How does the IRS scandal affect future elections?

               The IRS was accused of inapropriately flagging conservative groups seeking 501(c)4 tax exempt status. While none of these Conservative groups were denied their tax exempt status, at least one Liberal group was denied. Many of these groups seeking tax exempt status have flouted tax code laws and are spending money for politics.

             The 501(c)4 tax exempt status is for groups that promote social welfare, not for groups involved in elections. Many Republican, conservative and Tea Party groups participated in adding $300 million in dark money to the 2012 election. These groups should be investigated and tax exempt status removed. Also a heavy financial penalty should be levied.

               But the true question is, does this remove the teeth from the IRS? Are they now going to be willing to investigate and put these groups who are illegally receiving tax exempt status through the thorough questionnaire. Or does this scandal make them afraid to do their jobs. If it does, how does that affect our next election? Will these deep pocketed donors and corporations have free reign to try to buy and election?

             The Citizens United decision lead to this corporate government we now have. Instead of Republicans compromising and working with Democrats, they just Filibuster everything to avoid voting. This is governing by avoidance and it is harmful to our country. Corporations should not be able to secretly donate to any campaign, that is a conflict of interest for that elected official. But money seems to rule our world.

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How one word can cause major political issues.

             In 1959, under the Dwight Eisenhower administration, the meaning of Section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code was changed dramatically. SECTION 501(c)4, Civil Leagues or Organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of Social Welfare. The IRS decided the word exclusively could, in effect, be read as primarily.

            According to Laurence O’Donnell for 54 years the IRS has gotten away with changing the word exclusively to primarily. The IRS took a hard, clear word exclusively and turned it into a soft word primarily and it left it to the IRS agents to determine if your organization was primarily concerned with promoting Social Welfare.

                    According to Ezra Klein the IRS does need some kind of test that helps them weed out political organizations attempting to register as tax exempt 501(c)4 Social Welfare groups. But the test has to be studiously and unquestionably neutral.

                Despite the outrage over the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, they do need to crack down on political groups masquerading as Social Welfare groups. Many non-profit groups who claim tax exempt status either flout tax laws or flirt with the murky line between electioneering and issue advocacy,  all while using their tax exempt status to conceal their donors. The problem isn’t that the IRS flagged non-profit groups for additional review. The problem is that they did so poorly, instead of targeting one group, the IRS should be scrutinizing all groups, or at least, the most outlandish offenders.

                  After the Citizens United decision in 2010, donors flocked to the 501(c)4 as a vehichle to pump cash into elections without disclosing the source of their contributions. Tie number of groups applying for Social Welfare status has doubled since the decision. ProPublica has examined 72 501(c)4 applications from groups, that claimed to have no plans to spend money on elections. They compared those documents against tax returns. Nearly half the groups plans had changed.

              In last years election 501(c)4 groups spent more than $300 million in dark money. All because the determination of one word this problem exists. If the wording remained as it was these political groups would not be able to claim Social Welfare status and we wouldn’t have this issue. For Campaign Finance Watchdogs, the fear is that the backlash will spook the IRS out of pursuing major players who are using the loophole to influence elections.

             President Obama said he would find put what happened and correct it. Fix the interpretation of the law and it us done. No political organization should receive tax exempt status as Social Welfare groups, they are only their to further their own agendas. It doesn’t matter if they are Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal or Tea Party groups. Any found breaking the the law and participating in any political issue should be fined and lose their tax exempt status. Republicans abuse this law and have pumped at least 3 times the amount of money through these groups then Democrats. Either way both are wrong and should be prosecuted. Make them pay taxes for all the years they claimed tax exempt status and fine them heavily. You break a law you get punished, the amount of money you have shouldn’t matter.

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Republicans hate for President Obama makes them look petty.

                The Republican party, the Tea Party and conservatives have been trying to find a reason to impeach President Obama since 7 weeks into his first term. When they first brought up impeachment they didn’t even have a reason, they just thought it was a good idea. If you disagree with Republicans they will try to oust you, rather than help the country and beat you in an election.

              Republican ideology is fundamentally flawed, or favors the wealthy, the white, corporations, lobbyists and the almighty dollar. People fail to matter to then, they are so focused on hurting Obama and Democrats that people are hurt by them everyday. The Republican party cannot handle a Democrat in office. Their only response is to inflame hate and work to remove them from office. It is another flaw in their ideology, if you are not with them, you are against him.

                 Now anything that might not fit into Republican thinking, needs Congressional hearings to ferret out the problem. For them the problem is always President Obama and the Democrat party. Obama made the IRS check our Tea Party groups looking for tax exempt status, I guess the IRS should not investigate organizations seeking that status. Benghazi is President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s.fault, although Republicans refuse requests for more security personnel.

              From day 1 Republicans and their talking heads have tried to hurt the President. They made making him a one term president their top priority. That doesn’t really leave room for negotiations or compromise. Nor does it show a clear thinking party.

             They have taken the side of the NRA on Gun Control, Banks on Banking Reform, Corporations on raising the minimum wage and so on and so forth. Anything to hurt the President. Now they are saying he was in the wrong because a Marine held an umbrella over his head when it was raining.

            2 important points, the Marine Corps is the Presidents standing army, he can use them however necessary. It is a honor for a Marine to do anything for the President, that is who we are there to serve. The President outranks the Commandant of the Marine Corps. There are pictures of three previous Republican Presidents having umbrellas held over their heads, one was by a Marine.

            This is proof of the pettyness and the lack of anything to truly attack him on. They have been trying for over 4 years to get to him. Nothing has, because manufacturing a crisis doesn’t work. Republicans need to work for the people and rely on effort to return them to office.

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Did the IRS inappropriately flag Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status?

                   The IRS inappropriately flagged conservative political groups for additional reviews during the 2012 election to see if they were violating their tax exempt status, according to a top IRS official. According to Lois Kerned, head of the IRS division that oversees tax exempt groups, organizations were singled out with the words Tea Party or Patriot in their applications for tax exempt status. In some cases, groups were asked for a post of their donors. This is in direct violation of IRS policy in most cases.

                The ORS said that the reviews took place in Cincinnati, Ohio and covered 75 Tea Party groups. Although inappropriate action was taken, none of the groups had their tax exempt status revoked. Some did withdraw their applications. According to the IRS, high ranking officials did not know about the targeting. The IRS Commissioner at the time was Douglas Shulman, who had been appointed by George W. Bush. Conservatives are falling for an investigation of the IRS and they should get it.

              No group entitled to non-profit status should be denied for political reasons, regardless of ideology. But no scam artist should very allowed to rip off the American people. Those that pose as non-profit when they are just political con-artists cause these type of investigation. An investigation should get to the bottom of this and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

              Unfortunately for critics of President Obama the effort to paint the improper IRS activity as a White House directed political attack is weak, misdirected and paranoid. The problem does not include targeting groups for audits seeking evidence of failure to pay taxes. It, as I said, involved the IRS problem with reviewing applications filed by groups for tax exempt status. At the time, many newly formed political organizations were seeking IRS tax exempt status. Many, ignore all were Tea Party related groups. The IRS believed many groups filing were stretching the limits of qualification. Because of that lower level staffers a the Cincinnati office targeted any organization with Tea Party in the name for review. In their eyes it was to determine if the groups qualified for tax exempt status.

             The problem is that the agents were not randomly checking, because of the high inflow of Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status they then targeted them. That and asking for donors names were the improper activity and as I said before the IRS should be investigated. So the organization was wrong in the approach to the job, not that they were doing it. If they checked other organizations as well this might be a different story.

           If you think the Obama administration and Democrats were behind this, you are delusional. The head of the IRS at the time was a political appointee by George W. Bush. Not to mention the fact that he was leaving office at the end of 2012. Those 2 things alone make that a moot point. But irregardless of that, what the IRS did was wrong, as it is in many cases with normal people. But that doesn’t matter until it effects someone in the Republican party. People have been complaining of horrible treatment by the IRS for years and nothing happened until now. If President Obama did cause this, which is a slim to none possibility, he should face charges.

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Rush Limbaugh, the hypocrite and bigot, how does he have a radio show?

                 As I have said in some of my earlier posts I listen to conservative talk radio sometimes because we do nit have a progressive channel. It also truly prepares me for how to debate concervatives. They listen to Rush Limbaugh like he is quoting the Bible. If you look up what get says you will actually see that he skews every story to fit his agenda.

                What I just said was a play on what he was saying today. He was saying that the media is totally flawed because they are liberals who present their agenda in every story. The media has let the American people down because every news story they write is skewed to get their liberal agenda across. I realize that I said that twice but I can’t get over Rush Limbaugh saying it.

                 This is a man who called Sandra Fluke a who’re, yet has been married 4 times. He at one time went into rehab for drug abuse. A good conservative Catholic does not get a divorce or did they change that to keep the rich coming to church.

               This man speaks as if he doesn’t twist the news to work for his agenda. He turns everything into a President Obama conspiracy. He forced the IRS to look at Tea Party organizations who were looking for tax exempt status. He blamed President Obama for the Benghazi situation. He praises John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitchell Mcconnell and Marco Rubio as Herod of the American cause. He tends to leave out the parts where Republicans are trying to take away our civil rights.

               Democrats are evil to this man. They do nothing but hurt the country to Rush Limbaugh. He at one point was the shining example if conservative Republicans, then he started letting Hus true identity show. He let on that he was a bigot and a sexist. He has lost a lot of advertisers and is now distinguish his company money. The Stop Rush movement has gained traction as is causing Hus corporate advertisers to drop like flies. One step closer to removing this man from the radio.

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