3 teens kidnapped and held for 10 years finally escape.

             3 teens in Cleveland, Ohio were kidnapped about a decade ago. They were all kidnapped in the same neighborhood, from which they were all from. They were held by 3 brothers who were 51, 52 and 54. I am not going to name their names, victims or criminals. Victims because they have been through enough and criminals because they don’t deserve any more press.

               They were held in a house in a neighborhood where the houses were close together. Some neighbors were shocked and could not believe this. Others said they saw strange things and several even claimed to call the police. Saying that the police showed up, knocked on the door, shined their flashlight down the driveway and then left.

               These girls were held in seperate rooms, not seeing an adult for over a decade. There were slots in the door for the kidnappers to slide food into the captives. There were forced rapes, reportedly several miscarriages and even one child who was found by a local hero who broke them out of the house.

              Hopefully these poor girls have a chance at a meaningful life. I hope through counseling that they can get through this horrible time in their life. These sick individuals deserve to fry, apparently one is guilty of the kidnapping itself. But to hold these girls for this long had to be hard. It is a miracle that these girls were found, especially 10 years after being kidnapped. I am very happy for these families.

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