The Office Finale.

               9 years ago my wife told me this new show was coming on and it looked funny. So we watched it together and 9 years later we have just watched the final episode. At times the Office was one of the funniest shows I have ever watched and at others it did bring out emotions a comedy normally wouldn’t.

              The years it took Jim and Pam to get together. The friendship that blossomed into a loving marriage. Her time unhappily with Roy and Jim always there for his friend. To this past year when it looked like they would split because of Jim’s new job. Jim making the DVS for Pan and finally giving her the letter from the tea pot. Some people watched just for Jim and Pan.

            Michael Scott the quirky, lonely and inappropriate boss. It was devastating when he left the show. Creed the crazy old guy who no one really knew what he did. Stanley cheating on his wife with three different women. His total laziness and his routine that he hated when anyone interrupted. Ryan and Kelly and their crazy relationship. Breaking up, going back out, her lying and saying she was pregnant. Toby, poor Toby, hated by every boss and any women he got near. Kevin and his inability to count as an accountant. Also eating everything and being a complete goof. Motherly Phyllis with her goofy attitude and well timed one liners.

              Darryl moving from warehouse manager to an office manager, to Jim getting him a job with him. Meredith the drunk, who flashed everyone and seemed to have inappropriate relationship with whoever. Goofy Erin finally finding her parents and her father dancing just like her. Andy Bernard and his attempts at being famous. His all to famous temper, punching holes in the wall and him getting his job at Cornell. Plop and Dwight Jr. finding their way in the last years of the show.

               Of course Oscar and Angela finally getting along, even after sharing love for the same man. Who lover someone else. Dwight and Angela getting married after several tumultuous years. Dwight mercy killing Angela’s cat with antihistamines and putting it in the freezer. It was a nice ending and a good way to leave it off.

                My Thursday nights now have a hole to fill. No more Jim pulling pranks on Dwight. No more crazy from Dwight, I fondly remember concussion Dwight. Tie episode where Michael Scott burned his foot on the George Foreman grill. It ended in a good place. I am going to miss it, but Scranton carries on. I live 10 minutes from where it was based, I will miss all my Office friends.

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