If we cant get past Sequester how will government pass the next test.

            With the Sequester here & slowly kicking in, we now must turn to our next big test. On March 27 if our government officials cant work together our government will SHUT DOWN. The money will run out, no one will get paid. This is the big one.

           The Sequester will be felt by people, regardless of what the GOP says. Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnel, Eric Cantor & John Boehner got what they wanted in Sequester. They want more spending cuts but refuse to give any more revenue. If we closed tax loopholes we would save almost $200 billion, that woukd cover the Sequester & more. That would seem a brighter course to balancing the budget & reducing debt. But it is not an option.

            President Obama cannot let the Reuplicans hold the American people hostage anymore. We need him to be a strong leader, as he has been since day one, & push these domestic terrorists into doing what is right for the PEOPLE. Our leaders should not work for a % of people because they give the most money. That is why a government shut down us looming. Please dont kick the can to June or August, do your jobs!

           In a Democratic government no one is going to get everything they want. This type of government thrives on compromise. Our country was built on progressive ideas, lets keep progressing.

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