Do Urban Legends and Local Stories contain a morsel of truth.

                 If you look around on the internet you will find thousands of local and urban legends. But do any of these stories contain even a morsel of truth? The majority seem to be just what they are, stories. Then you have a small percentage that could be true and a smaller percentage that is true. The nature of these stories is to scare people and in many cases it works.

Alien abduction is a source of consternation for me, why would so many people lie, but where is the tangible proof. I just recently looked into the story of Sheepsquatch. It is in the Appalachian mountain region. It has reportedly been seen by many people. It apparently is a huge sheeplike creature that walks on 2 feet and it can snap the neck of a German Shepherd. People say they hear growls and screams from the mountains in the area of Breckinridge,Ky. It has reportedly been seen by many people but again no tangible evidence has bee collected.

Another popular one is the Jersey Devil. The most prominent story of its creation is a freak of nature mated with a human and created this monster. A winged monster that is about the size of a large deer. The only evidence found here are blurry pictures and witness accounts. Not that I think these people are lying, but police say eyewitness reports are never very good. That bring said, you are already on a scary situation, anything is going to set your already on edge senses off. Is that the case, I don’t know, but where is the proof. Hundreds of people went looking and come back with nothing.

The Mothman, everytime he is seen a tragedy happens. He was seen before an important bridge collapsed and this happened on more than one occasion. The Grass Monster, supposedly 8 feet tall, 500 pounds. Only thing that has been found is a couple blurry pictures. The Tommyknockers in the old coal mines. A bit harder to prove, but they supposedly warn the miners of a possible cave in. In some cases miners have heard it and disappeared. A miner hears that, they leave.

Locally, one of our legends is called the Legend of Baby Road. Apparently a woman leaved out there with her child. One rainy night she heard her child crying, but it wasn’t from the child’s room. She looked out the window and the baby was outside. When she ran outside the rain coming down turned to blood and her child was gone. The women supposedly killed herself. The legend says that on rainy nights in the area of her home she appeara holding a baby and anyone that stops to help disappear, leaving their car right on the road. I have investigated this several times and the only thing I got was wet.

I am sure the majority of these people are telling the truth. What would lying get them? Tangible proof seems so difficult to come by and in many cases it doesn’t make sense. Big monsters in the woods and we cannot get a DNA sample. Maybe as more people investigate proof will come out. But until then Urban and Local legends will be looked upon as stories.

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