Republican misinformation about SNAP benefits.

              This morning I switched on a local conservative talk show, being that there are not any progressive radio shows in my area. In the 10 minutes I listened, I was shocked by the disingenuous “facts” being shared. The host is a self described conservative named Sue Henry. I unfortunately did not catch the name of the guest. But I did hear him tell blatant lies about the SNAP program.

              For those who don’t know, the SNAP program is food stamps and other food assistance for low income families. The amount of families on SNAP has grown in direct result of the Great Recession and our Republican enforced slow recovery. Yes we did give $80 billion to the SNAP program. But to even this up, Republicans refuse to touch tax loopholes and corporate welfare that cost us about $200 billion a year. Who really needs it more?

            Sue Henry’s guest said that a lot of the SNAP benefits were spent on soda and junk food. He believes that we should know exactly how SNAP benefits are spent. That they should be cut and the saved money used to teach the poor how to feed their children healthier. I do believe the First Lady Michelle Obama tried to do something similar for children and Republicans said she should mind her own business. When the New York governed tried to ban single sods purchases over a certain amount of ounces, Republicans pounced and said it would create job losses.

              To take a step further into this, her Republican guest is asking for total disclosure of food stamp purchases. But the Republican party refutes shareholders rights to know how the company they invested in is spending their money. Sounds a bit hypocritical.

               But the true lie comes here. This guest said he was in a store and a person attempted to buy cigarettes with food stamps. The clerk sold them the cigarettes using food stamps and then preceded to give the cigarette purchaser change back from said food stamps. The guest said he immeadiatly went to the store manager, who handled the clerk.

              If you don’t know what part of that is unequivocally untrue, I will now tell you. First of all Food Stamps do not exist, in the state of Pennsylvania you use an Access card. You do not receive change on any Food Stamp purchase, because you have a set amount on the card and each use subtracts from that amount. This is the biggest lie of them all. Any purchase you make, cash items, cigarettes ate charged seperstely. If you bought $23 in food and $10 in cigarettes, the food amount comes off first. You then pay cash amount. LIES, LIES, LIES.

             Democrats allowing this are spineless cowards. Each dollar we spend on food assistance puts $1.84 back into the economy, according to the CBO. So this is Republicans just attacking those who cannot politically protect themselves. While leaving huge stacks of money on the table that could pay down National Debt. All so they don’t upset their corporate donors.

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