Conservatives, their time is now.

          Conservatives control the House and the Senate. They have control of 70% of state governments. The 2014 election was a blowout. Republican candidates took over in almost every state or important seat in the country. Despite all of this, what will these Republicans do with it? The early indicators do not look good for the average American. It seems to be more of the same, the same policies that nearly destroyed our economy and put us into 2 endless wars. 94% of sitting politicians were reelected, despite a 9% approval rating. Voter apathy? No, plain dereliction of a citizens duty.

          John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress. Though not unconstitutional, it clearly is a shot at President Obama. President Obama is currently engaged in talks with several countries in attempt to disarm a nuclear Iran. This makes it appear that the United States is siding with Israel and puts all peace talks in jeopardy. It is a complete lack of knowledge on the part of a party dedicated  to destroying a Presidents legacy. Add in the fact that despite 8 investigations into Benghazi, which revealed no wrong doing by anyone on President Obama ‘s staff, Republicans want another investigation. They have wasted $60 million already. What’s a little more right? A lot when you look at the cuts they want to make.

                Republicans are going after the SNAP program, Social Security, unemployment and tax cuts for middle class. Mitch McConnell said any tax cuts for the middle class are off the table. Paul Ryan wants to gut Social Security, because they are all leeches scamming the system, despite him receiving it as a child. Raising the minimum wage is a non-starter for Republicans and they were already attempting to cut $58 billion from the SNAP program. All while trying to get more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. They want to cut education  funding and privatize it like our prison system. We saw how that worked right!  Is a myriad of policies that benefit their benefactors at the expense of the American people. Which battle should Democrats fight? I belive all of them.

             On the first day of the new Congress they proposed an Anti-abortion law, which was voted down, then proposed another. They proposed a bill to make this a Catholic nation, clearly unconstitutional , doesn’t matter to these clowns. Then they are trying to push through the Keystone Pipeline, calling it the Keystone Jobs Bill. They added in mountain  top removal, another mining technique that destroys the environment. The day they voted on the pipeline bill, we had the 4th pipeline explosion or break of the month. The Keystone Pipeline will create 35 permanent jobs, the oil will not come to America and it is some of the dirtiest stuff in the world. Sadly if you look at the contribution list for all politicians, all that voted for the bill received a fat stack of cash. The Koch Brothers have bought our Democracy.

              Citizens United needs to be overturned. 94% of the candidates who raised the most money won their race. Money should not equal power in our Republic. When the Disclosure Act was voted on, Republicans voted against  it unanimously. The Disclosure Act would allow us to see all money donated to every candidate. President Obama  proposed a one time 14% tax on American corporations hiding money overseas to pay for roads and bridges, Republicans are unanimously against it. I hope by now you can see the trend. Unfortunately these people are not working for us, they work for their sponsors. My grandparents wouldn’t recognize this country now.

              Republicans are firmly in control. It is on them, no more excuses. They can no longer hide from their policies. It is truly put up or shut up time. We all know trickle down economics doesn’t work, that Paul Ryans budget is a joke and that these Republicans had 4 years to create jobs, but only created chaos. It looks like that is not going to change. They don’t care because more then half of all Congressmen are millionaires now. Why would the middle class or poor matter to them? How do these people represent us when they do not understand how we live. We have allowed this to happen with our dereliction of duty. We must vote to keep them honest. We only have ourselves to blame.

May 18 soccer game.

         This week we played a travel team. It didnt bode well for us. We play maybe 6 months out of the year, not one kid on my team plays travel soccer. We knew they would have to dig deep and play near perfect. My girls are tough and pretty solid fundamentally. They play the game how it should be played.

I thought America was the melting pot.

      I find it odd that the melting pot that is America so easily judges different races or creeds. my ancestors could not have come here if people always thought this way. Most Americans wouldn’t be here if this was the policy of our nation. Most Americans are a motley mix of other creeds. my ancestors came from Sicily and Northern Ireland in the late 1800s. I would not be here if this perverse ideology were also accepted as a government policy. most of us would not. that is something we the people should keep in mind.

            Many conservatives went bonkers over the Coca-Cola commercial where different people were singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. isn’t that people showing how much they love America? What does it matter what language it is sung in, they are singing the song. Showing their love of America. Is that not a form of Patriotism, Nationalism? It is unacceptable because they sang it in a different language? I personally think that is an incredible show of respect< they learned the song to tell those that don’t speak English how much they love America. Never mind the fact that Coke did it for attention and not to promote diversity. Coke has been all over the media, people threatening to avoid all Coke products, to those supporting Coke. it was an excellent advertising campaign.

              How are conservative politicians finding the time to focus on this. According to conservatives the nation is a mess, the ACA is a disaster and President Obama is a lawless President. I am a liberal Democrat, but I do not follow President Obama blindly. why not question the Monsanto Protection Act, the TPP, the Keystone Pipeline, or even his support of fracking. enough time has been spent on the manufactured crises of Benghazi, the IRS, or any of these other bologna the GOP is focusing on. Where are our good paying jobs? What is your plan to replace the ACA? Not an outline, but a plan. Enough is enough.

          We are not, nor were we ever a perfect society. I would like to think historically we have learned from our mistakes. Being unable to embrace the diversity that is America sends a disturbing message. It says to me that only white English speaking people need apply, we are only accepting our own. I believe in legal immigration as much as President Reagan. I think in the past it was easier to become a citizen, the questions asked most naturalized Americans don’t know the answer to. We need to find a way to improve immigration and its enforcement. But deporting everyone does not seem like the answer. Hopefully we find a reasonable answer here. I would hate to see America take away the same chances my family had.