Martin Luther King Jr., his dream has stalled.

             50 years after Martin Luther King Jr. incredible speech, civil rights seems to have hit a wall. It is not the will of the majority that has become a stumbling block, but the will of a small but growing group of zealots. These zealots are intentionally stalling American progress, for the sake of power.

Today there are some elected leaders who are just as bigoted as those that fought the 1965 Civil Rights Act. Rand Paul said he supports it, but owners of restaurants and stores should not be forced to serve people they don’t wish to. That statement makes you think he wants to head back towards segregation. The Republican Party supports voter restriction laws that intentionally target minorities. They call themselves purists and Constitutionalists. So do they want the 3/5s law back in place or to take away a womens right to vote.

The Voter I.D. laws a especially focused on minorities in larger cities. These are places where people do not normally drive, therefore many do not have photo I.D.s. A Republican official in Pennsylvania said it would ensure Republicans would win Pennsylvania. Their hopes were that it would remove about 800,000 urban votes. President Obama won Pennsylvania by about 800,000 votes, give or take a few. So in order to regain power they are willing to wipe out 50 years of progress for a group of people treated horribly by the white majority.

Democrats have not fought nearly hard enough to keep MLK’S dream alive. It is a fight that they cannot lose. It destroys progress from a half century in the time it takes to write a bill. Why would anyone sacrafice the rights of the people they represent to be in power? Aren’t we supposed to be the shining example of Democracy for the world to see. We are the example for them to follow. But this is how we treat our own. If they are allowed to remove these rights from people who fought so hard to get them, what will stop them from taking mine because I don’t make enough money. Corporate Feudalism is not our system of government, we are a Democracy by all the people, not just the chosen few.

Martin Luther King Jr. speech was an incredible example of the true American spirit. In the 50 years since we have seen some of his dream come true. We have our first African-American President, an African-American Attorney General and segregation has d gone to the history books. But the last 5 years alone show the shaky ground upon which the Civil Rights fight stands. A Conservative agenda has tried to gut everything that so many have worked so hard for. I hope to see MLKs dream a reality in my lifetime, but our progress seems to have been ground to a halt. I hope my children see the dream come to fruition.

The Republican party’s all out attack on Women, minorities, the poor and the U S. Constitution.

                 This is a very difficult time in in American politics. One party calls the other Marxist, socialist and unAmerican. Yet while saying these things they attack Americans fundamental rights, voting and the First Amendment. The Constitution seems not to be the sacred document we thought, it is being treated like a 7 graders essay.

The party in question is of course the Republican party. They believe in and support the Second Amendment, but stomp all over people’s religious freedom by forcing their religious beliefs on others. They are attacking people’s right to vote because they can’t win a presidential election. Several Republican lawmakers have said the new Voter I.D. laws will cause less people to vote. Which of course works in their favor.

They are essentially telling the citizens of America that their opinion doesn’t matter. They do this although they hold a publicly elected office. Since we the Constitution was written Americans have had the right to vote, white men did. It took many, many years and the hard work of the Civil Rights movement to get African Americans the right to vote. Women couldn’t vote until the 1920s. That proves that our Constitution is a fluid document, open to change. Republicans like to think otherwise.

President Obama and Democrats alike are fighting new Voter Laws nationwide. They are defending our all of our Constitutional rights, not just the ones lobbyist pay them to protect. While fighting these laws and trying to improve the economy, Republicans have an all out assault on Womens Reproductive Rights. The hell with Roe v. Wade and the U.S. Constitution that protects these rights. Women, minorities and the poor have been the targets of the new Republican party. Their attempts to protect the 1% hopefully will prove their undoing in the 2014 election and others there after.

The Republicans will keep trying to tear down President Obama.

             They are trying to get a President Obama by going after Attorney General Eric Holder. They were questioning him about everything that happened over the last 4 years. Mr. Holder answered all he could and got a little testy at least once.

             They are trying to get to the “bottom” of the IRS scandal, the Boston Marathon bombing and any other thing they can. One Republican was going after Holder for the abortion Dr. in Pa. who would kill live babies. My answer to that, do not force women to go to clowns like that. Every Republican law that moves forward against abortion, puts women into a position where they will go anywhere for that form of care. Attorney General Holder stood his ground, but it seems as if he is being left out to dry.

             Republicans are fixated on the IRS scandal, although there were several liberal groups who went through the dame process as the Tea Party Groups. In 2004 the IRS illegally targeted the NAACP, and at other points in Bush’s tenure the IRS went after Planned Parenthood. I am not saying it is right, because it is not, but it us not unprecedented.

            Republicans are trying to stop President Obama and Democrats from going forward with his second term agenda. This party willingly lied us onto war, browbeat Democrats into giving out TARP funds without any rules and deregulated the banking industry so much it directly led to the Great Recession. But they do not have an agenda in any of their empty attacks. They already started attacking Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential election. They care not for the people, only for the scratch.

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What being an American means to me.

          As much as I question the direction if our country, I love it all the more. All of the the crazy things that happen here everyday, for good or bad, we are lucky we live here. I know there are major problems, guns, murder, income inequality, assaults on womens rights and voting rights. This country as skewed as it is has more potential for greatness than any of us realize.

            For all the bad, kids being massacared, NRA stirring up the wingnuts, 30,000 gun deaths a year and a party in government that doesnt listen to us. There are many wonderful things. Anytime there is a tragedy world wide we are one of the first to respond. We feed poor and hungry children world wide. We have billions of dollars in aid going to people who need it. When there is a tragedy in a community that community unites.

            Despite major differences from person to person we support our troops. These are people who volunteer to die for their country. Yes our government is messy but at least we do not bow before a king. We do not have genocide in our country despite what the NRA says. We have more freedom than anyone in any other country in the world.

             Despite all of these freedoms Republicans and Democrats battle to maintain or take away our freedoms. Where else is that truly possible? You are not forced to worship anything if you dont want to. We have a Constitution that protects our rights, from the right to own a gun to free speech. So as bad as it is it could always be worse. This is a country that can heal itself, it has done it before. We got past slavery, the Civil War, the Great Depression, we got past all of that. Today is just a large bump in the road to improvement.

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How is rape becoming trivialized.

          For the past 2 years the word rape and what it means has been tossed around like a hot potatoe. Legitemate rape, the bodies ability to tell when it was raped, these are just snippets of this insanity. But according to the Republican party there is not a war on women.

           More and more often women who were raped do not report it. In many cases this is in my opinion to avoid being demonized by a high priced defense attorney. When the women gets on the stand tge attorney tears her life apart as if she were the one who committed the crime. A woman who had been raped has suffered through an unimanginable crime. To make her feel at fault for this is unAmerican.

           Many in tge,Republican party do not wish to acknowledge what rape truly is. This shows all the way through society where parents, coaches and kids hide the fact that a girl was raped. This us to protect 2 football players from a school that won 9 state championships. Then people threaten to hurt this girl because she destroyed their family. What about the girl? Where are the people for her? Is it because of the football team ?

                None of this should matter. A crime was committed against her, she deserves not just justice but piece of mind. She deserves piece of mind. If we do not protect those who need it because of a football team or money, what the hell have we come to.

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Why is the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) a Bipartisan issue?

     8 senators voted against VAWA, with 4 of them saying it was unconstitutional. Several of those Senators have expressed radical views of the Constitutional role of Federal government in other contexts.  Senator Mike Lee (R-Ut) claimed the National Child Labor laws, Social Security & Medicare violate the 10th amendment. Here are the 4 who believe VAWA as unconstitutional;
1) Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID)- The Federal government does not need another layer of bureaucracy to acts of violence that are being handled at state & local level. He raises concerns over double jeopardy & due process. As written S. 1925 muddles the line between federal, state, local & tribal law enforcement. This was repeated by 3 of the Senators.
2) Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)- Under our Constitution states are given the responsiblity for prosecution of these violent crimes. They dont need Washington telling them how to provide services or prosecute criminals.
3) Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)- Oversteps the Constitutions rightful limits of Federal power. Domestic violence is one of the few activities that the Supreme Court has specifically said that Congress may not regulate under the Commerce Clause.
4) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)- Stopping & punishing violent criminals is primarily a states responsibility & the Federal government does not need to be dictating state criminal law.

      There opinion of constitutionality is not shared by many Republicans. 216 House Republicans agreed that the constitution does not prohobit a VERSION of VAWA. A version is the key word here. House Republicans insist that Senates bill is too supportive of IMMIGRANTS, LGBT & NATIVE AMERICANS. They would rather let law expire than aporove slightly expanded version. House did approve a version of VAWA, but gutted the Senate version. It was a weak version wich undermined the interests of the victims.

     Many Mens Interests groups came out against bill because men are also abused by their spouses. I am a man & yes I believe some men are beat by women but I think it skews more towards men beating women. Some complain punishments are too harsh, I say if a man beats his wife he us one bad day from killing her. Please pass this law, it is needed.

Why is the GOP so out of touch?

     I started to really pay attention & enjoy politics about 8 years ago. In my short time of being a Political junkie I have been oblivious, shocked, annoyed, angry, upset, and moved by what the American people are capable of. I didnt know at first where I belonged, was I a Republican, a neo-con, Democrat, or a liberal? It did not take me long to realize I was a Democrat, shorter still that I was a liberal.

    What shocks, upsets, annoys, & angers me the most is the GOPs complete disdain for most Americans. They say we are all looking for a handout, Republican voting states take more money from government than Democrat voting states. Not to mention they get more money than they pay back in taxes. Why are Republicans so worried about what women do with their bodies? No one us pushing these leaders to get a vasectomy, it is their bodies. If it is something to do with religion, leave it in church, we are not governed by Sharia Law.

    Why is it problem for gay people to get married or serve in military. First off in the military its not like they will be grab assing every guy/girl that walks by, get over yourselves. Didnt the GOP try to change tge constitution to keep gay people from getting married, but they will do nothing on gun reform because of 2nd Amendment. Give tgem the same rights as us, it will generate money from marriage liscences, not to mention jobs for the weddings.

    Then the GOP says their first & most important priority is to make President Obama a 1 term president. I am sorry but your are a governing official not a 2 year old. You lost deal with it work to fix country. If GOP at any time decided to work with president the recession would be done. How many people were hurt because of this childishness?

     Please stop trying to cheat the vote. GOP defends the Second Amendment but tries to deny Americans right to vote. What is more important Democracy or an AR15 ? Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, none of these are possible if you are sick & cant get gelp. We are the last “Civilized” country not to have Universal Health Care. We spend more on Health Care than anywhere else, yet we rank 37th I. the world. MONEY WELL SPENT!

      I really cannot find any issue I agree with the GOP on. They rely on uneducated & 1 topic voters. These are not good representatives of the greatest country in the world. GOP please wake up & listen to the people, WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT!