2014, a year closer to the end of America?

         The title may seem conspiracy like or even reactionary, but it is not far off base. If we honestly look at some of the things that transpired this year, you have to admit that this isn’t our parents America. The land we live in has fallen quite short of what I thought we were. But this is a disappointment I have gotten used to. Republican and Democrat blaming each other, while both are suckling Wall Streets teat. More insane nut bags threatening our “monkey” President Obama, because his skin color is bothering them. Conservatives pining for the time when white American men were the only people who mattered. Cops not just being bullies, but now shooting and killing unarmed black kids, then saying they felt threatened. Then trying to understand how an adult justifies shooting 12 times at someone running away, while my 10 year old daughter tells the grown up it is wrong. Cops using an illegal choke hold to kill a guy who was selling “loosey” cigarettes, only to hear more adults justify it. Then trying to explain to my 10 and 13 year old kids what is wrong with these people without calling them dumb. This list can go on and on. But seriously, what the hell is wrong with us?

            Everyone screams that things need to change, but when your voice is heard the majority sit home. The American society has failed. We are in general a weak and lazy group. Not all, as I said in general. To show our unhappiness we sit home, to show our social disobedience, we sit home. Sitting home and not participating seems to be the universal answer. America is the way it is because of US, WE THE PEOPLE CREATED THIS MESS. Our apathy has left a shell of a nation for my children. When we can change something, we do not because the devil we know is better then the devil we dont. Unfortunately we have left the fox in the henhouse, we stopped paying attention. Now everything seems corrupted, anyone with the tiniest bit of power has eaten the poison apple. Who cares, no one was watching them. Cops are beating black kids, don’t break the law. Killing black people, don’t break the law. But a black kills a white and all hell breaks loose. Politicians, even the ones where I live are under investigation for being corrupt.

           I love the freedoms I have but I have been negligent of my responsibilities as well. As a democracy, we are responsible for the actions of our representatives, we stopped telling them what to do because they quit doing it. If I stopped doing my job, I would get fired. CONGRESS SHOULD BE FIRED!!! 9% approval yet 94% reelected, what is wrong there. This apathy goes right into how people think. It is easy to hate and be bigoted, doesn’t take any thought. Simple minded people hate people based on color and creed. Stupid and loud people hold a lot of power in this country. How did we allow this? Money is some cases, because in some warped world money means intellegence. Laziness in others, why debate a dumb person, they will never change. We all seem to listen to the loudest speaker, typically the most ignorant person in the room. So this because our education system failed us or just because we lost faith in everything?

             I don’t have any answers. I can’t tell you what is right or wrong. I can tell you that my convictions are changing. I have always been a very liberal Democrat. The liberal part has grown stronger, I believe we need to help one another, foster a sense of community and continue to help the weakest among us to rise above where they are. We are a wealthy country who needs to commit resources to our infrastructure, education, homelessness and better health care, as well as mental health. We need to reel in the police, educate, better training and better mental health screening, as well as holding them accountable for their actions. The same needs to be done with our leaders on all kevels, state, local and federal. As well as TV and radio personalities who spread vitriol and lies. Time for all to be held accountable for their actions. That is a start. To improve our government, term limits for House, Senate and Supreme Court Justices. Time to remove money from politics and deny personhood of corporations. Even the playing field, end lobbying. The Democrat part has been called into question. I agree with them more, but they are also guilty of putting money before the people.

         In general 2014 was another year we failed our children. I will not anymore, my children will see that I believe it is time to stand. There is a movement in this country, it has been building slowly but it is building. I think it will reach a crescendo soon and we will see massive change. It is a dangerous and beautiful time to be alive. We will take our country back. We need to reverse the trend and improve in all aspects. If not America Jay be doomed to fail. Happy New Year! HAPPY NEW AMERICA!!!!

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

       This is a ridiculous story, but it really got my goat. I had an experience recently that really made me angry. I do not agree with conservatives but most that I have met practice most of what they preach. Recently I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of an anarchist. I thought that these would be interesting conversations, so I started debating him.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I believe strongly in my but do listen with an open mind. I am not going to try to convince someone to believe in what I do, but I will present facts telling someone where the holes lie in theirs. I do not claim to know all or even most but I do try to gain as much knowledge as I can. Just like anyone else there will be inconsistencies in my beliefs and they will evolve. I may not agree with every piece of liberal agenda but I do identify strongly with liberalism.

That being said, I started talking with this anarchist. I would post something, he would tell me where I was wrong and the debate was on. I told him that anarchism is a theory, it has never proven to work or bring peace. In fact it is usual used in conjunction with a chaotic situation. The more I discussed different topics with this guy, the more it seemed like he was a libertarian. There are holes in all theories of government or unconventional living. I decided to do some research on this fellow.

It turns out he held a elected public office and was in the military. In fact he worked on Rand Paul’s campaign to become president. An anarchist in elected government post? In the military serving the government he hates? This truly pissed me off. He tried berating my beliefs daily and had the audacity to call me a HYPOCRITE! So when I asked this pretender about it, he of course had a long story for it. In fact he said he didnt do any of the duties of that office. I asked why he didnt just step down and I was blocked.

Nevertheless, 3 days later and I am still bothered by this. This is what we deal with in politics daily. This clown was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A hidden Republican trying to turn people against voting. Working to undermine our Democratic right. I hate liars, just like anyone else. Anarchism seems to me to be similar to Libertarianism or Individualism. I recently purchased Socialism vs Anarchism. So as I find my way through that book I will put my opinion here for others to tear apart. Thanks.