When I hear you speak…….

             When I hear President Obama speak I listen. I believe he cares and will try to do the right things for this country. I hear compassion and truth. I hear a man I believe in.

             When I hear Vice President Joe Biden speak I am intrigued. Joe Biden is a regular guy from Scranton, 15 minutes from where I live. I hear a man who tells it like it is and people call them gaffes. I want to hear the truth and he gives it to us. I hear a man who gets the job done and whose critics listen to him. I am glad he is V.P.

             When I hear Hillary Clinton speak I hear out next president. I hear a strong , confident woman who has made it with her wit and intellegence. I hear a woman who has and will do the right things. I hear a woman who does not back down from a challenge.

             When I hear Harry Reid I get concerned. I do not hear confidence. I hear a man more worried about his seat than helping Americans. I am a strong Democrat but Harry Reid does not inspire confidence in me. I believe he backs off and gives Republicans alot of leeway.

              When I hear Mitch Mcconnell I want to cover my ears. I dont think he knows the truth about anything he says. I think he has been there too long and has lost sight of governments goal. I hear a jumble of words because he does not say anything worthwhile.

             When I hear Ted Cruz I hear a very passionate man. I also hear a man who lets passion get the best of facts. I hear a misplaced anger towards opposition party members. I hear a man who will destroy the poor and middle class to kerp the wealthy sitting pretty.

            When I hear Paul Ryan I cringe. I hear a petulant little man who is quite intellegent. To make a budget a fictional document takes alot of work. I hear a man who cannot accept the fact.he lost in the last election. I also hear a man who thinks the American people are stupid.

           When I hear John Boehner I cant wait to her his next lie. I hear a salesman trying to sell me used underwear. He doesnt even try that hard to sell it. He says his piece and is done. I hear a man desperate to keep his job.

           Last but not least, when I hear Glenn Beck I get angry. This man believes he is some sort of prophet sent by god to help us. He is so confident in his radical agenda it is scary. His listeners buy his nonsense like it is gold. He sells them on mumbo jumbo with no proof. He is not a profit, in fact he is a horrible person. He is so concerned about George Soros, you would swear he was crushing on him.

               If you read this let me know what you hear. Even if you think I am a loon, it would be appreciated. There are so many other people, I might make this a Sunday night thing. Every Sunday I will write When I hear you speak….. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you.

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