Supreme Court has gouged the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

                  The decision the Supreme Court made today gouges the Civil Rights Act. The Conservative leaning, at leadt that is how it seems, really dropped the ball on this. The Act was put in place in order to protect African-Americans right to vote and make it more difficult for states found guilty at one point of making it difficult for people to vote.

The truly perplexing part of this is what made the Justices come to this decision. The 2012 Election was marred by Voter I.D. Laws and other restrictive Voter Laws. ALEC teamed with the Republican party in an attempt to steal the election by eliminating the poor and minorities from voting with these Laws. Across the country several Republican lawmakers said that these Voter I.D. Laws would cause them to win the election. Isn’t that evidence enough to not just uphold this act, but possibly even stregthen it. But to weaken it, that doesn’t make sense.

Republicans and Democrats are concerned about elections in Iraq, Iran and everywhere else being truly Democratic, yet they throw our Constitution out the window in their desperation to win an election. Voting is the backbone of our Democratic government and society. To take that away from anyone, because you want to win an election is patently unAmerican. But our Constitution only matters to Republicans when it works in their favor.

President Obama spoke of protecting our Constitutional right to vote and how no one has a right to take it away. This Voter Fraud that Republicans talk about is almost non-existent, 2 or 3 cases nationwide in the last election. Welcome to corporate America where a lobbyist is more important than a citizen, but according to the Supreme Court and Republicans, corporations are people too. They just do not held respobsible like a citizen.

Pennsylvania Voter I.D. Law is going on trial.

                  Pennsylvania’s long side lined Voter I.D. Law is going to court to determine its Constitutionality. Critics who say the Law violates voters’ rights convinced a Judge to bar enforcement during the 2012 election. The Law requires voters to show a photo I.D., which if is paid for becomes a voter toll. The Judge issued temporary orders based on a narrower context. The trial is set for July 15 in the Commonwealth Court to determine if the Law is Constitutionally legal.

It most certainly will take a long time for there to be an outcome. Lawyers in the case say Commonwealth Court Judges most likely wilk weigh in after the trial. Both sides expect the loser to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. If the state prevails voters in Pennsylvania will be forced to present a photo I.D. before casting a ballot. If the Law is overturned voters will see little change at the polls.

The Plaintiffs lawyers – the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, the ACLU of Pa., the Advancement Project and the Washington D.C. Law firm of Arnold and Porter- have asked the court to bar enforcement of the law until the case is fully resolved. The states legal team of includes lawyers from the Attorney General’s office, Governor Tom Corbett’s Office of General Counsel and the private law firm of Drinker, Biddle and Reath LLP.

The Law approved by Republicans who controlled the legislature and signed by a Republican governor has created quite an issue among voters and Democrats. Republicans in the State Legislature said that thus law wouod ensurs Republican victories in future elections. If the Voter Photo I.D. has to be paid for it violates the U.S. Constitution. You cannot make a citizen pay to vote and impede them from voting in any way.

Republicans realize they cannot win elections with theur current ideology and their obstructionist ways. They use gerrymandering, which is illegal, and Voter Restriction Laws to force their way into office. Rather than adjusting to what the People want they are trying to force their ideals down our throat. From Gun Control to Prayer in School they are misinterpreting and stomping all over the Constitution, with help from lobbyist and groups like ALEC. Voting to choose our leaders is the foundation of American Democracy, the Republican party doesn’t have a right to take that away because they don’t like President Obama. Put your ideology in line with the people and your chances of winning improve exponentially.

Republican ideology us fundamentally flawed, elections are only proof I really need.

                 The Republican party is perplexed as to why they cannot win a Presidential election. After what George W. Bush did to our country, how fan you blame people for mistrusting your party. He lied us into a major war, didn’t pay the tab for both wars we were in and his economic policies decimated our country. Yet Republicans push the blame on President Obama and expect the country to forget what Bush and his cronies did.

               The Republican party now says they want to reach out to Latinos, yet one Republican lawmaker from Alaska called them “wetbacks” and the Heritage Foundation, a Republican thinktank, had a known racist assist in writing their immigration study. Of course you can’t forget Rush Limbaugh and the prophet Glenn Beck for their wonderful support of women.

              Instead of focusing on our economy and creating jobs, they are focused on Benghazi. Yes it was a tragedy, we already had hearings, figured out the problems and put things in place to hopefully prevent it from happening again. Remember there were 11 attacks on embassies/consulates during Bush’s tenure, with about 60 deaths and not one Republican called for a Congressional hearing.

         While Republicans are busy protecting our 2nd Amendment, they continuing stepping on our voting rights and our 1st Amendment rights. I guess the money the NRA gives them not only overpowers 90% of Americans, but also our Constitution. They force creationism and their religious beliefs on abortion on us. Abortion us legally protected by our Constitution, which also days Federal law is the law of the land. So why don’t states follow or.

          Democrats offer more stability and are there for all the people, not just 7% of them. Compromise is the true key to Democracy, when one side won’t compromise nothing will happen. So until Republicans realize it is not their way or the highway we can never move forward as a country.

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Greed and America.

           Republicans speek of the Free Market as if it were miraculous. They try to sell the rest of the population how important it is and how it goes hand and hand with the American way of life. They do not mention that many suffer horribly because of the greed involved in the Free Market. A market where profits outweigh common sense.

            Republicans and conservatives believe regulations cripple the Free Market. They neglect to mention that capitalism in its true form nearly sank our economy and that these believers in the “Free Market” were the first to bail these companies out. That doesn’t sound like a Free Market to me, that sounds like tax payers subsidizing Private Enterprises. That there is a bit of Socialism.

             Yes I said that evil word, socialism. Republicans only believe in anything when it works for their needs. Look at how they are attacking our voting rights across the nation, can’t win fair,  they cheat. These same Republicans who so fiercely support capitalism and the Free Market give corporations almost $200 billion a year in corporate welfare. Yet they attack the $80 billion spent on Food Assistance for low income Americans. Each dollar of that $80 gets a return of $1.84 into the economy.

                The Free Market and Capitalism are just words used to cover their true agenda. At first this may sound conspiracy like,  but read and put it together. In each state Republicans are gerrymandering and attempting to make it harder for poor folk to vote. They vote against gun reform, which is strongly supported by Americans. Are against gay marriage, support the Sequester, voted against VAWA, are attempting to cut SNAP benefits, voted against Sandy Relief, want to Privatize Social Security and Public Schools and want to cut Medicare. Please remember this is just a partial list. Why would they these things and who do they affect? Mind you they voted no to raising taxes on corporations and wealthy people.

               This is class warfare. They are attacking the weak, those who cannot politically protect themselves. An American voices their political opinion through voting. Republicans believe if they can control who votes the country is theirs. Their vision for America is not a Democracy with civil liberties, but a religious State controlled by a few. If you are reading this you already realize there is something wrong. If they get their e
Way we will live in something that resembles a Dictatorship.

              I am a Liberal Democrat, but I am ashamed to say that many of these Democrats are our only bastion of hope. They do not stand united and turn their backs on President Obama. We need strong leaders who will protected our Democracy. We need strong leaders to keep Republicans honest and to limit the power money has on our government. Lobbying needs to be limited. We also need to realize that there are people worldwide and in our country that want to harm us. Please do not incite these lunatics with ill thought out rhetoric.

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The Nra & Alec, marriage made in corporate America.

            Some of ALECs members you would expect, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart & the Koch Brothers. One you would not expect, NRA, they are a long time member & long time funder of ALEC. ALEC claims that each year, 1,000 bills based on their model legislature are introduced into statehouses nationwide. Of these an average of 20% are passed. That is roughly 200 bills a year that are passed, that are based on ALEC priciples, assisted by the NRA among others.

              Critics claim that ALEC in partnership with the NRA, also influenced the Stand Your Ground Law that has been invoked in the Trayvon Martin case. The Stand Your Ground Law allows people to use deadly force without any obligation to retreat first, when they believe they are being threatened. According to the Sunlight Foundation, a non profit watchdog group, ALEC followed a law written by NRA by adopting the laws langauge for its model legislations & began proposing it to state lawmakers.

              Less well known is the NRA has helped ALEC spread other conservative laws thst have nothing to do with gun rights. A watchdog group called, the Center for Media & Democracy, first documented NRAs role in these bills with ALEC. An NRA lobbyist, Tara Mica, helped shepherd a model bill that requires voters to show a photo ID at the polls. Many conservatives have pushed Voter ID laws to prevent election fraud. Many liberals say these laws inhibit voting by minorities. Mica also helped preside over ALECs passage of the model bill that became the basis of Arizonas Immigration Bill.

            The NRA obtained unanimous support from the corporate & lawmaker members of ALEC task force for “amending” ALECS Consistency in Firearms Regulation Act. The express purpose was to bar cities from banning machine guns. NRA has a wider reach than they would have the public believe.

            As I said before I will have a series of Articles on ALEC. It seems as if the NRA may find its way into more of them. I am curious to know if proud NRA members know where their dues are going. I find it odd that this well meaning Gun organization also has other political interests. I am sure members of NRA knew all this already.

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Voter Apathy

           The 2008 election was incredible. The amount of people that showed up to vote was incredible. The excitement about a candidate was something I have never seen. After 8 years of the country being run into the ground we had someone who cared. President Obama swept into office with a Democrat majority in the house. Things were looking up.

            Move ahead 2 years and people were dissatisfied. Unemployment was still high, our recovery from our worst recession since the 30s & government was a mess. The Tea Party was making headlines, although they were mostly bad. Republican obstructionism was at its all time high, filibustering everything. The election came up & the GOP rolled over the Democrats. Voter turnout was in my area less than 30%. We the people let oursrelves down.

        The 2012 election came around with less excitement. Voter purged, Voter ID Cards, GOP shortening early voting & plain voter intimidation. The first Presidential debate sent the press into a frenzy because the President had a weak showing. His mantra became raising taxes on people making over $250,000. It injected life into the campaign. President Obama wiped the floor with Mitt Romney in the next 2 debates. Not to mention Vice President Joe Biden giving Paul Ryan a spanking in their debate. People came alive, got out to vote & returned President Obama to office.

         With the 2014 elections right around the corner we cannot let 2008 happen all over again. We need to get out to vote, get the GOP out of all offices. Govener, Mayor, Senator & Representative, show them that the people see what they are doing. We the people will rise again & again to temove those who dont work for us. At least I hope we will.


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