What a week.

              It was not the worst week ever, but it was still a lot. Some weeks are just like that, nothing goes according to plan. Everything is just a little more chaotic than normal. Then just to top it off, you get a little something to make it just a touch worse.

              Tuesday night I took my oldest daughter to the ER, she was coughing badly and having some trouble breathing. We get to the ER around 8 o’clock, there were about 6 people in there. The nurse registered us, got us into see the doctor where they took her vitals. They gave her cough medicine, motrin and a breathing treatment. By this time it was 845, they next took her in for an XRAY at 920. Then we did not see anyone or hear anything for over 2 hours. At 1130 my daughter was asking me to leave, she said she felt better. I asked them when she would be seen, within the next couple if hours. So we left.

                 Then Friday came along with just a little bit of stress in between. Both my wife and I get sick. Puking all day, feeling like I was hit by a truck. All day Friday being sick, the only thing I ate all day was pretzel sticks. I fell asleep at about 530 and woke up about 730 Saturday morning. Still feeling green I had to go about our day with the family. I ate very little and fell asleep early again. I did feel much better today.

             This is after a weekend of arguing with an ignorant parent, this parent pushing as far as they could. I am glad this week is behind me. It does not seem like much, but when you throw in a few therapy sessions making the pain worse on top of this other stuff it seemed much worse. Thank you to anyone who read this.

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Gun Control does work.

                The Boston Childrens Hospital study looked at gun violence data from 2007-2010 in all 50 states and compared them according to the severity of the gun laws. Researchers found that states with the toughest gun laws had a 42% lower mortality rate than states with the loosest gun laws. Those same strong gun law states had a 40% lower gun related homicide rate. The Boston study also found requiring background checks and permits were closely associated with gun related homocide and suicide rates.

             Over a 4 year study period, there were 121,084 firearm fatalities. The average state based firearm fatality rates varied from a high of 17.9% (Louisiana) to a low of 2.9% (Hawaii) per 100,000 individuals per year. Annual firearm legislature strength scores ranged from 0 (Utah) to 24 (Massachusetts) of a total of 28 possible points. States in the highest quartile of legislative strength had a lower overall firearm fatality rate than those in the lowest quartile. Compared with the quartile of states with the fewest laws, the quartile with the most paws had a lower firearms suicide rate and a lower firearm homicide rate. The study could not determine cause and effect, further studies are necessary to define the nature of this association.

           The NRAs Wayne Lapierre has stood adamantly against the implementation of new federal gun laws, citing measures as an all out attack on responsible gun owners with an eye on taking their guns away. He has completely ignored and opposed proposals that include universal background checks, banning military style weapons, and outlawing high capacity magazines. Lapierre said at CPAC 2011 and was repeated nearly verbatim by Senator Ted Crud that more lenient gun laws lead to a decrease in gun violence. But the data to support this claim is non-existent.

               I am not one to cite polls, but here goes. Quinnapac University points out that a majority of Americans support stricter gun laws despite opposition from the NRA and NRA backed Republicans. The last poll on background checks said that 91% of Americans support them. That is more than support capatilism, like eating Italian food or even pizza. Obviously Democrats have the backing of the people and President Obama. President Obama called for Congress to vote on it, which they will do in April. We have to pass these laws.

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We are our own worst enemy.

               When you look at the truth threats to our American way of life, some see threats everywhere, me I see quite a few. Foreign threats militarily, China, North Korea and Iran if they go nuclear. Economically, once again China, maybe Japan and Germany. Of course we live under the threat of terrorist attacks, but for the moment I am not worried. My worries lie with our own people.

              I am afraid of the NRA. The propaganda that they push out of their lobbying machine fires up alot of unstable individuals. They hide behind the 2nd Amendment, when their true agenda is to sell more guns at whatever cost. I am afraid of the Pro-life crowd. Not because of their opinions, but their actions. They want small government, but also want their hands in every womens pants, as well as making very important life decisions for them.

               I am afraid of Glenn Beck because he is a false prophet. That unstable individual believes he was sent here by God to help fix things, and so was everyone else psycho. I am afraid of the people who listen to him. These people are not open to anything except what their false idol Glenn Beck preaches to them.

             I am afraid of what the Republican party has become. They have become extremist who work for a small percentage of people who fund them. They do not care who or what they hurt and have almost singlehandedly destroyed our country. They dispute scientific studies in favor of religion, they blatantly lie about what they voted for and they seem to want to destroy the middle class. They gave waged a war on voters, women, minorities and the LGBT community. If you are not rich you are not safe.

          I am afraid that Democrats are spineless and President Obama is going to throw out the baby with the bath water. They have acomplished some wonderful things over the last 4 years, but I dont think it is enough. Ignorance will be the final nail in our countries coffin. We need to educate and get people out to vote even if they vote Republican, just to show politiciabs who have the real power.

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First Spring Soccer Practice.

              Last spring another parent and I started to help coach our youth girls soccer team. We only helped in the spring and the Head Coach didnt realky allow us any input. Fast forward to the fall league, I decided to step in and start coaching in earnest. From day one I wrote up a practice plan, worked on their cardio, skills, technique, formations and responsibilities on the field. The old coach stepped back and these girls improved immeadiatly. They had more wins last fall than in the 3 previous years combined.

               So back story done. We had our first practice this week and was realky impressed. There was not any complaining, the girls generally did what was asked and to top it off they were picking everything we were showing they up relatively quickly. That alone shows the girls growth. We were working on getting them to use both feet and they did pretty well.

              We had an asessment drill at the end, pitting offensively players against 2 defenders and a goalie. Our defense is going to be strong, at least 3 strong defenders and 2 very goid goalies. We are weak at mid, our passes are not very crisp and they tend to watch when they pass. We have 2 good forwards, strong legs, good dribblers and pretty accurate shooters.

              Where we are seriously lacking is we are not as athletic as other teams. We have 1 real speedster, but she cannot control the ball. The rest are slightly above average to slow. Against rec league teams like us we do quite well, we handled several travel teams pretty good, but the top 2 teams in the league is where we struggle. Against those teams we cannot hide our lack of speed. Physically we match up well, the girls can handle the physicality of the game and out physical quite a few teams.

             Last spring the team was 0-8-1, we did horribly. The spring league we play in is loaded with travel teams. I think we can at least finish with a .500 record and maybe more. I am very excited to get the season started. I cant wait to see the improvements this spring. If anyone has any input to help with my speed issue, I would definetly appreciate.

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Aqua Therapy day 6.

                If anyone tries to convince you that the more you go to therapy the better you feel, please dont believe them. I realize that I am recovering from a major sugery, I know it will be a long process. I am doing the same excersizes with a couple additions. I know the therapists are doing their best to help me.

               I am about 4 months removed from a 2 level fusion and 2 disk replacement surgery. It is a big surgery and in my area the therapists said they dont see many people who disk replacements, no less with a fusion. The doctor says that I am right where a person who has experienced chronic pain for several years should be. I feel as though the surgery was a failure, all of my symptoms are either worse or the same.

               I was told that this surgery would stop me from getting worse. I feel worse now. I understand back surgeries are fickle, some work, some dont. I have had 3 major surgeries and 3 minor ones in the last 4 years. After the fusion I do not think there is anything else they can do to that area of my back. The doctor said the scar tissue was wrapped around my nerve so bad he couldnt touch it. That is why I keep falling and also the nerve damage.

           Along with going to aqua therapy my doctor slowly took me off the nerve inhibitor. That probably has something to do with the pain. But the aqua therapy is making me hurt badly. I feel like I am falling apart , mentally and physically. I am not sure what to do. If I stop going to therapy how will that effect my workers comp case. I just cant live like this anymore.

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North Dakotas new abortion bills.

                North Dakotas legislature finalized passage of a personhood amendmemt that backers claim will lead to banning abortion in the state. Leading pro-life groups dispute this amendment believing the measure would only entrech legalized abortion further. The legislature approved SCR4009, which states the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected. The chamber also aporoved SB2303 which ensures that the protection that our criminal laws afford victims, extends to all human beings born and unborn.

            State Senator Magerette Sitte (R), the sponsor of the personhood initiative said that they intend it being a direct challenge if Roe v. Wade. This is also the first persnhood amendment to pass any state legislature. It is said that both SCR4009 and SB2303 were written to ensure the mother and baby are both treated as medical patients, that care is not inhibited, and that fertility treatments are not banned.

              So far this year the North Dakota legislature has taken up 6 different bills to end safe and legal abortion. Some are broad and could possibly interfere with personal, private medical decisions ranging from abortion to fertility treatment. Others ban abortion at different stages of pregnancy. One would effectively ban abortion in the state with overregulation that local doctors have said is medically unnecessary. One abortion ban was even amended to include a ban on funneling for programs like sex education for at-risk teens in Fargo, a partnership between North Dakota State University and Pkanned Parenthood.

             Abortion Rights Activists have said that if it is signed into law they will fight them in court. The threat of costly litigation may be less of a deterrent in oil rich North Dakota than in other states. Booming oil production has helped the state avoid budget cuts seen elsewhere. Still any kind of lawsuit will eat into surplusses and hurt the states economy.

               There is no arguing the unconstitutionality of this law. A victory for Roe v. Wade will only make it more difficult for Republicans,Tea Party and Conservatives to overturn it in the future. That being said once again a Republican run state is using state law,to supercede U.S. Constitutional law, which of course is unconstitutional. Where are the Democrats on this? They should be involved in this, protecting peoples rights from the Republican attempts at a dictatorship.

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Republican party seems to find their way to the wrong side of social issues.

                  DOMA has been called a mistake and a bad piece of legislature by Bill Clinton, the president who signed it into law. The American public supports gay marriage, Democrats support it, people in the Republican party support it, but only 3 out of 277 Republican elected representaives support it. Why again does the conservative movement stick with antiquated ideas? Why do they refuse to acknowledge the people?

              The answer to these questions I believe are simple. Look at who and how many contributed to Mitt Romneys campaign. He raised alot of money from alot less people. The answer lies there. It is in the money, the contributors drive these ideals and provide the funds to keep them alive. Without the influx of billionaires money the Republican party would have to adapt and truly change their message. Until the money dries up nothing will change.

            To say people only get married to procreate is ridiculus. How many people get married and dont have children, are you going to revoke their right to marry. Allowing homosexuals to get married will not ruin the institution of marriage, I dont belive it can be ruined. If it could divorce would have finished it off. Please dont bring religion into this, it does not belong there. If you want religion in government, move to Iran and see how you like it there.

                We need to look at this like the civil rights movement. When we look back at segregation and the way African Americans were once treated it makes most of us sick. This is only 45 or 50 years ago. In 1967 the Supreme Court repealed a ban on Interacial Marriages. So there is a precedent set for the Supreme Court to get involved in cases like this.

               Hearing Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Joe Biden come out for gay marriage gives me hope. Many other Democrats also vocally support this. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, we are the United States. I really hope we can get past this bigotry and move forward to real issues. This shouldnt even be an issue.

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