Congress is unhappy with Sequester. News Flash so are we.

              With a government shutdown pending, Democrats and Republicans alike are filing amendments to the Sequester, a hundred or so. The Sequester which was a fail safe to force both parties to the table has been embraced by Republicans. John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in the Sequester deal. Paul Ryan said the cuts that effected children and the elderly were good cuts. No more revenue is the rallying cry.

            In Paul Ryans budget proposal he got rid of the military cuts in the Sequester, which Ryan wanted, and in fact he adds $2 billion to the military spending. They are trying to get rid of military cuts because of the effect it has on military contractors, large contributors in many cases to Republican officials. Now what bugs me is that these people got what they were looking for and are now trying to weasel out of it. Ryans budget proposal gives another 12% tax break to the wealthiest Americans, while turning Medicare into a voucher system.

            Democrats tried to avoid the Sequester but their Republican counterparts thwarted all efforts. This is obviously a gross negligence on the part of the Republican party. Democrats propose a budget and now Republicans come out in defense of the middle class. The Sequester is effecting more than just the military but you wouldnt know it. When 2014 elections come around remember which party dod what.

             The Sequester was President Obamas brainchild, but 170 Republicans voted for it. Please remember when Mitch Mcconnell talks about job loss because of Democrat budget proposal, that he was all in favor of the Sequester. Which will end up costing us in the range of 750,000 jobs. You do the math.

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