We are feeling the effects of the Sequester.

             We are feeling the rippling effects of the Sequsester. Republican lawmakers thought that the Sequester was a good idea to cut the deficit, the deficit that they worked very hard to create. John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted out of the Sequester deal. Paul Ryan believed it was a good idea to cut funding to kids and the elderly. But they would lead you to believe it us President Obamas fault. Yes he did suggest it, as a way to force both parties to the table. But over 170 Republicans voted in favor of it, they also decided that it needed to be put in place.

                Of course the Sequester does not affect lawmakers pay, they get paid even if the government shuts down. They are not concerned with the rest of us, remember we all just leech off the wealthy. In a backhanded attempt to get the Sequester in place and not have any military spending cuts, Paul Ryan presented his budget. Which eliminated military spending cuts and put the onus on President Obama to figure out which domestic programs to cut. He also repealed the ACA in that budget, but used the savings it created to help balance his budget. I don’t think that would work.

            Republicans said that we would not feel the affects of the Sequester. Of course that was another lie. The FAA must cut $637 million from its budget by September. All TSA workers are going to be furloughed for at least 11 days. It is already causing delays at airports. 90 ATF gun agents have been laid off in West Virginia because of the Sequester, with another 160 possible. Meals on Wheels funding has been cut, LIHEAP, which is heat assistance for the poor was cut, as well as Head Start. This are all necessary and important programs.

          Just to show how screwed up Republican priorities are. They were angry because the White House stopped tours, but ok when the military stopped their Tuition Assistance Program.Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party obviously are more concerned with stopping abortion, almost 40 bills proposed this year and with making sure the NRA gets their way. In the case of gun control the Republicans voted against 90% if Americans. 2014 is an election year, vote out Republicans and put in a Democrat who will work for the people.

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