Hobby Lobby, religous freedom or force fed religion.

      The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision was a big in a few ways. First it proved that Supreme Court Justices should not be a lifetime appointment. Second it showed how far our country has strayed from what we are. Third it showed a complete disdain for the protections the United States Constitution afforded us. It all showed the Conservative wing celebrating a “victory” over the common folks.

The First Amendment of the Constitution states; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excersize thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. What does this mean? Do we the people still have said protections?

Making no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free excersize thereof. That would mean that no religion shall be protected over the other by states or federal government. Basic, simplistic view. Everyone is free to practice any religion they would like. Republicans like to say that we are a Christian nation, which as stated violates the First Amendment of the Constitution. They say prayer should be allowed in school and creationism taught, not all but many. But the only prayer they want in school are Christian prayers, all others be damned. Christian right wingers believe abortion is a sin and contraceptives are abortion. That statement has been lambasted by anyone who is a doctor but a degree means nothing in that discussion.

Republicans claim they are the protectors of our Constitution and that liberal Democrats want to rip it to shreds. Anyone with half a brain can see the obvious, Republicans do not care about the Constitution. I realize i have gone off topic but this will come together, I hope. In Republican lead states across the nation our right to peacably assemble is being stomped upon. People arrested and disgraced by the GOP while a criminal like Cliven Bundy and his group of hooligans walj away scot free. Armed people stopping a government agency from enforcing the law, supported by Republicans. Freedom of Speech is stomped upon dailly and being able to redress Government is a joke. Republicans are trying to take away our government voice, the right to vote.

Now not only is a corporation regarded as a person, they also can force their religious beliefs on their employees. Before the ACA was put into effect, Hobby Lobby offered health insurance plans that had access to birth control. Not only that, but much of their inventory is bought from China. China is notorious for its abortion rate. I think with those two sentences I established Hobby Lobby’s hypocracy. Why did Hobby Lobby’s stance change? I dont have the answer but anyone who isnt blind realizes how much the Republican base hates President Obama. Is that the reason? Who knows? But why now? Why did the Supreme Court rule directly on party lines?

How does my employers religion effect my health care decisions? Is that religious freedom? For the employer, yes but where is ours. How does my employers religion outweigh mine? If this ruling is correct; then if i worked for a Muslim company I have to adhere to Shariha Law. Or a Satanist for instance. Or would my choices be mine then? I am paying for a portion of my health care, as well as visits, meds or anything else Dr. related. How can my employer come between myself and my doctor? These questions arent answered yet but I have a feeling this ruling will have unintended consequences. I do not think these justices had the foresight to see what would be around the corner.

Whatever your opinion of religion is, you are entitled to it except when it comes to your employer. This is a idiotic interpretation of our Constitution. Ee have seen some awful rulings coming from this Supreme Court. Please remember you are free to practice your religion but your employers is more important.

Pennsylvania Voter I.D. Law is going on trial.

                  Pennsylvania’s long side lined Voter I.D. Law is going to court to determine its Constitutionality. Critics who say the Law violates voters’ rights convinced a Judge to bar enforcement during the 2012 election. The Law requires voters to show a photo I.D., which if is paid for becomes a voter toll. The Judge issued temporary orders based on a narrower context. The trial is set for July 15 in the Commonwealth Court to determine if the Law is Constitutionally legal.

It most certainly will take a long time for there to be an outcome. Lawyers in the case say Commonwealth Court Judges most likely wilk weigh in after the trial. Both sides expect the loser to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. If the state prevails voters in Pennsylvania will be forced to present a photo I.D. before casting a ballot. If the Law is overturned voters will see little change at the polls.

The Plaintiffs lawyers – the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, the ACLU of Pa., the Advancement Project and the Washington D.C. Law firm of Arnold and Porter- have asked the court to bar enforcement of the law until the case is fully resolved. The states legal team of includes lawyers from the Attorney General’s office, Governor Tom Corbett’s Office of General Counsel and the private law firm of Drinker, Biddle and Reath LLP.

The Law approved by Republicans who controlled the legislature and signed by a Republican governor has created quite an issue among voters and Democrats. Republicans in the State Legislature said that thus law wouod ensurs Republican victories in future elections. If the Voter Photo I.D. has to be paid for it violates the U.S. Constitution. You cannot make a citizen pay to vote and impede them from voting in any way.

Republicans realize they cannot win elections with theur current ideology and their obstructionist ways. They use gerrymandering, which is illegal, and Voter Restriction Laws to force their way into office. Rather than adjusting to what the People want they are trying to force their ideals down our throat. From Gun Control to Prayer in School they are misinterpreting and stomping all over the Constitution, with help from lobbyist and groups like ALEC. Voting to choose our leaders is the foundation of American Democracy, the Republican party doesn’t have a right to take that away because they don’t like President Obama. Put your ideology in line with the people and your chances of winning improve exponentially.

Why the War on Homosexuality and the insistence of forcing religion on the American people?

               Apparently Democrats are focusing their efforts on making Christmas illegal. According to Governor Rick Perry, Democrats want to make it ok for Homosexuals to serve in the military but won’t let kids say Merry Christmas. It is a sad day in America when people actually believe that.

                 Republicans like Perry, are on the constant attack of Homosexuality on the basis of religion. The First Amendment guards our religious freedom and prevents the government from making a state religion. Why the protection for the 2nd Amendment but the trampling of the 1st Amendment? We are not a theocracy, we are a Democracy. In case the Republicans and their supporters forgot. I have the right to worship the grass in my yard. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ON ME OR ANYONE ELSE.

The Republicans will not vev able to hide their feelings behind their anti-gay supporters. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 is coming up for vote. Republicans true feelings toward Homosexuality will be out in the open for all to see. This act protects gay employees for being fired for being gay. It means an employer can put up a sign in their window saying we will not hire gay people. It is currently legal under Federal Law. It protects sex, color, age and disabilities but not sexual orientation. It recently recieved its 50 sponsor, Harry Reid.

Marco Rubio said that if there is anything in the Immigration Reform Bill about Homosexual it will kill the bill. This is a bill he staked his whole future in politics on, his stance on Homosexuality is obvious. He said “If this bill has in it something that gives gay couples immigration rights and so forth it kills the bill. I’m gone, I’m off it and I’ve said that repeatedly and I don’t think that’s going to happen and it shouldn’t happen.” Tell us how you really feel Senator Rubio.

Governor Perry signed a bill making it legal to say Merry Christmas. He is also for teaching Creationism, prayer in school and making Abortion illegal. While spending his time on these important issues this good Christian is denying poor children Health Care because of his dislike of President Obama. I hope you are saying a prayer in every religion before you start school; because if you do not, Texas will be facing several Civil Suits.

Republican ideology us fundamentally flawed, elections are only proof I really need.

                 The Republican party is perplexed as to why they cannot win a Presidential election. After what George W. Bush did to our country, how fan you blame people for mistrusting your party. He lied us into a major war, didn’t pay the tab for both wars we were in and his economic policies decimated our country. Yet Republicans push the blame on President Obama and expect the country to forget what Bush and his cronies did.

               The Republican party now says they want to reach out to Latinos, yet one Republican lawmaker from Alaska called them “wetbacks” and the Heritage Foundation, a Republican thinktank, had a known racist assist in writing their immigration study. Of course you can’t forget Rush Limbaugh and the prophet Glenn Beck for their wonderful support of women.

              Instead of focusing on our economy and creating jobs, they are focused on Benghazi. Yes it was a tragedy, we already had hearings, figured out the problems and put things in place to hopefully prevent it from happening again. Remember there were 11 attacks on embassies/consulates during Bush’s tenure, with about 60 deaths and not one Republican called for a Congressional hearing.

         While Republicans are busy protecting our 2nd Amendment, they continuing stepping on our voting rights and our 1st Amendment rights. I guess the money the NRA gives them not only overpowers 90% of Americans, but also our Constitution. They force creationism and their religious beliefs on abortion on us. Abortion us legally protected by our Constitution, which also days Federal law is the law of the land. So why don’t states follow or.

          Democrats offer more stability and are there for all the people, not just 7% of them. Compromise is the true key to Democracy, when one side won’t compromise nothing will happen. So until Republicans realize it is not their way or the highway we can never move forward as a country.

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Creationism is a religous belief, therefore it should not be taught in public schools.

               Creationism is a RELIGOUS belief that life, the earth and the universe are the creation of a supernatural being. Young earth creationists believe this as well as the Old Testament literally describing 6 24 hour periods. Therefore they maintain that the universe, is more or less, 6,000-10,000 years old. They further maintain the speciacition occurred during this time as a result of extant genetic information and environmental pressures. Old Earth Creationists still maintain the universe, the earth and all living things were created by God, but that the universe is very old. Creationism is also the position held by some regarding the human soul. Where fraducianism says the soul is generated along with the body at procreation, creationism would teach that God creates the soul in the period of conception.

               In the U.S. there is a Constitutional division between church and state. This prevents the teaching of creation ideas in public school because creation ideas are based in religion. The Establisment Clause in the 1st Amendment prohibits the government from endorsing any particular religous belief. This prohibition ensures that our public schools remain places in which students of all faiths and even those who do not ascribe to religious beliefs, may learn in an atmosphere free from divisive theological debates and sectarianism. In disapproving prayer in school it maintains the fact that the government does not endorse one religion. In simpler terms it protects children from having religous dogma preached at them instead of math.

               The 1st Amendment states that in no uncertain terms that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free excersize there of. In a 1987 authoritative case over the teaching of origin in public schools science classes, where the U.S. Supreme Court majority stated that a legislature can pass an acceptable bill regarding theteaching of a science. If its purpose is to increase the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of science education and teaches scientific theories of origins. There is nothing scientific about creationism because it is a RELIGOUS BELIEF, therefore it forfeits any scientific method.

                This again is another battle of protecting our Constitutional rights. The Republican party wishes to force religion on you, there by violating the 1st Amendment, but then screams about violations of the 2nd Amendment. Again Democrats are on the right side of this constitutionally. Many people come to this country to flee religous persecution and to force a religion on a child is patently wrong. I am in no way attacking anyones religion, I am in favor of protecting my children from being forcefed yours. It is my Constitutional right.

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