I thought America was the melting pot.

      I find it odd that the melting pot that is America so easily judges different races or creeds. my ancestors could not have come here if people always thought this way. Most Americans wouldn’t be here if this was the policy of our nation. Most Americans are a motley mix of other creeds. my ancestors came from Sicily and Northern Ireland in the late 1800s. I would not be here if this perverse ideology were also accepted as a government policy. most of us would not. that is something we the people should keep in mind.

            Many conservatives went bonkers over the Coca-Cola commercial where different people were singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. isn’t that people showing how much they love America? What does it matter what language it is sung in, they are singing the song. Showing their love of America. Is that not a form of Patriotism, Nationalism? It is unacceptable because they sang it in a different language? I personally think that is an incredible show of respect< they learned the song to tell those that don’t speak English how much they love America. Never mind the fact that Coke did it for attention and not to promote diversity. Coke has been all over the media, people threatening to avoid all Coke products, to those supporting Coke. it was an excellent advertising campaign.

              How are conservative politicians finding the time to focus on this. According to conservatives the nation is a mess, the ACA is a disaster and President Obama is a lawless President. I am a liberal Democrat, but I do not follow President Obama blindly. why not question the Monsanto Protection Act, the TPP, the Keystone Pipeline, or even his support of fracking. enough time has been spent on the manufactured crises of Benghazi, the IRS, or any of these other bologna the GOP is focusing on. Where are our good paying jobs? What is your plan to replace the ACA? Not an outline, but a plan. Enough is enough.

          We are not, nor were we ever a perfect society. I would like to think historically we have learned from our mistakes. Being unable to embrace the diversity that is America sends a disturbing message. It says to me that only white English speaking people need apply, we are only accepting our own. I believe in legal immigration as much as President Reagan. I think in the past it was easier to become a citizen, the questions asked most naturalized Americans don’t know the answer to. We need to find a way to improve immigration and its enforcement. But deporting everyone does not seem like the answer. Hopefully we find a reasonable answer here. I would hate to see America take away the same chances my family had.

Happy 4th of July, Independence earned through blood.

               HAPPY 4th of JULY!! The day our fledgling country declared its Independence from a colonial power. The day our founding fathers said enough was enough. The day we said no more to an oppressive regime. The day the American experiment began. Of course all of the rights we have today were earned with the blood of brave Americans and over our many years as a country more blood has veen shed to spread these freedoms worldwide.

Our Freedom to scream at our leaders, protest, although that seems challenged at times, to write what we want, religious freedom, freedom from tyranny among many other freedoms started that day. Our right to elect our leaders and elect different ones when they don’t do the job all started that day. All these freedoms that other countries would put you in jail for, we have. No other country has anything like our 2nd Amendment, however misinterpreted it is. Our Bill of Rights guarentees our Freedoms as an addition to our Constitution.

Republicans show blatant disregard for our Constitution. Stomping on 1st Amendment rights, our voting rights, workers rights and women’s rights. The Voter I.D. Law, which was model legislation from ALEC which is in cohoots with the NRA, as well as these Anti-Abortion Laws Republicans are attempting to pass nationwide. The Republicans show disdain for the office of the President, because they don’t agree with President Obama. Democrats are not perfect, the Monsanto Protection Act, is a complete joke, but they do more for the people than the Republican party.

Gettysburg is celebrating yhe 150th anniversary of what is probably the most pivotal battle of the Civil War. 50,000 Americans were killed or injured during this battle. This was the beginning of freedom for African Americans. African Americans were only considered 3/5s of a person in the Constitution. Our Country is not and never will be perfect. But our syste m of government has worked for a long time. To let it be hijacked by lobbyist working for corporate interest makes everything these men and women sacraficed for a joke.

So today while celebrating our independence remember the blood that has been shed. Thank your neighbors son who serves in the Navy. Thank your good friend who serves in the Air Force. Thank the man in the wheel chair for his Army service in Iraq. Thank the Marine you know or see for putting their life between you and those who despise the freedoms we have. The Marines are special to me because I was there, so I personally thank all of you service members for what you do. We are celebrating our county’s independence, but it was won with the blood of soldiers like these. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!! Have a great day and don’t drink and drive. Be careful with those fireworks as well.

The OCA calls on Congress to reject the King Amendment.

               The Organic Consumers Association recently called on Congress to reject the King Amendment and any other amendments or riders to the 2013 Farm Bill that would take away states rights to enact laws requiring the labeling of foods containing GMO’s. The OCA also launched a national petition asking consumers to tell Congress that if they pass a Farm Bill with the King Amendment or other similar riders or amendments, their constituents will vote them out of office.

                The King Amendment,  inserted into the Farm Bill under the guise of protecting interstate commerce, passed out of the House Agriculture Committee on May 15. The Amendment was proposed by Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa) largely in response to a California law stating that by 2015, California would allow only eggs to be sold from hens housed in cages specified by California. Policy analysts emphasise that the amendment,  brutally and ambiguously written, could be used to prohibit or prevent any state GMO labeling or food safety laws.

           Sources in Washington, D.C., have told the OCA that even if the King Amendment doesn’t make it into the Senate version of the Farm Bill, Monsanto is lobbying its Congressional allies for other measures that would accomplish the preemption or nullification of any state GMO labeling law. Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) had admitted privately that they’ve lost the battle to stop GE food labeling at the state level. Now that states are moving aggressively on labeling laws, the GMA and Monsanto lobbying efforts have been stepped up. On May 14, Maine’s House Agricultural Committee passed a GMO labeling law. On May 10, Vermont passed a labeling bill 99-42, despite massive lobbying by Monsanto and threats to sue the state. Although Monsanto won a razor thin victory, 51%-49%, in a costly, hard fought California GMO labeling ballot initiative last November. BioTech and Big Food now realize that Washington State voters will likely pass I522, an upcoming ballot initiative to panel GMO foods on November 5.

                  Earlier this year Monsanto slipped its extremely unpopular “Monsanto Protection Act”, an act that gives BioTech immunity from Federal prosecution for planting illegally approved GE crops, into the 2013 Federal Appropriations Bill. During the June 2012 Farm Bill debate, 73 U.S. Senators voted against the right of states to pass mandatory GE food labelling laws. Embolden by these votes and now the House Agricultural Committee vote on the King Amendment, Monsanto has every reason to believe Congress would support a potential nullification of states rights to label.

             This goes beyond states rights. This is about human rights, we do have the right to know what we are eating. They label the calories, fat content, sodium and others on fast food labels, why would groceries very different. We should know if we are eating GE foods, we reserve the right to choose between that, non GE foods and Organic foods. Republicans and Democrats need to get their hands out if their pockets and allow the people the right to choose their food. President Obama should not sign any bill that outlaws the labelling of GE or any other foods. This is not about a gun, this is about the health of our people.

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The Monsanto Protection Act.

                The Monsanto Protection Act or HR 933 was signed into law about a week ago. It has many food, consumer advocates and organic farmers very upset because they believe HR933, is a give away to corporations under the cover of darkness. Here are some of the reasons people are upset about the bill.

            The Monsanto Protection Act effectively bans federal courts from being able to halt the sale of contreversial genetically modified (alarm GMO) or genetically engineered seeds (GE). No matter what health issues arise in the future the courts are now powerless. What is very upsetting is that there are not enough studies into potential health risks. Even when the studies are completed,  the courts have henna stripped of their power to do anything about it. The provisions langauge was apparently written with Monsanto. Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri, actually worker with Monsanto on a provision that in effect allows them to keep selling seeds, which will then be planted, even if they are found harmful to consumers.

                What is most disturbing is that it strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment. It is very dangerous because there will be no oversight into the planting or testing of genetically engineered seeds. It effectively strips consumers of any protection we might have. It also enables GMOs to evade any serious studies or regulatory reviews. Didn’t we try something like this with the banking industry. That worked really well.

               Monsanto is no stranger to our political or judicial system, especially when it comes to influencing it. 8 lawmakers own stock in Monsanto; Senator Lay Hagans ( D-NC), Representatives Dave Camp (R-MI), Joe Kennedy III (D-MA), Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Michael Mccaul (R-TX), Jim Rennaci (R-OH, Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Fred Upton (R-MI). Monsanto spent nearly $6 million in lobbying in 2012 and contributed about $500,000 to federal candidates in last election.

                  There is plenty of scientific evidence to recommend caution with respect to certain kinds of genetic modification, especially if the genes involved contain antibiotic resistance. Some studies depicting problems with GMOs have been called out by other scientists as flawed. But many doctors warn against GMO foods, saying the more if them we eat the greater potential harm to our health. I will tend to believe a doctor before a scientist who maybe being paid by the industry it is refuting the study on. This is very dangerous fir Americans because GMO foods are flooding the market and we do not know the health costs.

                    I am a strong President Obama supporter, but I think he dropped the ball on this one. Republicans don’t look out for the people and Democrats really messed up on this one. They robbed us of our protection. If something goes wrong with GMOs in the future, what are our options?

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