Cowboys without Romo.

     I am a die hard Cowboys fan. I have loved this team through some lean times. I remember 1-15 and some heartbreaking playoff losses.  My favorite Cowboy ever was Tony Dorsett.  I was not a big Aikman fan nor any of the long line of Quarterbacks after him. I do not like Romo,  never have. That is not to say I do not think he is a good qb, he is.  I just don’t believe we can win the big one with him.

       Tony Romo offers intelligence,  accuracy,  a quick release and gets us into good plays. I don’t think he is a choke artist,  but he tries to do to much at times. He has excellent chemistry with Witten and Bryant.  The emergence of an excellent offensive line and running game last year made him a better qb. He can hit the big one and has carried a team that lacked a solid defense for a few years. We had a decent year or 2 but it has been a weakness. We need to get through the time he is hurt with a 6-4 record.

        Brandon Weeden is not a good qb. He has a good arm,  but not a good head.  It is going to be difficult to win with him. He is a dinker and dunker with zero confidence. He makes bone head plays and scares me every time he drops back to pass. We cannot win a game that the pressure is put on him.  We need a young qb to groom.

         As I am writing this Sean Lee left the game with a concussion. He is a great player but does not help us on the bench.  The Cowboys have to win with defense and running the ball. Pound the ball and play action shots down the field. They have to stop the run and get a pass rush. Help is coming.  Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory should be back for the Patriots game.  Rolando McClain should be back as well,  great for the overall defense. This is going to be a tough few weeks.

      Joseph Randle is going to get the chance to get the meat of the bone. Lance Dunbar needs to get the ball running more and Christine Michael needs to get on the field. Once the running game gets established it will open up longer passes.  Only if Weeden can be accurate enough. I am not confident in the team missing the players the Cowboys are.  They just need to hold it together. So do I.