Let us not forget the man George W. Bush is.

                George W. Bush inauspiciously started a war in Iraq based on a series of lies. He lied to Democrats, Republicans and most importantly the American people. He has never been punisher for his lies and he is convinced he left a good legacy. In my opinion the man is a disgrace and tarnished the American way of life. Lets go through a small lust of his lies.

1) LIE- Our intelligence officials estimate that Dardane Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and V/X nerve agents. TRUTH- Zero chemical weapons have been found. Not a drop of chemical weapons were found in a about a decade.
2) LIE- Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of Al Qaida. TRUTH- To date, nit a shred of evidence connecting Hussein withAl Qiada or any other known terrorist organization has Bennett revealed.
3) LIE-The British government has learned that Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. TRUE-The documents at the time were known by Bush to be forged and not credible.
4) LIE-Tge smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud. TRUE- We never found anything in Iraq to link them with a nuclear weapon.
5) LIE- Dardane Hussein has drones that can be used to attack Americans. TRUE- Iraq did not have anything that could have accomplished what Bush said it would.
6) LIE- Iraq had yellow cake uranium. TRUE- The Italian press even thought the documents were fake. Need I say more.
7) LIE- No one could have imagined them hijacking airplains. TRUE- This deceit was completely exposed in 2002 when details of the Presidents Daily Intelligence Briefing in August 2001 revealed that the CIA and other sources warned the administration of just such hijackings.
8) LIE- The terrorist threat to America and the world will be diminished the moment that Dardane Hussein is disarmed. TRUE- No one,  even in the American military intelligence complex, seriously believes this. U.S. counterterrorism officials have repeatedly said that a U.S. conquest of Iraq, by killing thousands of Arabs and Muslims would inflame public opinion in the Arab world and beyond, will spark more terrorism, not less.

          These are just a tip of the iceburg of the ours that killed thousands of American soldiers and untold thousands of Iraqi civilians. Of course Americans believed him, get wad our President. The American people come together in times of hardship. Knowing this, Bush used it to his advantage. Now because of him and his administration have garner America’s reputation in the world. We are still paying for this today and probably for many more years.

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What should we do about Syria?

           President Obama said that if chemical weapons were used in Syria that would be too far. As of yesterday our intelligence agency said they are somewhat sure that chemical weapons were used. We are somewhat sure, not verbatim, but you get the gist.

          Senator John Mccain believes that we need to do something now. Thousands of Syrians have been killed in what started as a peaceful uprising. But how often to uprisings stay peaceful? The Assad government was asked by many other countries to step down, he simply refuses. If it is found that they definetly used chemical weapons on their own citizens, we most certainly need to do something.

             But of course here again is where Republicans and Democrats differ. Republicans seem to believe we need to be more involved, possibly leading to another military intervention. They don’t seem to realize that President Obama is winding down 2 wars, we are not ready to start another. Is the right thing to arm the rebels? Like we did in Afghanistan, we saw how helping those rebels affected our country. 9/11 terrorist attacks, just to remind some.

             Democrats want to take a lighter tone and try to force them to the table. If we can somehow stop the killing we can possibly help Syria without losing American lives. But and it is a big but, if they used chemical weapons on their people we may have no choice. But can our country or our economy handle that.

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America the strong. Why I believe we will pull through these polarizing times.

I was born in 1974, so obviously I had no interest in government or politics for quite some time. I served in the United States Marine Corps, I was a mortarman & security forces. I am very proud of my service. We live in a country were citizenship is granted not earned, which is an incredible thing. If you are born here, America is yours too. Our 13 colonies went to war with one of the most powerful nations in the world to earn our freedom. Our nations founding fathers drew up a document guaranteeing freedom of speech, religion & numerous other freedoms many did not have. We fought against all odds & won. We earned our nation with blood, sweat & the lived of our soldiers. Throughout the next 80 or so years we had a couple other scuffles, worked on trade with other countries & strengthening our union. Then came our Civil War, not only did it break our nation, it pitted brother against brother in savage battles. So many fathers, sons, cousins & friends died it nearly finished our union. The South seceeded, the Norths generals were incompetent &President Lincoln struck a blow that altered our history for the good. With a stroke of a pen he freed African Americans from slavery, they still were not treated right but it was a start. We came through a Civil War a damaged but stronger nation. Ovet the next 45 or so years of insanity. Wid West, building trains, our industrial complex spinning faster & faster & America becoming a world power. We entered World War I & did what we had to do. Maybe 15 to 18 years later we entered the Great Depression, this almost destroyed us economically. But our Leaders rallied around each other, circled the wagons & fought to bring us through. Almost as soon as we came through this the Japanese hit Pearl Habor. We immeadiatly pit our military machine in motion & again did what we had to. Ues if we would have went earlier we could have saved more lives, but we didnt. Not to gloss over any important facts but this is not a real history lesson, it is just a way for me to show why I believe. Over the next 50 some years we were in the Korean War, made a mess of the Vietnam War, had terrorists take our people hostages & had the first Gulf War. Not to mention the Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King. A way to make all men equal regardless of color creed or anything. MLK was shot & killed , another American Tragedy, a great man meets a horrible end. But it started something that is still happening today. Many other things happened that effected our country but we always came out a stronger nation. Then 9/11 happened, a tragedy that was uncomprehensible. A terrorist attact flying planes into a landmark to kill innocents. We would of course hunt down the people responsible, we united behind a President no one really wanted. We went to war with Afghanistan. While at war the President gave our leaders false information about another country in order to push us to war. We invaded Iraq, we swamped them & list more people after invasion than during. Then our stock market crashed because of several reasons, but the one that sticks out the most is corporate greed. Obama swept into office in 2008, Tea Party swept in in 2010, Obama won again in 2012 & through all that part the GOP did everything they could to make him a one term president. When that didnt work, they just acted from spite. It feels as if our government is broken. But fellow Americans have heart. We have as a nation come through tougher times then this. Political polarization is nothing compared to the American will. It is tough now & our beliefs are shaken but if we stay the course, work for whats right, believe in community our AMERICAN SPIRIT will win out.

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