Government shutdown, the Republican way of throwing a temper tantrum.

             The last time Republicans refused to negotiate on the debt ceiling our country had its credit rating downgraded. Why does a political party refuse to compromise?  President Obama has tried to work with Republicans since day one, despite Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders making him a one term president their number one priority. Obviously hurting the economy or making Americans suffer doesn’t get in the way of their attempts to accomplish this. They lost, President Obama is in his second term. What is different?

Republican demands are simple, get rid of the ACA and do things our way or we will shut the government. Many of these Republicans voted to expand the debt ceiling 7 times under George W Bush. The same Bush who oversaw the largest jump in the National debt, from a surplus to about 11 trillion. They voted for the Bush tax cuts, which added about 2 trillion to the debt and 2 unfunded wars. But when President Obama is in their they become fiscal hawks. Where were you when the train derailed?

So why are we here? Why is a government shutdown looming? Each continuing resolution the Republican led house has passed is attempting to defund or change the ACA. What Republicans won’t tell you us that the plan to repeal the tax on medical machines for hospitals or other offices, a 2.32% tax by the way, will cost the government about $28 billion. The President tried to get Republicans involved in the ACA process but they refused, saying they would stop it. They didn’t, it is the law of the land, found Constitutional by the Supreme Court. So are Democrats and President Obama wrong for not negotiating on the debt limit? NO!!! They already tried, Republicans didn’t want to.

The GOP is worried about their corporate sponsors, those that lobby and pay for their services. They do not work for the Democratic majority. Unfortunately this is the society Republicans want. They want the gap between rich and poor to continue and they want American people in debt. It is a version of a Feudal society. They do not believe in Democracy or the Constitution they state they protect. They are willing to hurt the country for a Corporate formed ideology, what is referred to as a ruling class.

On Friday I listened to Mitch McConnell and his cohorts speak after a vote. One was speaking about President Obama and Democrats need to adjust their energy policy. It came from a man who recieved $700,000 from Natural Gas and Oil companies since 2006. As well as a party that recieved over $23 million in donations from the Oil industry since 2007. They recieved 88% of all donations from the Oil industry in that time. So as they say the proof is in the pudding. Look at the numbers and think about why Republicans are willing to shutdown our government and risk our economy.

Does the Republican party really mean what they do?

             Many of the things the Republican party are currently doing are inherently unAmerican. The Constitution seems only to matter when it helps their corporate masters. The lobbyist, Koch Brothers, ALEC and the NRA are some very prominent puppet masters. The will of the majority has been pushed to the side. Do Republicans even realize what they are doing?

Take Gun Violence. Instead of pursuing a possible solution they spout out the rhetoric they are fed by their puppet masters. All the numbers shown by independent researchers directly contradict the numbers put forth by the NRA. The areas with the highest amount of guns tend to have a very high crime rate. About 5,000 people have been killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook, yet Republicans refuse to do anything about gun violence. The public wants action, yet Republicans stall and protect the money.

For 2 years Republicans complained about President Obama and Democrats not creating enough jobs, despite Republican efforts to thwart any type of job creation. They have held the House for 3 years, yet have not created any jobs. They denied the Obama Jobs Bill and the Veterans Jobs Bill, yet have passed 44 anti-abortion measures and another 90 religious bills. They say they want the corporate tax lowered, yet when President Obama offered it, they refused. They refuse to help the average American.

Republicans seem to enjoy holding Americans hostage with the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling enables us to pay the bills we have already incurred. They raised it 7 times for Bush 43 and another 7 or so for Reagan. This is the first time a President had to fight to raise the debt ceiling. The last time Republicans did this it resulted in a credit downgrade for the U.S. Are they truly willing to default on America’s bills to further their agenda?

Then we have the way Republicans talk about race. Anne Coulter referred to President Obama as ‘Putin’s Monkey” several times in an interview. Another Republican Senator called Latinos “wetbacks”. A Republican leader in Pennsylvania said the Voter I.D. laws were put in place to prevent minorities from voting. This is not what are forefathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution. It is not for our representatives to pick and choose from.

Do Republicans really expect to be taken seriously? They keep pushing the will of the people to the side for corporate interests and then try to tell us all the good they are doing. They are slimming their voting pool. Democrats already outnumber them, their actions are pushing more people away. They talk about a broken system, they broke it. They are also prospering because of it.

Why has the Debt Ceiling become a political show?

             During Ronald Reagans time in office Congress voted to raise the Debt Ceiling 17 times. They raised it another 7 times under George W. Bush. The Republicans give President Obama a difficult time about, even at one point lowering the United States credit rating, just to make a point. Once again it is a point at the expense of the American public.

Contrary to Conservative news and radio show hosts and their audience, we are no longer in a debt crisis. Speaker of the House John Boehner and Republican wunderkind Paul Ryan both admitted that fact. As well as several other prominent Republicans. $2.5 trillion has been trimmed off the defecit over the next 10 years. That is a fact that is little known in Conservative circles. It is a combination of Medicare saving money, more tax revenue, cutting waste from programs, as well as cuts across the board, the Sequester.

The Debt Ceiling has never been taken hostage like this before. This is the first time in the last 75 years this has ever happened. In fact I believe this is the first time in history. This is unprecedented. It is a small minded attempt to force President Obama to capitulate to their demands. They are willing to again downgrade our credit rating to do this. This is verging on lunacy. This is not how to govern a country. Democracy is built on compromise. The Constitution was great men compromising. But these great men made slavery legal in our country. So all men are fallable.

Sadly this is just another dog and pony show to coddle their base. Democrats and President Obama have shown their willingness to compromise, Republicans will not because they are catering to a growing radical base. It is zealots whose understanding of the Constitution is limited who are forcing the polarization. The Representatives are fostering this hatred of people with different opinions.

The Debt Ceiling is raised to pay bills we have already incurred. Nothing else. Please do not be bamboozled by someone trying to forward their own agenda. The Conservative movement has turned a matter of practice into a personal attack on the President. When is enough, enough. Time enough has passed, get over your losses and govern our country properly.

President Obama represented Hope and Change. What do Republicans represent?

               When President Obama took his first oath of office it was in front of more people than ever before. He ran on Hope and Change and he truly attempted to do it. He did get a lot done for Americans, although he ran into Republican obstruction at every step. His first 4 years were tumultuous,  mostly because of Republicans. Our economy was improving we were getting closer to getting out of 2 wars. He was getting things done.

         His second term started off with a very ambitious State of the Union. He wanted gun control, to strengthen the middle class, allow gay marriage, raise the federal minimum wage and equal pay for women to name a few. Republicans immediately came out attacking trying to prevent these things. They have won on a few, list on a few and looked like complete fools at other times. But President Obama is a persistent guy and will accomplish many of these things. Democrats will work together and further the Presidents domestic agenda. We will see social improvement.

              To show how limited Republicans are in their attacks, they have had one major attack since 7 weeks into President Obama’s first term. They wanted to impeach him 7 weeks into his first term. They wanted to impeach him because he was destroying the country, by using executive orders. They wanted to impeach him 9 months into first term starting an impeachment petition. They wanted to impeach him for immigration, his real birth certificate, over DOMA, over Fast and Furious, The Debt Ceiling, to obstruct him from pursuing his agenda, because Russian will declare war on us, if he doesn’t extend the Bush Tax Cuts and he should be impeached over Gun Control and also because he aided and abetted the Black Panther Party to further his fascist agenda.

               This is plain ridiculus, they lost the election and instead of standing with the President, they are searching for ways to get rid of him. If they compromised and met him halfway and country would be in a better position, economically and politically. But instead they incite hatred of a man who is attempting to help Americans.

                 The sad part is that our country suffers for thus shenanigans. We need leaders who are wiling to work together to further our American agenda. I am sure they truly care about something aside from themselves but Republicans are failing to show that. I am afraid that Republicans are going to damage our country beyond repair and Democrats will let it happen. But instead of despair I am hopeful because the American spirit and will will somehow overcome the nonsense and more leaders will make solid decisions.

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We are feeling the effects of the Sequester.

             We are feeling the rippling effects of the Sequsester. Republican lawmakers thought that the Sequester was a good idea to cut the deficit, the deficit that they worked very hard to create. John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted out of the Sequester deal. Paul Ryan believed it was a good idea to cut funding to kids and the elderly. But they would lead you to believe it us President Obamas fault. Yes he did suggest it, as a way to force both parties to the table. But over 170 Republicans voted in favor of it, they also decided that it needed to be put in place.

                Of course the Sequester does not affect lawmakers pay, they get paid even if the government shuts down. They are not concerned with the rest of us, remember we all just leech off the wealthy. In a backhanded attempt to get the Sequester in place and not have any military spending cuts, Paul Ryan presented his budget. Which eliminated military spending cuts and put the onus on President Obama to figure out which domestic programs to cut. He also repealed the ACA in that budget, but used the savings it created to help balance his budget. I don’t think that would work.

            Republicans said that we would not feel the affects of the Sequester. Of course that was another lie. The FAA must cut $637 million from its budget by September. All TSA workers are going to be furloughed for at least 11 days. It is already causing delays at airports. 90 ATF gun agents have been laid off in West Virginia because of the Sequester, with another 160 possible. Meals on Wheels funding has been cut, LIHEAP, which is heat assistance for the poor was cut, as well as Head Start. This are all necessary and important programs.

          Just to show how screwed up Republican priorities are. They were angry because the White House stopped tours, but ok when the military stopped their Tuition Assistance Program.Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party obviously are more concerned with stopping abortion, almost 40 bills proposed this year and with making sure the NRA gets their way. In the case of gun control the Republicans voted against 90% if Americans. 2014 is an election year, vote out Republicans and put in a Democrat who will work for the people.

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Congress is unhappy with Sequester. News Flash so are we.

              With a government shutdown pending, Democrats and Republicans alike are filing amendments to the Sequester, a hundred or so. The Sequester which was a fail safe to force both parties to the table has been embraced by Republicans. John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in the Sequester deal. Paul Ryan said the cuts that effected children and the elderly were good cuts. No more revenue is the rallying cry.

            In Paul Ryans budget proposal he got rid of the military cuts in the Sequester, which Ryan wanted, and in fact he adds $2 billion to the military spending. They are trying to get rid of military cuts because of the effect it has on military contractors, large contributors in many cases to Republican officials. Now what bugs me is that these people got what they were looking for and are now trying to weasel out of it. Ryans budget proposal gives another 12% tax break to the wealthiest Americans, while turning Medicare into a voucher system.

            Democrats tried to avoid the Sequester but their Republican counterparts thwarted all efforts. This is obviously a gross negligence on the part of the Republican party. Democrats propose a budget and now Republicans come out in defense of the middle class. The Sequester is effecting more than just the military but you wouldnt know it. When 2014 elections come around remember which party dod what.

             The Sequester was President Obamas brainchild, but 170 Republicans voted for it. Please remember when Mitch Mcconnell talks about job loss because of Democrat budget proposal, that he was all in favor of the Sequester. Which will end up costing us in the range of 750,000 jobs. You do the math.

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If we cant get past Sequester how will government pass the next test.

            With the Sequester here & slowly kicking in, we now must turn to our next big test. On March 27 if our government officials cant work together our government will SHUT DOWN. The money will run out, no one will get paid. This is the big one.

           The Sequester will be felt by people, regardless of what the GOP says. Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnel, Eric Cantor & John Boehner got what they wanted in Sequester. They want more spending cuts but refuse to give any more revenue. If we closed tax loopholes we would save almost $200 billion, that woukd cover the Sequester & more. That would seem a brighter course to balancing the budget & reducing debt. But it is not an option.

            President Obama cannot let the Reuplicans hold the American people hostage anymore. We need him to be a strong leader, as he has been since day one, & push these domestic terrorists into doing what is right for the PEOPLE. Our leaders should not work for a % of people because they give the most money. That is why a government shut down us looming. Please dont kick the can to June or August, do your jobs!

           In a Democratic government no one is going to get everything they want. This type of government thrives on compromise. Our country was built on progressive ideas, lets keep progressing.

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