2014 midterm election, voter apathy or a GOP strategy?

                So the 2014 midterm election ended with a Republican runaway.  They gained the majority in the Senate and gained more seats in the stagnate House.  Congress had an 11% approval rating yet 96% of incumbents retained their seats.  I find it very odd that people were so unhappy yet kept the same people in office.  If anyone thought the Republican strategy would change,  that they might work with President Obama, joke is on you.  Senator Lindsey Graham called him a child in an interview.  Seems the citizens of American did what the GOP wanted,  stayed home on election day.

Is this a master plan by Republicans? No, it is being perpetuated by the party but their marching orders come from the Koch brothers and groups like ALEC or the NRA. The plan seems very complicated but it is not. Very simple, how can a party with a very large deficit in membership beat a party with the larger membership? First they had to win at the state level. When they did that, the began to redistricting or gerrymander. Gerrymandering is the process of breaking up voting districts into more favorable districts for the party in charge. The Supreme Court ruled that Gerrymandering was illegal, but why would laws stop these crooks.

Step 2 was a little tougher. Once they took over the states and gerrymandered the districts they needed to keep moving up the ladder. The gerrymandered districts allowed Republicans to win seats in predominantly Democrat areas. Once they gained seats in the House, the majority, they started pushing voter ID laws in their States. These laws are intended to limit the votes of minorities. Many minorities do not have the proper ID, in some states people that voted for years were no longer allowed to vote. They shortened early voting, voting hours, absentee ballots went missing in several states, voter registrations went missing, people were turned away and Democrat votes turned into Republican votes. All of these laws for a .0002% rate of fraud over the last 10 years. Republicans have said from different states that they needed to limit voting in order to have a chance to win. These are the so called protectors of democracy.

At the same time all this was happening in 2010, still happening today, the billionaires went to court in the Citizens United case. They won the right to contribute as much as they want without anyone being able to track their political spending. The last estimate I saw, the Koch brothers spent over $300 million on the 2014 election cycle alone. Many of this us dark money, which is extremely hard to teach, but is traceable. It is said that Republicans and Democrats get the same amount of money. The upfront money we see, Republicans had about a 20% advantage on. Where as dark money it is estimated anywhere between a 60% to 150% advantage. Most of this money comes from single donors. If you believe money has nothing to do with elections, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The candidate with most money wins 94% of the time.

The last part, which probably should have been the first part, is the main stream media. For instance, 2 of the most popular conservative news sources Rush Limbaugh and FOX NEWS are the 2 most unreliable news sources. Limbaugh is estimated to lie approximately 75% of the time and FOX News tops them at about 85% of the time. Approximately 250 newspapers are owned by 7 conservatives. News channels are complicit as well. Instead of covering anything going right, they went with Ebola and Is is. They played the Republican scare tactic game. So the plan was later out.

Through all these things they routed a Democrat party whose President lowered the deficit, GDP, unemployment, the unemployment rate is at 5.8%, gas prices and health insurance. There would be more jobs of not for Republicans led by Mitch McConnell voting against the Veterans Jobs Bill and the Jobs Bill. This Republican party is not here for the people, they are there for those with the paper. Democracy is not dying a slow death, it is being murdered right before our eyes by enemies dressed as Patriots.

Does the Republican party really mean what they do?

             Many of the things the Republican party are currently doing are inherently unAmerican. The Constitution seems only to matter when it helps their corporate masters. The lobbyist, Koch Brothers, ALEC and the NRA are some very prominent puppet masters. The will of the majority has been pushed to the side. Do Republicans even realize what they are doing?

Take Gun Violence. Instead of pursuing a possible solution they spout out the rhetoric they are fed by their puppet masters. All the numbers shown by independent researchers directly contradict the numbers put forth by the NRA. The areas with the highest amount of guns tend to have a very high crime rate. About 5,000 people have been killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook, yet Republicans refuse to do anything about gun violence. The public wants action, yet Republicans stall and protect the money.

For 2 years Republicans complained about President Obama and Democrats not creating enough jobs, despite Republican efforts to thwart any type of job creation. They have held the House for 3 years, yet have not created any jobs. They denied the Obama Jobs Bill and the Veterans Jobs Bill, yet have passed 44 anti-abortion measures and another 90 religious bills. They say they want the corporate tax lowered, yet when President Obama offered it, they refused. They refuse to help the average American.

Republicans seem to enjoy holding Americans hostage with the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling enables us to pay the bills we have already incurred. They raised it 7 times for Bush 43 and another 7 or so for Reagan. This is the first time a President had to fight to raise the debt ceiling. The last time Republicans did this it resulted in a credit downgrade for the U.S. Are they truly willing to default on America’s bills to further their agenda?

Then we have the way Republicans talk about race. Anne Coulter referred to President Obama as ‘Putin’s Monkey” several times in an interview. Another Republican Senator called Latinos “wetbacks”. A Republican leader in Pennsylvania said the Voter I.D. laws were put in place to prevent minorities from voting. This is not what are forefathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution. It is not for our representatives to pick and choose from.

Do Republicans really expect to be taken seriously? They keep pushing the will of the people to the side for corporate interests and then try to tell us all the good they are doing. They are slimming their voting pool. Democrats already outnumber them, their actions are pushing more people away. They talk about a broken system, they broke it. They are also prospering because of it.

Pennsylvania needs to dump the GOP in 2014

                I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This is a Democrat heavy area, as is most of Pennsylvania. Gerrymandering has given our state a Republican Governor and House majority. Although the state overwhelmingly voted for President Obama.

Governor Corbett has proposed so many pro-business bills, you would think he was a Natural Gas Drilling Lobbyist. He has given corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts while cutting State Health Care and education budgets. He refuses to let Pennsylvania take part in the ACA, because people on Medicaid get too much for free. The state has sunk to 49th in job creation under Corbett, he says too many Pennsylvaniabs are on drugs. Stats tend to disagree.

Republicans suspend the laws of the State Legislature when they don’t suit them. They invoked God’s Law when the States only openly gay Senator wanted to talk about the Supreme Courts decision on the DOMA case. They refused to let him speak. Sadly Republicans are doing this nationwide as well as in Pennsylvania.

Democrats in the State have fought Corbett at every step. They have stopped much of his conservative agenda. But the only true way to stop his unconstitutional methods is to vote him out. No voter apathy, Voter Restriction Laws cannot stop us, he needs to go. Our children and our state deserve better.

Darrell Issa throws a fit about Susan Rice appointment.

Darrell Issa has garnered headlines again. He has thrown a fit about President Obama appointing Susan Rice as a National Security Adviser. Issa called her a liar, scandalous and unfit to hold any appointment because her Sunday talk show talking points were wrong. Now that all the information is out, we know it wasn’t her fault.

Representative Issa should think before he speaks. If lying on Sunday talk shows makes you unfit for appointments, Issa should step down immediately. Ambassador Pickering assisted in the investigation into Benghazi, yet he was not invited to testify and Issa refused to let him testify. Pickering called Issa a liar when he went on the Sunday shows saying Pickering refused to testify. Issa thought Benghazi was going to be his shining moment, it obviously wasn’t. Republicans got so desperate they doctored the Benghazi emails to make the administration look guilty.

Issa wasn’t the only nut bag to come out against Susan Rice. Karl Rove said it was President Obama shoving it in Republicans faces. He alsovquestioned her honesty.Jason Chaffetz said ” She used her good name to try to convince the American people of this bogus story. She has to take some responsibility for that, the President is obviously not holding her accountable. Its what is so troubling about the entire Benghazi incident, people are getting promoted for a job poorly done.” Rand Paul said the President has been struggling to regain the moral authority to lead the nation. This doesnt really encourage anyone to reappoint or promote the person eho was guilty of misleading us on the Benghazi tragedy. I can’t imagine that we woukd keep Ambassador Rice in any significant position, much less promoting her to an important position. How are they going to have the authority to have people believe what they are saying when he is promoting someone who directly and deliberately midlead the public on Benghazi? The Benghazi tragedy is not going to go away until we have some answers. Why the elaborate coverup?

Will the Republican party ever stop and think before they speak? All these scandals that have been manufactured into bigger non issues. Why is President Obama evil to them? Why do they refer to him as a bad man? Whenever Democrats get the majority the Republicans wheels fall off. They wanted to impeach him 7 weeks into his first term. This is why Republicans can’t win an election without gerrymandering or voter suppression. Another day and some more Republican crazy.

Governor Scott Walker trying to slip ALEC education legislation into budget.

                    Governor Scott Walker is attempting to radically overhaul Wisconsin’s education system using several pieces of ALEC’s model legislation. He is attempting to do it through the budget process, meaning this privatization agenda could be enacted with minimal input from the public. These budget provisions will tax the taxpayers for private and religious school.

On the campaign trail in 2010, Walker pledged to strip policy and pork projects from the state budget. At least 46 non-budgetary items have been slipped into the 2013-2015 budget proposal. Included in these 46 are ALEC connected proposals limiting school board oversight for charter schools, expanding voucher programs and creating New teaching licenses for individuals with no educational background. The expanded voucher programs are the fiscal problem.

Well funded advocates of privatizing the nations public education system have been promoting the Parent Trigger. Parent Trigger Laws are a mechanism that allows parents to transform underperforming public schools. The Parent Trigger was first promoted by a small charter school operator in California. It was taken up and launched inti hyper-drive by 2 controversial right wing organizations, ALEC and the Heartland Institute.

ALEC brings together major American corporations and Republican lawmakers to craft and vote on model bills behind closed doors. Some of these bills are Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, union busting legislation, Arizona style anti-immigration legislation and voter suppression laws. ALEC’s agenda has become so extreme over 40 corporations have severed ties with them. The Heartland Institute lost a lot of corporate sponsors after it launched a billboard comparing those who believe in Climate Change to the Unabomber.

In 1990 Milwaukee was thev first city in the country to implement a school voucher program. It was proposed by then Governor Tommy Thompson (ALEC member) and it was quickly embraced by ALEC. It was originally promoted as a program for Milwaukee’s low income students. But Walker expanded it to families of higher incomes and his 2013-2015 budget proposal threatens to expand it further. By 2014-2015 Wisconsin taxpayers will have spentvan estimated $1.8 billion on private and religious schools. School privatization interests have spent at least $10 million on political funding. Scott Walker alone recieved $2.35 million in contributions and outside support from pro-privatization groups. Critics have said that Republicans have hijacked the program. As soon as a door opens for lower income kids, they are trampled by the wealthy.

Governor Bobby Jindal tried to use the budget process to subsidize private and religious schools. But the measure was deemed unconstitutional by the Louisiana State Supreme Court. If only because the Constitution states that education money can only go towards public education. Hopefully Wisconsin has that sort of clause in it, maybe it can slow the Privatization of public schools.

The Republican party strongly supports privatizing public education. But then again they sneakily try to privatize anything they can. They have attempted to privatize the USPS and prisons just for example. Democrats and President Obama are trying to fix and streamline public education. They want to getvrid of No Child Left Behind, a horrible program that does nothing for our kids. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for private and religious schools. Paying for religious schools violates the 1st Amendment but creatingva state religion. But of course the Constitution only applies when it works for Republicans.

Say no to the NRA.

                   As Connecticut pushes forward with a very progressive gun control agenda, the NRA again comes forward with more nonsense. The NRA is a gun lobbyist, they are there to help buy elected officials so gun manufacturers can get their agenda pushed through. The NRA only cares about the 2nd Amendment because it serves their needs.

             Again the NRA comes out in support of arming teachers, but are against universal background checks. So we want to put guns in the hands of teachers who already has the responsibility of teaching 35 or 40 students at a time. Do you honestly believe that is a wise idea? What if the teacher accidentily left it out? What if a kid gets their hands on it? Of they lock it in their desk, how will they get to it in time, while taking care of the kids?

                 This is not the answer. Flooding our streets with more guns, turning it into the wild west again. These are radical answers from a radical group that will make money from more guns getting sold. So do you think this is a good answer? The answers should come from people who do not have anything gain from it. Conflict of interest anyone?

                As President Obama, Harry Reissue and Democrats try to push forward with gun control, Republicans of course threaten to filibuster any kind of gun control bill. So again do Republicans have the peoples interest in mind? If the NRA is allowed to win this battle it will set a very disturbing precedent.  It will say that money means more than 20 dead children, it means more than your kid or mine. That is unacceptable.

          The NRA needs to learn their place. Republicans need to realize the people will remove them from office if they do not work for us. In 2014 we need to show them that gerrymandering, voter suppression, lobbying or whatever they throw at us, IT DOES NOT MATTER. We will keep removing people from office until they work for us.

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