Conservative or Crazy radio show hosts.

Today while running errands I decided to listen to talk radio. My mistake, it is something I regretted immeadiately. I caught about 5 minutes of Glenn Beck blathering on. It then slipped into Laura Ingram & I am sure the third head in this crazy assembly followed it up, Sean Hannity. They have to fire up the conservative base. Locally we do not have a pro-Democrat station. First I hear Beck rambling on about this great Pope. How he was a great leader of the church, a bright light in the Christain movement. These crazy sycophant actually believes God sent him here to fix America, that he is our great hope. Not only does he believe this but so do his loyal followers. I thought it was blasphemous to proclaim oneself a false idol or for that matter follow one . That is not very Christain of our Christain savior. Laura Ingram who I honestly believe is one of the most vile individuals alive. She is a bully behind a microphone. She does not care what she says, to who or who she hurts. If what this women said were true, thank god facts dispute about 90% of the insanity she says, we would be living in the Fourth Reich. She constantly says what an evil man President Obama is. How he is destroying America & treats anyone around him like trash. Seriously like,she would know, the administration avoids crazies like this. Then we have Glenn Becks man child Sean Hannity. He has eaten from the palms of our savior. He does not deal in facts, just lies layered upon lies. He was just called a hack the other day by a Congressional Democrat. If you disagree with him he attacks & does not let you speak. I get so angry about him I have to move on, my hand is shaking. There are other names Limbaugh & Oreilly but I just wanted to talk about these three nut jobs. The fact that Republican leaning voters listen to this nonsense really lowers my opinion of them. But then again the Republicans cant seem to do arithmetic. So not only are they the party of NO, but they are also the party of nonsense.

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How does the bullied kids parents deal with the problem?

              I have written several post about how my kids friends are being bullied by a girl. This post is going to focus on how the parents are trying to deal with it. Sad to say but I am glad it is not me. Put into the position some of these kids & parents are in, I dont think my reaction would be right. But this is about the parents dealing with it.

             This one child has been bullying the kids around her since third grade, it is documented. They used to have a bully box at the school & she was in there several times. At one point she was picking on my daughter because of her birthmark, she has a port wine stain on het cheek, & her friend who was born with a cleft pallet.(spelling is probably wrong, sorry) They both blew the girl off. Her attacks on other kids are escalating, she just pushed another girl into a wall the other day. Mind you there are only 50 kids in each grade,1-8, & 40 in kindergarden.

             My wife called the bullied girls mother yesterday to see if we could help at all. She was distraught, the day after her daughter was pushed into a wall, she was called into the office with girl. The Assistant Principal spoke to them about bullying. The bullys mother threatened to choke this kid, knick the living s&?y out of her, knocked her aroubd & said she was going to make this girls life a living hell. This is a 30 something year old women threatenin a 12 year old. Anyway the mother of the bullied child didnt know what to do, we told her to talk to the cops, just to get it on the record. All the threats were via text message. Also to talk to the Principal, go right past the other one.

            Another girl was approached at skating by the bullys mom, who told her not to avoid her daughter, what was wrong with her not hanging out with her kid. The girl was scared, the parents who are good people told their daughter to give the bully a chance. So she did, it lasted all of 1 week. The bully was of course picking on her. She told the bully that she didnt want to be friends because she was sick of being bullied. This girl was also in the office when the Assistant principal talk to them about bullying.

             The bully picks on another girl, always calling her fat, ugly,buck teeth & making fun of her because of early developement. This mother confronted the bullys mother who claimed not to have any knowledge of it. Her child denied everything while 5 or 6 other girls confirmed the bully picked on this kid. They were argueing for the better part of an hour, yet nothing changed.

           I wanted to speak to the school but my wife said I shouldnt because it is not my child. She of course is righg, but it doesnt change how I feel. I know we cant protect our kids forever, but we can now. I dont know what to tell these people to do, I just hope nothing bad happens.

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Failed Republican Policies

          I was curious about Republican policy, so I looked it up & it is very unnerving. So I decided to compile a small list of failed Republican policies.

1) Clear Skies Act- allowed for increased emissions into the air we breath.
2) Healthy Forest Initiative- allowed the logging industry to prevent forest fires, by cutting down more trees.
3) The Patriot Act- gave federal government right to read your email, snail mail, all without warrants. giving the government the right to check out what books you are checking out of library, to what books you bought from Amazon. they can view your medical records , listen to phone calls, inspect your credit card records to see what you buy.
4) Help America Vote Act of 2002- provided federal money to buy more paperess electronic voting machines from Diebold & ESS, & allowed further use of provisional ballots, which gives states more loopholes to not count these votes.
5) No Child Left Behind Act- universally regarded by educators as having left more children behinf than ever. Bush family & friends are not left behind in making profits from the Act.
6) Creation Act of 2002- many rich corporations were actually able to not only pay zero in taxes as a result of the Act, but they also recieved refund checks.
7) The Do Not Call Act of 2003- have telemarketers stopped calling you.
8) Bankruptcy Consumer Protection Act of 2005- made it almost impossible for consumers to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy & was clearly designed to protect banks not consumers.
9) Deficit Reduction Act of 2005- this obviously is a major flop.
10) Safe Port Act of 2005- would allow Arab countries to own our ports.
             Looking at these bills, you can see the epic failure to help American people. These were all designed to help businesses who lobbied for it. So if you stick a good amount into a Republicans pocket they might even start a forest fire for you.

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The insane world of high school sports fans.

         Recently I started going to our 2 local high school basketball teams games. It is playoff time so the games are really good. I go with my father in law who has always gone, he really enjoys high school basketball as well as our 2 local college teams. He doesnt watch TV at all so this has been his hobby for many years.

         Last week we went to a game between GAR & Dallas. It wasnt a close game GAR was really taking it to Dallas. But the lady sitting behind us was cursing at the refs, screaming at the top of her lungs, oblivious of anyone around her. Started screaming at GAR that they needed to learn how to play the game right, instead of playing schoolyard basketball. It was shocking, I couldnt believe this was coming from an old lady. In the middle of the third quarter she threw out a few more obscenities and left. She couldnt have left soon enough.

           I have gone to 4 games over the last 8 days, mey alot of older guys that love high school ball. Several guys who used to coach & a guy who played in the NFL. I do enjoy going, the games are pretty exciting.

        We went to a game tonight for our other local team, Meyers. They were playing Mid Valley, both teams had won more than 20 games. It was a great game, kid hit a 3 pointer with 3 seconds left to win it. The guy sitting next to me and about 10 other people who were parents of the Mid Valley kids. Every time Meyers touched the ball these people were screaming walk, travel, charge, kid wouldnt be moving & they would yell for a foul. Whe Mid Valley had the ball Meyers was hacking, reaching,pushing, this went on from the beginning of the game. This gaggle of nut jobs harassed the refs & the kids mercilessly.

            I really didnt have a dog in any of these races but these people were certifiable. These are high school kids, not college, not pro, they in most case are no older than 18. I understand people will cheer & jeer, just do it within reason.

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Gun Reform, what & why?

The Obama administration has a very simple plan for gun control. They want to push for tougher universal background checks, a limit on high capacity magazines & a ban on all assault rifles. It is a very contentious issue. The NRA & its cohorts on one side threatening to fight it to make sure none of it passes. Although at one point the NRA supported universal background checks. Universal Background checks is code for closing federal loopholes on such checks at gun shows & other private sales. The current laws require background checks for all people who try to buy guns from federally licensed dealers. But federal law does not require background checks for “private transactions” like sales at gun shows. The NRA president, David Keene, supports background checks to block people who may be mentally ill or potentially violent from buying guns. But the NRA Vice President, Wayne Lapierre, says that universal background checks will lead to a gun registry. He went on to say a gun registry, if another tragedy like Sandy Hook happened, will be used to confiscate your guns. The Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act will mirror a failed bill introduced during the 112th congress. The bill would limit magazines, belts, drums, feed strips & similar devices to 10 rounds of ammunition. It would allow people to hold on to the large capacity ammunition feeding devices that they currently own. But it will prohibit them from buying others or transferring the ones they own. The NRA & Republicans of course plan to fight this. The Assault Rifle Ban names more than 100 guns by name. It tightens the old assault weapons ban by limiting the number of military charactaristics on other semiautomatics to one. Background checks would include fingerprints & photos of everyone who owns a grandfathered assault rifle. The NRA uses the 2nd Amendment as reason for opposition. Approxamately 30,000 people die each year due to gun violence, including just over 2,400 since Sandy Hook. The FBI indicates that a violent crime happens every 25.3 seconds On average 214 people are denied guns each day because of being an ex-con, being committed to a mental hospital or are prohibited from owning a gun for some other reason. All these stats can be helped by strengthening gun laws. Republicans will try to take away Constitutional right to vote but Protect 2nd Amendment. It is obvious where the money is.

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Why are Republicans on the wrong side of American debates?

            I dont understand how a party can consistently be the opposition on issues that the American public wants resolved. If you look at the past year alone Republicans fight the people they should be governing. We do live in a Democracy, right? Someone did elect these people into office. If 70% of the people believe something should happen I think it shoud.

           Lets look at raising taxes. The Republican party, the majority, have signed a no raising tax pledge to Grover Norquist. So am I to assume that Grover Norquist outweighs the American public. As a member of government you arent governing 5% of the people, you are governing 100% of the people. A high majority of Americans believe taxes should be raised on wealthy, corporations, close corporate loopholes & even out the tax code. The Republican party disagrees.

           Gun Control, since Sandy Hook there have been about 2,400 gun deaths. Yet the Republican party does not want to do anything about it. Is it possible that the NRA are filling Republicans pockets? Not just possible, but proven. If over 80% of the country wants stronger gun laws why are we being refused.

         .  Voter laws, anything that makes it harder for a person to vote denies their Constitutional right to vote. The Republican party not only supports new Voter laws, but wrote them. They helped create Voter ID laws, which if you have to pay for ID is essentially a Voter PollTax, unconstitutional. They shortened early voting, making it harder for workers to vote, tried to take away overseas military mens right to vote. Right now today the Supreme Court is deciding the fate of the Voter Rights Act. Why attack voters?

              These three examples show that the Republican party not only disagrees but will also attack American citizens rights. They are obtuse & do not care about public outcry. They lie in order to blame the Democrat party for these problems. We are trying to spread Demicracy across the world, yet the Republican party is attempting to strip our citizens of rights.

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Republicans & their Sequester lies.

            Leading up to the Sequester cuts Congressional Republicans have ramped up their anti-Obama propaganda. They have blamed him for the Sequester, which over 170 Republicans voted for. They say the President hasnt given them a budget, he did & was shot down immeadiatly. But their lies about the Sequester run a bit deeper.

            John Boehner yesterday told Congress to get off its rear end & do something about Sequester. This is a cop out, the Republican party is being held hostage by the extremist in the Tea Party. At a Republican retreat Republicans took yet another pledge not to raise taxes. They refuse to speak of a balanced aporoach, saying Obama already recieved his tax increases. The Republicans do not mention that even with the fiscal cliff tax rate increases, there have been $2.50 in spending cuts for every $1.00 in revenue signed into law by President Obama.

          According to Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), “Tonight marks the third time this year that House Republicans have refused to take up a Democratic substitute to the Sequester. While failing to put forth their own alternative to the Sequester. With750,000 jobs at stake- not to mention hundreds of thousands of federal emloyees who will be furloughed- this is a total abdication of leadership from Speaker Boehner & his caucus.”

             Speaker Boehner maintains that house has acted, it is a lie. 2 bills that were passed by the 112th Congress died as soon as the 113th was sworn in. So each time Speaker Boehner mentions that the House voted, he is talking about last congress, he does not think House should have to vote a third time. If the bills expired they no longer exist, so Republicans using them as a symbol of action are mistaken.

             The House has to pass a Sequester vote, but Republicans are refusing to allow Van Hollens bill to come to the floor for a vote. Republicans insist these are modest cuts. These cuts only effect education, job training, unemployment, WIC, CHIP, FBI, border patrol & a plethora of other programs. The cuts mostly effect the poor & middle class as well as dusrupting our economic recovery. Republicans refuse to compromise on a balanced approach of higher revenue & tax cuts. Republicans have been getting spending cuts, maybe they should be even with a revenue incease.

          An odd little tidbit. In August,2011 Paul Ryan told Fox News that he & Congressional Republicans deserve credit for the Sequester. Paul Ryan has been quoted as saying the Sequester is President Obamas idea. Make a choice Mr. Ryan, is the Sequester yours or the Presidents. 

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The small voice of the Bullied.

            Tonight I spoke to the girls who was pushed into the door. Child is an A student, never had any documented issues at school. She is very well liked by teachers & students. Our family has known her since first grade & she has been to our houses quite a bit. She is a good friend to both of my daughters & generally does the right thing.

            I asked her tonight for the whole story, I will give you a summary. She has been dealing with this bully for some time. She tried to be nice to her, the girls mother & boyfriend were having problems so they asked the bullied girls mom if the bulky cam come there to avoid the problem. This went on for several months sometimes the mom wouldnt even call before she sent her down. The bullied girl tried to make the best of it, she would bring other kids over, but the bully woul get mad about it.

            As time went on the bully kept attempting to make it just the 2 of them. The bullied girl, who never liked the bully, didnt want to be around the bully. Her family was trying to do the right thing, but they felt like they were being taken advantage of. So the mother said the bully couldnt come over. Once the bully found out that the other girl was hanging out with other people she made her life a living hell. The bully verbally attacked the other girls, viciously attacked them on social media, this I saw.

             As the bully was doing this the other girls stopped interacting with her. They did this to avoid trouble, the bully told her mom who called the principal saying her kid was bullied. This bully has a documented history of bullying, but has always gotten away with it. Yesterday was the first physical attack that I know of. The bully pushed the bullied kid into the wall, knocking her to the ground. 2 children, the bullied girl & another went to the assistant principal who refused to believe them, until she saw the video.

              When telling me this story she broke down into tears three times. She said that she doesnt feel safe & she also doesnt want to go to the principals because they wont believe her. We gave her mom information that would force school to take action. But unfortunately the voice of another bullied child is being silenced by an adult.

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What about the American People?

            Over the last 12 years there has been a serious shift in how our electorate does for us. If you look at some of the policies that have been put in place & you will see they are designed to help a small portion of our people. The concern of our representatives should be about more than a very small percentage of Americans. Not to mention these policies added to our National Debt as well.

             Take the Bush tax cuts for instance, by 2010 they added $2.5 trillion to the National Debt. 75% of the benefits help only 0.5% of the population. While the wealthy are being helped, our middle class is being squeezed out. Bush gave tax cuts to Corporations that sent jobs overseas. They recieved money for getting rid of American jobs, which by the end of tge Bush era we were hemorrhaging jobs. Once again the middle class is losing out.

            The Bush administration removed many of the regulations on the banking industry & Wall St. Not to mention his push for lenders to give loans to anyone , job or not. All of these things contributed to the fall of our economic system. When the recession hit it almost crippled our countries. Middle class peoples 401ks were destroyed, while the people that crippled the market got huge bonuses. This caused a bit of class warfare that still is going on today.

                President Obama took office & the Republican party went NO crazy on us. Every option the president presented was shot down in an attempt to make him a 1 term president. Now that obviously didnt work but there spitefulness didnt stop. Refused to vote on a bill that would have created 1 million jobs. Held up his nominations, fighting him on gun control, the fiscal cliff & now the Sequester.

            The American people deserve better. We deserve a cohesive government, one that debates in order to work towards a solid resolution. Government, especially a democracy is all about compromise. The 97% has comoromised enough, we need the top 3% to do their Ametican duty & help.

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