Todays Soccer Game.

           We are coming off a great game last weekend and another good week of practice. Coming into this game I was a little worried about a let down. I told them before the game. They weren’t really paying attention and the heat was pretty bad. I was confident we would win, but thought it would be a close game.

First quarter started off with the other team kicking. They moved the ball outside, beat one of our defenders and shot on our goal. The ball bounced hit our goalie’s hand and rolled in. She jammed her finger on the play. The next 5 minutes were a good back and forth. Up and back, our passing was good but the high grass was taking some steam off the ball. Finally about 9 minutes into the quarter our defender won the ball, started the attack and passed to our mid. Our mid put on a couple moves, drove from midfield to just inside the 18, took the shot. GOAL!!!!! We ended the first quarter tied at 1-1. We had 3 shots on goal to their 2.

Second quarter our passing started taking over. Out of 15 minutes we had the ball on their side for about 11 minutes. Anytime they broke out to our side our defense shut them right down and started the buildup. We had several opportunities, but were unable to capitalize. About 10 minutes in our mid crossed the ball, our forward botched the shot, passed back out to the other mid. Who hit the give and go back. GOAL!!!!!! The goal put us up 2-1. In the quarter we had 4 shots on goal to their 1.

Before the 3 quarter I gave one of our better players the bussiness for walking, she truly responded. When the quarter started the other team was playing us tough. Our ball movement and excellent cardio truly took over in this quarter. We were moving the ball well. Forcing the tempo. The girl I gave the business to got a nice chip; took it up the field, hit the forward who took the shot. It was stopped, but I told our girl to go to a spot, she stole the ball, drove towards the goal. GOAL!!!!!!! Now we are up 3-1. The other team was dragging out there, our girls kept the pressure on. We got a corner, it bounced off our forward to our mid, who took the shot, bounced off the goalie right back to her. GOAL!!!!!!! We were up 4-1. We took 5 shots on goal to their 1. They couldn’t run anymore.

To open up the 4 quarter we started with our normal lineup. We drove the ball up the field, passing was incredible, as was the patience. They worked up the outside hit our forward just inside the 18, she made one move. GOAL!!!!!!!! 5-1. We put our defenders on offense and offense on defense and the domination continued. We had 3 girls who never scored a goal score today. All off of nice passes by our defenders playing offense. We could have scored another 4 goals, but our kids kept trying to set up for the perfect shot. We won 8-1, we were not trying to run up the score, the other team didn’t have the energy to stop us. We had 6 shots on goal to their 0.

I told them the 2 things I liked the most were; we only gave up 4 shots on goal and the selfless play. Everything seems to be coming together and boy am I glad to see it. I am no longer stressing about if they will do what we show them. My biggest worry now is the size of their heads. I hope they remain humble. Myself and the other coaches try to teach them humility, any praise that comes our way, we immediately give to the kids. Hopefully they learn from that. Very pleased coach here.

Why has the Debt Ceiling become a political show?

             During Ronald Reagans time in office Congress voted to raise the Debt Ceiling 17 times. They raised it another 7 times under George W. Bush. The Republicans give President Obama a difficult time about, even at one point lowering the United States credit rating, just to make a point. Once again it is a point at the expense of the American public.

Contrary to Conservative news and radio show hosts and their audience, we are no longer in a debt crisis. Speaker of the House John Boehner and Republican wunderkind Paul Ryan both admitted that fact. As well as several other prominent Republicans. $2.5 trillion has been trimmed off the defecit over the next 10 years. That is a fact that is little known in Conservative circles. It is a combination of Medicare saving money, more tax revenue, cutting waste from programs, as well as cuts across the board, the Sequester.

The Debt Ceiling has never been taken hostage like this before. This is the first time in the last 75 years this has ever happened. In fact I believe this is the first time in history. This is unprecedented. It is a small minded attempt to force President Obama to capitulate to their demands. They are willing to again downgrade our credit rating to do this. This is verging on lunacy. This is not how to govern a country. Democracy is built on compromise. The Constitution was great men compromising. But these great men made slavery legal in our country. So all men are fallable.

Sadly this is just another dog and pony show to coddle their base. Democrats and President Obama have shown their willingness to compromise, Republicans will not because they are catering to a growing radical base. It is zealots whose understanding of the Constitution is limited who are forcing the polarization. The Representatives are fostering this hatred of people with different opinions.

The Debt Ceiling is raised to pay bills we have already incurred. Nothing else. Please do not be bamboozled by someone trying to forward their own agenda. The Conservative movement has turned a matter of practice into a personal attack on the President. When is enough, enough. Time enough has passed, get over your losses and govern our country properly.