Voter apathy and laziness at its finest. Recent election in Wilkes-Barre brought 25% of registered voters out.

    This past Tuesday was election day in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Offices up for election were Mayor,  District Attorney,  School Board,  Controller and City Council.  I realize that off year elections have low turnouts but 25% is ridiculous. Approximately 42,000 people live in Wilkes-Barre. Our Mayoral election had about 5,000 votes. For Mayor there were 5,000 votes.  That is sad in a city that has been rocked by corruption over and over again.
          City Council had a change of 3 members, including the first Republican in over 30 years. He is a amazingly smart man,  who has fantastic ideas and genuinely cares about our city. We also elected a woman in her early to mid 20s and she is fantastic. She was born and raised here.  Went to college here and is beginning her political career here.  We are lucky to have both of them.

           District Attorney was between our incumbent and a defense attorney.  Our incumbent does not prosecute cases.  Their opinion is that they are there to run the office, determine who tries which case.  We have a glut of unsolved murders,  as well as a charge against a man running for magistrate who is accused of forging signatures on the petition. We had gas gate,  which was 67,000 gallons of gas that went missing and no one was prosecuted. As well as another corruption case with the city contracted towing company.  The incumbent spent $130,000 as opposed to $45,000 for the challenger.  Was it the money or the laziness of voters?

             Controller was between a newer face in local politics and a face that runs year after year.  The newcomer won.  It is believed he will do a good job. Our city needs it.  We are broke,  crime ridden and littered with corruption.  Of the registered voters,  Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1. Republicans have a difficult time running here.

       The School Board race had 4 incumbents who were on both the Republican and Democrat ticket.  3 of those 4 voted to merge our schools. The city is outraged by this,  yet they got reelected.  There was a write in campaign that started 5 weeks before the election and was run solely on Facebook. There was an 11th hour wrote in campaign started. They received about 4% of the vote.  Very good here.  56% of Democrats voted straight Dem and 40% of Republicans voted straight Republican.  Despite the clamor for change. People went the lazy way and voted straight instead of seeing who the candidates were.

        Mayor was interesting. The Democrat candidate was a former Chief of Police, current City Council member and part of the administration’s that helped create the city’s issues.  He filed campaign contribution paperwork with several large errors,  was in trouble for not putting the proper labels on signage and publicly supported one of the judges convicted in the Kids for Cash scandal. The Republican candidate had a taxis sue,  which he was making payments on and never missed a payment.  He also was said to not have leadership experience. Apparently the Mayoral cannot attract more then 5,000 votes.

          It is very disappointing to listen to people talk,  write the paper or Facebook walls about how the city needs a change. Yet when their opportunity to change it arrives,  then cannot leave their house for the 15 minutes it takes to vote. This people do not suffer from apathy,  they are lazy. They cannot make a change because they truly don’t want to or care to.  I do not think that we can change these folks.  We are doomed to the same old same old because of these people. We can only make a difference if we get 50% of the registered voters out to vote.  Will never happen.  The valley with a heart will soon need a transplant.


Poor turnout for midterm elections usually allows for an unfortunate victory.

                As a Democrat I realize that we have to vote or a Republican will obviously win. I guess because midterm elections aren’t for a President people care less.The fact that people don’t get out to vote lets more Republicans sleaze their way into office. Voter apathy hurts the people not the Republicans.

             Republicans do not want you to vote. They show their disdain for our vote when they try to change voter laws. These voter laws they are attempting to put in place are unconstitutional at best and criminal at their worst. Republicans believe in a form of government that leaves the people out of the equation.

              Midterm elections are our chance to put our leaders on notice. You are not doing the job we voted you in to do. This is the people’s only true power over our government. We can shape the next election with our actions in the midterms. Democrats want you to vote because the majority tend to vote democrat, especially over the majority of the  last 20 years.

              Locally less than 20% came out to vote. That is a pathetic percentage, it is voter laziness. It could also be voter apathy, being that lobbyists like the NRA apparently wield more influence than the people. I would like to think it is the latter. With the state of affairs in our Federal Government we obviously need to remove Republicans from office. Republicans have intentionally gummed up the works in order to paint President Obama in a bad light.

                 We need to realize the only true way to affect change is through voting. By not getting out to vote we let only ourselves down. We give Republicans and big corporations the power over our lives. We saw how things work out with that kind of government in place. But by all means stay at home and don’t vote,but don’t complain about the outcome.

Voter Apathy

           The 2008 election was incredible. The amount of people that showed up to vote was incredible. The excitement about a candidate was something I have never seen. After 8 years of the country being run into the ground we had someone who cared. President Obama swept into office with a Democrat majority in the house. Things were looking up.

            Move ahead 2 years and people were dissatisfied. Unemployment was still high, our recovery from our worst recession since the 30s & government was a mess. The Tea Party was making headlines, although they were mostly bad. Republican obstructionism was at its all time high, filibustering everything. The election came up & the GOP rolled over the Democrats. Voter turnout was in my area less than 30%. We the people let oursrelves down.

        The 2012 election came around with less excitement. Voter purged, Voter ID Cards, GOP shortening early voting & plain voter intimidation. The first Presidential debate sent the press into a frenzy because the President had a weak showing. His mantra became raising taxes on people making over $250,000. It injected life into the campaign. President Obama wiped the floor with Mitt Romney in the next 2 debates. Not to mention Vice President Joe Biden giving Paul Ryan a spanking in their debate. People came alive, got out to vote & returned President Obama to office.

         With the 2014 elections right around the corner we cannot let 2008 happen all over again. We need to get out to vote, get the GOP out of all offices. Govener, Mayor, Senator & Representative, show them that the people see what they are doing. We the people will rise again & again to temove those who dont work for us. At least I hope we will.


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