Sequestration results in suspension of Military Tuition Assistance program.

               Yet another casualty of the sequester. All but one branch of the mulitary, the Navy, has suspended the popular tuition assistance program. One of the biggest reasons people enlist is because of the education benefits. I thought Republicans said the sequester woukd not have any effect on us. Is that just another Republican lie?

                 The across the board cuts that have cost the military $46 billion is causing these cuts. The military comptroller recomended the TA be cut instead of something else. This suspension is for fiscal year 2013, which lasts until October. The suspension does not affect those currently enrolled in classes using previously aporoved tuition assistance. Each branch is responsible for funding and administering the TA programs.

              The program can only be used by active duty service members pursuing an educational goal. Member of the National Guard and reserve units can use the program while on active duty. The program pays up to $4,500 per year per student. In fiscal year 2012, in the Army alone, 201,000 soldiers took advantage of the Armys TA program. It provided $373 million, helping 2,831 soldiers earn their associates degree, 4,495 earned their bachelors degree and 1,946 earned their graduate degrees. This is obviously something that helps these soldiers when they re-enter the work force.

                  Now please remember that while President Obama and the Democrats worked to avoid this sequester. All the while Paul Ryan said these cuts were a good thing, John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted and Mitch Mcconnell said revenue was off the table. Republicans wanted these cuts, they got them. Now they are saying that they will look into this. Thank you Republicans for taking care of Americas true heros, the Military.

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