Is Fracking a necessary evil in Pennsylvania?

           Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the propagation of a fracture in a rock layer by pressurized fluids. Induced hydraulic fracturing, hydrofracturing, is a technique used to release petroleum, natural gas (including shale gas, tight gas & coal seam gas) or other substances for extraction. It is widely used in the midwest, as well as in the Marcellus Shale line on the east coast.

            There are more than 600 chemicals involved in natural gas production & they are often left unclassified by companies. Some of the chemicals found seem harmless, such as water, sand, salt & citric acid. But there others that are quite dangerous. BTEX compounds, benzene, toluene, xylene & ethylbenzene wich are found in gasoline & are known human carcinegines. Diesel fuel contains toxic constituents, including BTEX compounds. Lead which is listed as a hazardous air pollutant by the Clean Air Act & a contaminent in the Safe Drinking Water Act. Hydrogen flouride which is listed as an air pollutant in the Clean Air Act, as well as absorption of any kind of a substantial amount will cause death. Naphthalene which is listed as a hazardous air pollutant in the Clean Air Act. Sulfuric acid which is corrosive to all body tissue. Crystalline silica which is harmful if inhaled, as well as a known cancer causer. Formaldehyde which is another known human carcinegen.

           The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has taken quite a bit of criticism for providing what critics see as incomplete water quality test results to owners who are concerned about pollution from nearby fracking operations. The Pa. DEP has filed a claim air pollution has gone down because of fracking . Marcellus Drilling News recieved a copy of official numbers filed by the Pa DEP to the EPA. While aur pollution has gone down statewide, the numbers show that areas with alot of Marcellus Shale drilling  air pollution numbers have gone up.

              The Pa. DEP has blamed much of the water pollution on pre-existing conditions. Federal regulators generally do not get involved in state procedures. The Pa. DEP has recently been accused of purposely ignoring portions of its own drinking water testing results that may have demonstrated toxic metals linked with fracking. The DEP also prevented field officers from issueing contamination determination letters directly to residents, having all such letters sent to the head office in Harris burg first.

              While the midwest seems to have more occurrences of pollution of peoples drinking water than Pa., it shoukd also be said that they were fracking out there longer. There are instances of cancer, unexplained illnesses, higher than normal chemical levels in urine & tap water catching on fire. What has been noticed on the east coast is difficulty breathing when entering homes, there have also been legions found with little explanation for them. They have found Phenol levels as high as 34 in urine, where there should be none. But as of now the data is incoclusive for possible diseases or death in Pa.

            With alk this in mind pkease remember in 2010, there were 783 natural gas drilling companies in Pa. 80% of thosr companies paid ZERO taxes & others were allowed to claim under the much lower personal income tax. These natural gas drilling companies said they paid $1 billion in taxes, where in truth they paid less than $80 million. Our esteemed Govener Corbett recieved over $1 million sibce govener & ovet $300,000 while Attorney General.

           It seems to me money buys you freedom to poison people in Pa. Our government protection doesnt exist. Those near these drilling facilities should contact federal regulators & plead for help. Or possibly ban together & do so. Just another reason for Pa. to vote Corbett out. Lets get rid of this dirty man.

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