The Enfield Haunting, real or a hoax?

        In late August of 1977 Peggy Harper put 2 of her 4 children to bed. She was recently divorced and recently moved into her home. They lived in a semi-detatched 3 bedroom council house in Enfield, North London.

At about 11:00 2 of her children began screaming. When Peggy went into their room, they complained that their bed was jolting up and down. Of course she did not see anything and thought it was their imagination. Janet was 11 and Pete was 9. At 9:30 the next night, Janet and Pete began complaining about a shuffling sound. In fact they believed a chair was moving. When Peggy turned on the light she heard nothing. She told them it was their imagination. She turned off the light and heard the noise herself. She turned it back on, kids were in their bed and no furniture was moved. She shut the light off and heard it again. She said it sounded light someone shuffling in slippers.

The family then heard 4 knocks on the partition wall. A heavy chest moved 18 inches from the wall, Peggy thought that it was to heavy for the kids to move. She moved it back and it moved right back where it was. Peggy yelled for the kids to get out of bed and go downstairs. They saw the neighbors light on and ran next door. The neighbors searched the house abd garden, finding nothing. The knocking continued, so they called the police, who also witnessed the knocking.

The events continued. Plastic bricks and blocks began being flung around the house. When they were picked up they were very hot. They brought in a vicar and a medium, nothing helped. They called the press and the Daily Mirror sent a reporter and a photographer to the home. After seversl hours with no activity, they decided to leave. When leaving a disembodied voice said BYE-BYE. Then the blocks started flying again. One hit the photographer in the head. When developing the pictures, they found holes where the blocks were.

They told the Harpers to call the Society for Paranormal Research. Maurice Grosse from SPR arrived on September 5, and nothing happened for several days. Between 10:00 and 11:00 one night they heard a large crash from Janet’s room. They went into the room and found a chair had been thrown 4 feet across the room. Janet was asleep and saw nothing. After setting it back up, it happened again minutes later. Grosse had a marble thrown at him from an unseen hand, saw doors open and close by themselves and had a strange breeze from his feet to his head.

On September 10 the Harpers made the front page of the Daily Mirror and were the subject of a 2 1/2 hour Night Line special. They were also on a radio special.

The disturbances continued. Electrical malfunctions, an infrared T.V. would not work properly, tapes would not record, tapes would dematerialize, then reappear, cameras would be bent, melted tapes and of course the knocking continued. Furnture would slide across the floor and be flung diwn the steps. Puddles of water would appear, dresser drawers would pull out and slam, toys would fly across the room, fires would break out, curtains would blow in wind with the windows closed, several cases of human levitation, Janet was flung across the room, neighbors saw it through a window and a curtain trued choking one of the kids.

Soon Janet began speaking in a guttural male voice. She would be in a trance like state. The voice gave many identities, but Bill was a usual. He said he had died in the house. The Harpers had never heard of this. Psychiatrists came in to determine whether Janet was being mischievous or having issues. Grosse brought in speech pathologists to determine if it was Janet using her second set of vocal chords. They determined that she was, but that would have an effect on her normal voice, which it did not.

Mediums were brought in. Janet was sent to a mental hospital for testing. While there the head of psychiatry sent his assistant to the house to determine the problem. Grosse also determined there was an intellegence to activity. He would get answers to questions, 1 knock for no, 3 for yes. He asked how long ago the spirit died and recieved 53 knocks.

Not everyone was convinced this was real. They caught Janet bending spoons and an iron bar on camera. They also saw her jumping on the bed flapping her arms. Her uncle said she had learned to talk in a deep guttural voice. So of course the authenticity us questioned. But arent all hauntings authenticity questioned? This is why people never come forward.

After 2 years the events subsided. It is said that many believe it started as true phenomenon and became trickery. If you want to see the full story go to Thank you guys for posting this, as well as for helping the people you help.

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