I thought America was the melting pot.

      I find it odd that the melting pot that is America so easily judges different races or creeds. my ancestors could not have come here if people always thought this way. Most Americans wouldn’t be here if this was the policy of our nation. Most Americans are a motley mix of other creeds. my ancestors came from Sicily and Northern Ireland in the late 1800s. I would not be here if this perverse ideology were also accepted as a government policy. most of us would not. that is something we the people should keep in mind.

            Many conservatives went bonkers over the Coca-Cola commercial where different people were singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. isn’t that people showing how much they love America? What does it matter what language it is sung in, they are singing the song. Showing their love of America. Is that not a form of Patriotism, Nationalism? It is unacceptable because they sang it in a different language? I personally think that is an incredible show of respect< they learned the song to tell those that don’t speak English how much they love America. Never mind the fact that Coke did it for attention and not to promote diversity. Coke has been all over the media, people threatening to avoid all Coke products, to those supporting Coke. it was an excellent advertising campaign.

              How are conservative politicians finding the time to focus on this. According to conservatives the nation is a mess, the ACA is a disaster and President Obama is a lawless President. I am a liberal Democrat, but I do not follow President Obama blindly. why not question the Monsanto Protection Act, the TPP, the Keystone Pipeline, or even his support of fracking. enough time has been spent on the manufactured crises of Benghazi, the IRS, or any of these other bologna the GOP is focusing on. Where are our good paying jobs? What is your plan to replace the ACA? Not an outline, but a plan. Enough is enough.

          We are not, nor were we ever a perfect society. I would like to think historically we have learned from our mistakes. Being unable to embrace the diversity that is America sends a disturbing message. It says to me that only white English speaking people need apply, we are only accepting our own. I believe in legal immigration as much as President Reagan. I think in the past it was easier to become a citizen, the questions asked most naturalized Americans don’t know the answer to. We need to find a way to improve immigration and its enforcement. But deporting everyone does not seem like the answer. Hopefully we find a reasonable answer here. I would hate to see America take away the same chances my family had.

2 thoughts on “I thought America was the melting pot.

  1. America is not the Melting Pot New York’s Term was The Melting Pot along with the Big Apple were you all Taught in some foreign school every Neighborhood that has white people in it doesn’t need a massive mix of people in it why does everybody think this is OK to do to people? since 911 everybody thinks New York is America we had a few different people in our neighborhoods which wasn’t a problem until you forced us all to mix with dung African & Arab crap on the planet this Multicultural Homosexual brainwashing Anti-White Anti-opposite sex age discrimination worship has to go but it wont unless you actually are a real American ohh and im a Mega Liberal for freedom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EjinFxfl2c

    1. America is the melting pot. There are people of all nationalities in every state, not just New York. You perpetuate a hate that has existed for centuries. What is wrong with embracing a multicultural society? You obviously have issues that do not have to do with anyone else. You hate Arabs, blacks, gays. Who else? My ancestors came here from Ireland and Italy in the late 1800s, does that make me less American? Or that only applies for different skin color and sexuality. I have served in the USMC, as have many gays, blacks, Arabs and Latinos. Are they less American? You not only perpetuate hate but also ignorance. If you are a Christian, isnt that the opposite of Jesus? The only natural Americans are the Native Americans, Indians in layman’s terms. Are you a Native American? If not your claim and thought process precludes you from being American. Hate is not the answer, we are supposed to learn to live together not force ourselves apart. Thank you.

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