2014 elections, important to keep our economy and improving.

            Midterm elections typically have a small turnout. For some reason people do not see the importance of the midterms. If you get out to vote you give your party a chance to move their agenda forward. Thing is if you don’t get out and vote, the other party can push their agenda.

           Why is that a bad thing? Well for normal average everday Americans it is very important. After the debacle that was the Bush Presidency and the obstruction of the Republican party, the only way to help the poor and middle class is to vote Democrat. Democrats have been pushing an agenda that helps average American. They are helping women to, college kids, the poor, middle class, the military and the economy. President Obama’s policies have the Stock Market above 15,000, which never happened before and the Unemployment Rate below 8%. Jobs are being created and consumer confidence is rising.

What have Republicans done for our country over the last 5 years? Well their obstruction has caused the economy to recover slowly, they cut President Obama’s stimulus package basically in half, a package that would have created about 1 million jobs, they also killed his Jobs Bill, one that they support in pieces but not together. They were looking to impeach him 7 weeks into his first term. Voted against VAWA, then said they voted for it, voted against Raising the Federal Minimum Wage, which they voted to raise 3 times under Bush and voted against Gun Control, which the overwhelming majority of Americans support.

I hope I have made it clear why these midterms in particular are important. Many Americans will be devasted financially if Republicans get the majority in the Senate. We will end up in another war, where many of Our soldiers will be killed. Please no voter apathy this time, your neighbors kids life is in your hands.

Memorial Day, for those who give their lives.

                 Memorial Day is supposed to be in rememberance of those who gafe their lives for our freedom. Every conflict we have been involved in, brave soldiers gave their lives to preserve our freedoms. But is a day enough? We reserve the right to debate and speak freely, but without these heroes putting themselves in harms way, we have none of these freedoms.

Through the Sequester we have taken away the military tuition assistance program. Instead of armoring our military vehicles the way we were supposed the Republican led House cut the budget and gave them cheaper protection. Our soldiers take the brunt of the action, then get treated like pariahs. It is a shame that these brave men and women are treated like this.

The back log at the VA ua particularly disturbing. The President, Republicans and Democrats all talk as if they will do something about it, but nothing gets done. Although on most issues the President has done pretty well by the military. Republicans and their austerity methods are hurting the military spouses and families. Soldiers families were losing their homes while overseas. He helped them, with the aid of Democrats in the House and Senate.

If anyone thinks that this is hiw these people should be treated, you are as mad as Rand Paul. These people do things most people are unwilling to do. For that they deserve better. A CEO at a multi-billion dollar company makes more than these heroes. They rob our country blind and put these soldiers families out of their homes. Our soldiers recieve a paycheck, a slap on the back and good luck with you and yours. If we do not eventually correct this we will not have a military worth joining. Please honor our soldiers and their sacrafices. Think of those whose mother and father didn’t come home and say a prayer or pour some beer on the ground in tribute. Without them you would not have your freedom to drink that beer. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.

The Sequester is affecting kids and seniors as well as air travelers.

                    The airline delays apparently take precedence over all else. The Sequester was causing delays at airports, causing flights to be canceled and making it inconvenient for travelers. We couldn’t come to an agreement on tie Sequester, Gun Control which 90% of people want and Equal Pay for Women. But we can fix the affect the Sequester has on airlines in about a week.

           What makes this a big issue, Congressman are constantly using airlines to travel back and forth. They need to get home and to the Capital quickly. So they moved money that was assigned for improvements and miscellaneous other things for airports to stop layoffs. So when there is a chance a Republican or Democrat will be affected by the Sequester they somehow find a way to work together

           It is odd that we will make it harder for seniors to eat and get help in certain programs, but our elected leaders cannot very inconvenienced. They will let Pre-K education be taken away from kids, we need it because our education system lags way behind worldwide. We will make it harder for children to succeed, but we can take care of our lawmakers inconvenience in about a week. WIC will be affected, school lunches, Title I education, jobs and Military Tuition Assistance are all affected by the Sequester. Republicans cannot work with Democrats to help fund these programs but in a week figure out a way to fix something that inconveniences them. Sick, disappointing, but I should have figured that.

                Remember Americans that the Republicans who obstructed every bill or funding that could have helped you, somehow found a way to make this work. We do not matter, Republicans ate trying to take our vote away, take away any chance at good health care and look at us like we are lazy. But if it inconveniences them they can fix it. What we need and want doesn’t matter. We will see some of you in 2014, some of you later. But you will be in the unemployment line because our voices will be heard.

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Sequestration results in suspension of Military Tuition Assistance program.

               Yet another casualty of the sequester. All but one branch of the mulitary, the Navy, has suspended the popular tuition assistance program. One of the biggest reasons people enlist is because of the education benefits. I thought Republicans said the sequester woukd not have any effect on us. Is that just another Republican lie?

                 The across the board cuts that have cost the military $46 billion is causing these cuts. The military comptroller recomended the TA be cut instead of something else. This suspension is for fiscal year 2013, which lasts until October. The suspension does not affect those currently enrolled in classes using previously aporoved tuition assistance. Each branch is responsible for funding and administering the TA programs.

              The program can only be used by active duty service members pursuing an educational goal. Member of the National Guard and reserve units can use the program while on active duty. The program pays up to $4,500 per year per student. In fiscal year 2012, in the Army alone, 201,000 soldiers took advantage of the Armys TA program. It provided $373 million, helping 2,831 soldiers earn their associates degree, 4,495 earned their bachelors degree and 1,946 earned their graduate degrees. This is obviously something that helps these soldiers when they re-enter the work force.

                  Now please remember that while President Obama and the Democrats worked to avoid this sequester. All the while Paul Ryan said these cuts were a good thing, John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted and Mitch Mcconnell said revenue was off the table. Republicans wanted these cuts, they got them. Now they are saying that they will look into this. Thank you Republicans for taking care of Americas true heros, the Military.

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