Why the War on Homosexuality and the insistence of forcing religion on the American people?

               Apparently Democrats are focusing their efforts on making Christmas illegal. According to Governor Rick Perry, Democrats want to make it ok for Homosexuals to serve in the military but won’t let kids say Merry Christmas. It is a sad day in America when people actually believe that.

                 Republicans like Perry, are on the constant attack of Homosexuality on the basis of religion. The First Amendment guards our religious freedom and prevents the government from making a state religion. Why the protection for the 2nd Amendment but the trampling of the 1st Amendment? We are not a theocracy, we are a Democracy. In case the Republicans and their supporters forgot. I have the right to worship the grass in my yard. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ON ME OR ANYONE ELSE.

The Republicans will not vev able to hide their feelings behind their anti-gay supporters. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 is coming up for vote. Republicans true feelings toward Homosexuality will be out in the open for all to see. This act protects gay employees for being fired for being gay. It means an employer can put up a sign in their window saying we will not hire gay people. It is currently legal under Federal Law. It protects sex, color, age and disabilities but not sexual orientation. It recently recieved its 50 sponsor, Harry Reid.

Marco Rubio said that if there is anything in the Immigration Reform Bill about Homosexual it will kill the bill. This is a bill he staked his whole future in politics on, his stance on Homosexuality is obvious. He said “If this bill has in it something that gives gay couples immigration rights and so forth it kills the bill. I’m gone, I’m off it and I’ve said that repeatedly and I don’t think that’s going to happen and it shouldn’t happen.” Tell us how you really feel Senator Rubio.

Governor Perry signed a bill making it legal to say Merry Christmas. He is also for teaching Creationism, prayer in school and making Abortion illegal. While spending his time on these important issues this good Christian is denying poor children Health Care because of his dislike of President Obama. I hope you are saying a prayer in every religion before you start school; because if you do not, Texas will be facing several Civil Suits.

President Obama’s first hundred days of second term.

               President Obama’s first 100 days in office during this term has been pretty full. His attempts to get gun control passed, only to be halted by the obstructionist Republicans. He came out in support of gay marriage, VAWA, attempting to raise the minimum wage and eaqual pay for women. Every step has been met with Republican resistance.

               The Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill was a bipartisan piece of legislation that was decimated by Republicans and a handful of Democrats. Senator Harry Reid dropper the ball on filibuster reform. Tie filibuster has been a thorn in President Obamas side for 4 years and 100 days. It is near impossible to pass a bill when you need 60 votes just to talk about it.

                VAWA was a big issue that Republicans voted against, then said that they voted for it. He starts making a budget and the Republicans object to it before they know whats in it. They stick with Paul Ryans joke budget, that is filled with fake math.

           We had the Boston Marathon bombing, the first terrorist attack on the U.S. under his watch. They were picked up within 5 days and authorities just arrested 3 more people in connection to that. Although they are not arrested for taking part, bit for removing items from the Dzhokhar’s room.

           I think the biggest problem is the Sequester. President Obama told the Republicans it would have negative affects on the economy, jobs and the American people. They can’t agree with Democrats on anything but get a bill done to halt airport delays in less than 2 weeks. President Obama should find other ways to inconvenience conservatives to get more things done. The Republicans subscribe to austery all of a sudden, look at Europe to see how that works.

            It has been a tough first hundred days. But President Obama is a good man, as well as a good President. He will get these things done, or will just take time. He has tried to work with Republicans, they inherently refuse. There cannot be a one sided compromise. The next hundred days will he stronger and things will get done.


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Say no to the NRA.

                   As Connecticut pushes forward with a very progressive gun control agenda, the NRA again comes forward with more nonsense. The NRA is a gun lobbyist, they are there to help buy elected officials so gun manufacturers can get their agenda pushed through. The NRA only cares about the 2nd Amendment because it serves their needs.

             Again the NRA comes out in support of arming teachers, but are against universal background checks. So we want to put guns in the hands of teachers who already has the responsibility of teaching 35 or 40 students at a time. Do you honestly believe that is a wise idea? What if the teacher accidentily left it out? What if a kid gets their hands on it? Of they lock it in their desk, how will they get to it in time, while taking care of the kids?

                 This is not the answer. Flooding our streets with more guns, turning it into the wild west again. These are radical answers from a radical group that will make money from more guns getting sold. So do you think this is a good answer? The answers should come from people who do not have anything gain from it. Conflict of interest anyone?

                As President Obama, Harry Reissue and Democrats try to push forward with gun control, Republicans of course threaten to filibuster any kind of gun control bill. So again do Republicans have the peoples interest in mind? If the NRA is allowed to win this battle it will set a very disturbing precedent.  It will say that money means more than 20 dead children, it means more than your kid or mine. That is unacceptable.

          The NRA needs to learn their place. Republicans need to realize the people will remove them from office if they do not work for us. In 2014 we need to show them that gerrymandering, voter suppression, lobbying or whatever they throw at us, IT DOES NOT MATTER. We will keep removing people from office until they work for us.

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What I have learned from blogging.

               The research I have done for my blog so far has suprised me, enraged me, saddenned me, in some instances enriched me and certainly strengthened my core values. I am an even prouder and stronger supporter of liberal ideas than before. I was and still am a proud Obama supporter and I hope Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016.

               I have listened to conservatives and Republicans spout off about how they are the protectors of the Constitution. That they are our true fiscal watchdogs and they care about core American values. They are truly the mist guilty when it comes to violating the Constitution. They violate the 1st Amendment regularly but yet protect the 2nd Amendment like a rabid dog. They protect the wealthy at the expense of every other American. They in my opinion are even guilty of treason with their complete dissent with the President to make him a 1 term president. Well GOP you failed.

              I have also been disappointed in the Democrats. They in many cases lack a backbone and let the Tea Party off the hook with their craziness. I think Harry Reid should have stood stronger on the Filibuster Reform instead of worrying about keeping his seat. I think Elizabeth Warren and Patty Murray have exceptional careers ahead of them. I believe they will work for us and continue to lower our National Debt responsibly.

              I am genuinely glad I started doing this. I realize that I am biased towards the liberal point of view, but if they are wrong they are wrong. I encourage open debate and will engage in it through conversation. I want to thank anyone who has read, liked, commented on or even hated my posts. I will continue to write and improve.

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When I hear you speak…….

             When I hear President Obama speak I listen. I believe he cares and will try to do the right things for this country. I hear compassion and truth. I hear a man I believe in.

             When I hear Vice President Joe Biden speak I am intrigued. Joe Biden is a regular guy from Scranton, 15 minutes from where I live. I hear a man who tells it like it is and people call them gaffes. I want to hear the truth and he gives it to us. I hear a man who gets the job done and whose critics listen to him. I am glad he is V.P.

             When I hear Hillary Clinton speak I hear out next president. I hear a strong , confident woman who has made it with her wit and intellegence. I hear a woman who has and will do the right things. I hear a woman who does not back down from a challenge.

             When I hear Harry Reid I get concerned. I do not hear confidence. I hear a man more worried about his seat than helping Americans. I am a strong Democrat but Harry Reid does not inspire confidence in me. I believe he backs off and gives Republicans alot of leeway.

              When I hear Mitch Mcconnell I want to cover my ears. I dont think he knows the truth about anything he says. I think he has been there too long and has lost sight of governments goal. I hear a jumble of words because he does not say anything worthwhile.

             When I hear Ted Cruz I hear a very passionate man. I also hear a man who lets passion get the best of facts. I hear a misplaced anger towards opposition party members. I hear a man who will destroy the poor and middle class to kerp the wealthy sitting pretty.

            When I hear Paul Ryan I cringe. I hear a petulant little man who is quite intellegent. To make a budget a fictional document takes alot of work. I hear a man who cannot accept the fact.he lost in the last election. I also hear a man who thinks the American people are stupid.

           When I hear John Boehner I cant wait to her his next lie. I hear a salesman trying to sell me used underwear. He doesnt even try that hard to sell it. He says his piece and is done. I hear a man desperate to keep his job.

           Last but not least, when I hear Glenn Beck I get angry. This man believes he is some sort of prophet sent by god to help us. He is so confident in his radical agenda it is scary. His listeners buy his nonsense like it is gold. He sells them on mumbo jumbo with no proof. He is not a profit, in fact he is a horrible person. He is so concerned about George Soros, you would swear he was crushing on him.

               If you read this let me know what you hear. Even if you think I am a loon, it would be appreciated. There are so many other people, I might make this a Sunday night thing. Every Sunday I will write When I hear you speak….. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you.

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