2014 elections, important to keep our economy and improving.

            Midterm elections typically have a small turnout. For some reason people do not see the importance of the midterms. If you get out to vote you give your party a chance to move their agenda forward. Thing is if you don’t get out and vote, the other party can push their agenda.

           Why is that a bad thing? Well for normal average everday Americans it is very important. After the debacle that was the Bush Presidency and the obstruction of the Republican party, the only way to help the poor and middle class is to vote Democrat. Democrats have been pushing an agenda that helps average American. They are helping women to, college kids, the poor, middle class, the military and the economy. President Obama’s policies have the Stock Market above 15,000, which never happened before and the Unemployment Rate below 8%. Jobs are being created and consumer confidence is rising.

What have Republicans done for our country over the last 5 years? Well their obstruction has caused the economy to recover slowly, they cut President Obama’s stimulus package basically in half, a package that would have created about 1 million jobs, they also killed his Jobs Bill, one that they support in pieces but not together. They were looking to impeach him 7 weeks into his first term. Voted against VAWA, then said they voted for it, voted against Raising the Federal Minimum Wage, which they voted to raise 3 times under Bush and voted against Gun Control, which the overwhelming majority of Americans support.

I hope I have made it clear why these midterms in particular are important. Many Americans will be devasted financially if Republicans get the majority in the Senate. We will end up in another war, where many of Our soldiers will be killed. Please no voter apathy this time, your neighbors kids life is in your hands.

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