Which will end up costing us in the range of 750,000 jobs. You do the math.

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            Accountabilty, is something that is seriously lacking in this country. From top to bottom we always find an excuse why we couldnt do it or did it. As much as our people are guilty of it members of our government past and present are worse off. Many just do things and expect us to forget, but now it is immortalized with the internet.

            Look at Richard Nixon. Tapes came out that prove he caused the Vietnam war to last longer. LBJ had brokered peace in 1968, he announced the end of the war on Thursday. Saturday peace was called off. Nixon told the allies he could get peace if he got in office, because of this the war lasted 5 more years with 15,000 American deaths. Why didnt LBJ say anything? The FBI illegally recorded calls from South Vietnamese embassy.

             George W. Bush and his Republican cronies lied us into the Iraq war. He sold everyone on WMDs and mushroom clouds. The Democrats stepped right in line and voted for this war. Over a decade later we never found a single WMD or nuclear weapon. About 110,000 Iraqui civilians died as well as how many Americans. For a lie or was it a grudge? What is going to happen to Bush and Cheney, will they face prosecution? I doubt they will be held accountable either.

            Mitch Mcconnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan led us into the Sequester. Cutting money from programs that help children and elderly. Finding a back door to stop cuts to the military, so they get the cuts they want but not the cuts they agreed to but dont want. They get the cuts they ask for but its not enough. These men blamed it on President Obama but they all voted for it and said how much they liked it. They are obviously not held accountable.

           Please tell me how you expect average people to be accountable when our leaders arent accountable to us. It starts there, a parent leads a child, a government leads a nation. Leaders believe in accountability, why dont ours.

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When I hear you speak…….

             When I hear President Obama speak I listen. I believe he cares and will try to do the right things for this country. I hear compassion and truth. I hear a man I believe in.

             When I hear Vice President Joe Biden speak I am intrigued. Joe Biden is a regular guy from Scranton, 15 minutes from where I live. I hear a man who tells it like it is and people call them gaffes. I want to hear the truth and he gives it to us. I hear a man who gets the job done and whose critics listen to him. I am glad he is V.P.

             When I hear Hillary Clinton speak I hear out next president. I hear a strong , confident woman who has made it with her wit and intellegence. I hear a woman who has and will do the right things. I hear a woman who does not back down from a challenge.

             When I hear Harry Reid I get concerned. I do not hear confidence. I hear a man more worried about his seat than helping Americans. I am a strong Democrat but Harry Reid does not inspire confidence in me. I believe he backs off and gives Republicans alot of leeway.

              When I hear Mitch Mcconnell I want to cover my ears. I dont think he knows the truth about anything he says. I think he has been there too long and has lost sight of governments goal. I hear a jumble of words because he does not say anything worthwhile.

             When I hear Ted Cruz I hear a very passionate man. I also hear a man who lets passion get the best of facts. I hear a misplaced anger towards opposition party members. I hear a man who will destroy the poor and middle class to kerp the wealthy sitting pretty.

            When I hear Paul Ryan I cringe. I hear a petulant little man who is quite intellegent. To make a budget a fictional document takes alot of work. I hear a man who cannot accept the fact.he lost in the last election. I also hear a man who thinks the American people are stupid.

           When I hear John Boehner I cant wait to her his next lie. I hear a salesman trying to sell me used underwear. He doesnt even try that hard to sell it. He says his piece and is done. I hear a man desperate to keep his job.

           Last but not least, when I hear Glenn Beck I get angry. This man believes he is some sort of prophet sent by god to help us. He is so confident in his radical agenda it is scary. His listeners buy his nonsense like it is gold. He sells them on mumbo jumbo with no proof. He is not a profit, in fact he is a horrible person. He is so concerned about George Soros, you would swear he was crushing on him.

               If you read this let me know what you hear. Even if you think I am a loon, it would be appreciated. There are so many other people, I might make this a Sunday night thing. Every Sunday I will write When I hear you speak….. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you.

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Sequestration results in suspension of Military Tuition Assistance program.

               Yet another casualty of the sequester. All but one branch of the mulitary, the Navy, has suspended the popular tuition assistance program. One of the biggest reasons people enlist is because of the education benefits. I thought Republicans said the sequester woukd not have any effect on us. Is that just another Republican lie?

                 The across the board cuts that have cost the military $46 billion is causing these cuts. The military comptroller recomended the TA be cut instead of something else. This suspension is for fiscal year 2013, which lasts until October. The suspension does not affect those currently enrolled in classes using previously aporoved tuition assistance. Each branch is responsible for funding and administering the TA programs.

              The program can only be used by active duty service members pursuing an educational goal. Member of the National Guard and reserve units can use the program while on active duty. The program pays up to $4,500 per year per student. In fiscal year 2012, in the Army alone, 201,000 soldiers took advantage of the Armys TA program. It provided $373 million, helping 2,831 soldiers earn their associates degree, 4,495 earned their bachelors degree and 1,946 earned their graduate degrees. This is obviously something that helps these soldiers when they re-enter the work force.

                  Now please remember that while President Obama and the Democrats worked to avoid this sequester. All the while Paul Ryan said these cuts were a good thing, John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted and Mitch Mcconnell said revenue was off the table. Republicans wanted these cuts, they got them. Now they are saying that they will look into this. Thank you Republicans for taking care of Americas true heros, the Military.

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Mitch Mcconnel and John Bohner keeping secrets.

                  Republican Senators left a dinner meeting with President Obama reinvigorized. One Senator said that we were not aware of the cuts President Obama was willing to make. These concession were not communicated to us. This is very odd, the galvanized Republican party with a communucation problem. The Republican Senators walked away talking of an open conversation with the President. That is odd, didnt Boehner say the President refused to reach across the aisle.

                 If Republican leadership is not communicating the Presidents intentions what other problems could have been avoided. Even Paul Ryan is changing his tune and coming more centrist. This may actually show the true agenda of Republican leadership. Mitch Mcconnell said it on day one, his main objective was to make Obama a one term president. John Boehner not only refused to work with the president but apperently his own caucus.

             This exemplifies the dysfunction that is plagueing our government. The American people have suffered on how many occasions because Republican leaders lied to other Republicans. I am not sure if Boehner and Mcconnell are stupid or treasonous. Maybe this is the change we were looking for, maybe Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and the others can move us,forward. That would be incredible.

              If I did what Boehner and Mcconnell may have done, I would be fired. All of these manufactured crisises may have been avoided. This may also change the way I think of Republican party. It is hard to dislike a party that will work together.

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