The North Carolina Senate makes guns easier to get without background checks.

                      The North Carolina Senate amended sweeping pro-gun legislation making it easier to buy a handgun without a background check. It allows for the private purchase of guns in the state without a permit. Background checks and a permit would be needed only when buying from licensed dealers, but not from private purchases, including sales at gun shows.

This is just part of a larger gun package making its way through the Republican controlled legislature. This amendment would become part of the package that the Senate is taking up after the House passed it. The bill includes provisions to allow guns in locked cars at all public colleges and schools in the state. As well as at parks, bike paths and restaurants that serve alcohol. Attendees at a funeral will be allowed to carry a gun, along with people participating in parades. Judges, registers of deeds and court clerks would be permitted to carry guns during a work day.

Conservative legislation has dominated the current North Carolina Session. Current proposals include overhauling the states tax system and creating an official religion. Yes you read that right, an official religion. That is a complete violation of the First Amendment. Republicans talk of protecting the Second Amendment at the cost of every other Freedom we have.

This is the first year in more than 100 years that Republicans have controlled both houses of the legislature and the Governorship of North Carolina. Hopefully for the state this will be the last time for the next 100 years.

State Democrats question the logic of the Gun Bill. The State Democratic Spokesman told the Huffington Post ” Republicans in the General Assembly have no concept of consequences. They have shown that time and time again. Guns and Alcohol don’t mix. Guns at town parades or at playgrounds with our children are unacceptable. Guns on campus makes our college students less safe. To add insult to injury this legislation undermines our local Sherriffs ability to make their towns and cities safe.”

Republicans nationwide seem to want to poke President Obama in the eye. After Sandy Hook, President Obama and Democrats pushed for Gun Reform. The Gun Reform legislation was stopped by a Filibuster, supported by Republicans, who were funded by NRA Lobbyists. Since Sandy Hook about 5,000 more people have been killed by gun violence. Republicans seem to support chaos, both economically and socially. They seem deadset on a Fuedal Society controlled by wealthy corporations.

Gabby Giffords keeps up efforts for Gun Control.

          The former Arizona Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords, vwas shot in the head about 30 months ago. She recently met in New Hampshire with the parents of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. They gathered to talk strategy, how to get Congress talking about Gun Control again.

Giffords, a Democrat, has become the face of the Gun Control movement. She is still recovering from injuries incurred in a 2011 attack that killed 6 others. Her and her husband, Mark Kelly, have been travelling the nation encouraging states to defy the NRA. They are trying to gain traction for legislation to expand background checks. They would also like to push for legislation for Assault Weapons Bans and High Capacity Magazine Bans.

Giffords recently formed Super-PAC and related non-profit group have ambitious plans to expabd their political clout in 2014. The group is known as Americans for Responsible Solutions and they are expected to raise $20 million for political activities and ads for the next election and the next Gun Control Vote. Up to now New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg has provided much of the financial support for Gun Control advocacy. His group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has spent more than $12 million in an effort to pressure lawmakers in several states.

Despite Giffords and Bloomberg’s effort, they reportedly have not won any more votes in Congress. It seems as if the Bill has truly bogged down and will not move forward. In the lead up to the Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill vote, the NRA poured close to $400,000 into the Senators who voted against the bill. Republicans have been bashing Mayor Bloomberg for throwing his money around. It seems as if the NRA is uncomfortable going up against another lobbyist with just as much money.

Since Sandy Hook, over 4,500 have been killed by gun violence. Children have shot other children and people have been shot at gun shows. The NRA and other gun lobbyist use fear to mobilize gun rights activists. I am for children being able to live, as well as stopping at least some of the gun violence. If 20 murdered First Graders doesn’t sway Congress, what will? It seems they only support things when it hits close to home. I hope this is not what it takes, hopefully it won’t take another Elementary School massacre either.

Why isn’t Congress even talking about Gun Control?

             On December 14, 2012 a man entered Sandy Hook Elementary School. He went on to shoot 26 people, includ ing 20 children. He used an AR-15, with 30 round magazines. After this happened Democrats and President Obama were intent on passing some sort of Gun Control Reform passed. They were stopped by the NRA and the money they used to lobby Republican Senators and even a few Democrats.

The Manchin/Toomey Bill was bipartisan legislation that improved universal background checks and prosecuted anyone found guilty of creating a gun registry. It wasn’t perfect but it was an improvement over our current system. It was stopped ghost because of a loss in a Filibuster vote, 54-45, 5 Republicans voted yes and 5 Democrats voted no. That was the end of the Gun Control conversation.

Now 7 months after Sandy Hook the conversation is dead. About 4,500 people have been killed by gun violence since then. More children have killed with guns then terrorist attack deaths on American soil in that time. Yet we seem to have accepted defeat and conceded to the NRA and the Koch Brothers. Our form of government was defeated by corporations and lobbyist. Democracy in this case seems to have failed us.

To put this in perspective, you have to register a car and get insurance in order to drive it. You don’t have to do either to get a gun. To buy a house, you have to have an inspection, they thoroughly look into your credit history and you have to have insurance. None of the above for guns. Republicans are against sex education for kids, but are fine giving them a gun. To me this is perplexing. Guns are meant to kill people, homes and cars are not.

So why aren’t we talking about this? Is it tge manufactured IRS and Benghazi scandals? Maybe the focus on Immigration Reform? Maybe Congress just doesn’t care? Whatever the reason, it needs to change. It us a discussion we need to have. The Second Amendment meant more when we were establishing ourselves as a country. Not so much now. My question is for Congress. If we don’t address Gun Control now, then when?

Senator Tom Coburn and his do it yourself background checks.

           If Senator Tom Coburn has his way, getting a background check could be as easy as printing an inyernet coupon. Coburn’s do it yourself background checks plan – would expand the number of gun sales covered by background checks but also make them more user friendly. Recently 41 Republicans and 5 Democrats voted to block the Manchin/Toomey background check bill from even receiving a vote. FILIBUSTERED AGAIN! It was endorsed by many gun control groups but opposed by the NRA. Of course in the U.S. lobbyest rule all.

                  Gun Control supporters question Coburn’s plan. Coburn himself is not sure whether he has enough votes to pass it. Coburn has one co-sponsor, Senator John Mccain, but the NRA has stayed silent on the proposal. What Coburn us proposing I believe defies reason. If we learn from mistakes, the Great Recession, we know that we cannot trust any for profit company to police themselves. We tried it once, why do it with weapons built to kill. One of the reasons the NRA and NRA supported Senators were against Universal Background Checks was because criminals would find a different way to get guns. In their opinion there is no sense in creating a law because criminals will break them. I guess the NRA are supporters of Anarchy. Despite the fail safes in this idea, I believe this is easier to get by.

            Here is how it would work. A gun buyer would log onto a Free Federal web portal and enter some personal information. If the buyer passes the background check, he or she would get a multi digit code, good for 30 days, to print out and take to the seller. That seller would use the same portal to confirm the authenticity of the background check. He believes the system would bypass the cost and recordkeeping requirements requiredby the current proposal. That system requires the involvement of a federally licensed arms dealer for sales at gun shows and over the internet. Coburn believes that forcing people to go to a licensed dealer would force gun sales into the shadows, where many already are.

                 Gun Control advocates say Coburn’s plan relies too much on voluntary compliance by private sellers. Like I said before, history shows that is a naive idea. There would also be no lasting record of a gun sale. Important, because if there is a crime committed using a gun, police can go to the gun manufacter and ask who.bought the gun. The manufacturer can point to the federally licensed gun dealer who would have a paper record of the sale. It is worrysome to put faith in a for profit seller, whose true motivation is to make profit. We need something stronger to protect the public.

             Republicans and Democrats need to come together on serious on Gun Reform. It is time for our elected leaders to work for the people not the lobbyist. It us a slap in every citizens face that the NRA somehow overcame 90% of the people to get their agenda across. We need to put these money hungry ,lying pigs in their place. Vote out those who voted against Gun Control in 2014. Lets show them the true power of the people.

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Republicans disdain for the Constitution.

                     The Republican party claims to be protectors of the American way, if our Constitution and that they understand what everyday Americans are dealing with. They tend to believe all Americans not making 7 figures or more are leeches. That we wait for the government to take care of us. The Republican party looks to their contributors for what they should vote on.

                As is evident in the recent vote on Background Checks. The Manchin-Toomey bill was week and gave the gun rights lobbyist most of what they wanted. The American public supported Background Checks by a 90% majority. Yet we couldn’t get past the filibuster stage. Why? The 46 Senators that voted against the bill revieved almost $8 million from the NRA. Senator Marco Rubio supported background checks in Florida but not in nation.

              They also voted against raising the minimum wage, which their tired excuses just don’t even tread water anymore. They voted against fair and equal pay against women. They voted against VAWA, then claimed that they did vote for it. The Republican party stands strong for the 2nd Amendment, but yet tries to trample on the 1st Amendment, trying to put prayer in public schools. They believe in states rights over Federal laws, although the Constitution says that Federal law is the law of the land.

              They are more concerned with banning abortion, which is unconstitutional, over fixing the economy. Abortion is legal until the fetus becomes viable, which is between 23 and 25 weeks. Yet Republican state after state keeps putting bans on it. They use the arguement that if we put background checks in effect because criminals will break the law anyway. But if they make abortion illegal, women will get it illegally and unsafely. But their arguement doesn’t work here because they don’t want it to.

                Democrats have been complicit in letting Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party have their own way. President Obama tries to work for the people and Republicans and their extreme wing work against him. It is only to make him look bad. We need to back him to protect our Constitution.

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Debating a conservative is useless.

               I have a Neoconservative Republican living across the street from me. We started speaking with each other about the problems locally, which in many cases we agree on. The deterioration of our city and neighborhood and the fact that our Democrat mayor is corrupt. That we need more police to take care of our drug problem locally.

            But we started differing when he brought up illegal immigrants. His opinion is that should all be kicked out of the country, no exceptions. He said I don’t have a problem with those here legally, just with the illegals. To that I replied we should have a path way to citizenship, make 3-5-7 years, if they are not citizens in that time, they are inviting deportation. He then said that after the illegals become citizens they still don’t pay taxes, I said businesses get 7 years. He told me I was wrong. They then told me President Obama released 13,000 murderers and rapist from jail. I said that it was proved wrong by Republican star Ted Crux, I didn’t get anywhere with that.

            So we moved on to Gun Control. He informed that the House was willing to do it until President Obama started adding things. I said no he didn’t, 3 people replied yes he did. I asked what and did not get an answer. They don’t like President Obama’s gun control because it took something away from us. Even a cops wife was against gun control. Background checks are also a bad idea, no reason given.

             I then said how the economy improved under President Obama, how more jobs were greater and how he has tried to help the middle class. How Republicahs went put of their way to obstruct anything he did. He said he didn’t like President Obama because he bowed to another leader and the leader did not reciprocate in any way. I also mentioned how he gave Republicans everything they wanted on budget and they still said no. I then was pulled from the conversation because I was starting to yell.

             I am a proud liberal Democrat, but when my party is wrong I will not find a way to justify it. So as a friend once said to me, ” Argueing with a Republican is like try to cut down a tree with a butter knife. Good luck with that.” Impossible to change an opinion when it is basedon bigotry.

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Our lawmakers let us down today.

                Our elected leaders let us down today. On the Manchin-Toomey bill our leaders decided to filibuster it. They decided that it doesn’t deserve to be talked about. That 20 kids in Sandy Hook and 3,000 others who have died since then don’t matter. That 90% of Americans wanted something done, yet our elected officials decided to do nothing.

                  This is very disturbing that such a large majority of citizens want this to happen. But our elected officials take the side of a gun lobbyist, the NRA. Whats even saddlery is that only 4 Republicans voted to speak about this. 6 Democrats let down the majority. What does 10% of the population have on 90%, MONEY. President Obama had his most angry speech during his 2 terms as President.

              Each lawmaker that voted against this should be voted out of office. This was not tie strongest piece of legislation we could have put out. It was a bipartisan legislation that gave the gun rights lobby a lot of what they wanted. The biggest being that anyone caught, including Federal agents, compiling a gun registry would get a 15 year jail sentence. There would also not be background checks on personal sales.

              It seems as if the NRA and Republicans want criminals and terrorists to have the ability to get a gun without a background check. They want to make it easier, Senator Rubio concurs with Wayne Lapierre and the NRA about weakening the current gun laws. To ignore an overwhelming majority for a lobbyist group show their true disdain for the Democratic process. Gerrymandering can only help so much to keep a seat.

             Every child and person killed by a gun now, that could have been stopped by a background check, is the fault of these people. 40 Republicans and 6 Democrats now have childrens blood on their hands. They also have the blood of a failed system of government. This was the final nail in the coffin of our Democracy. Our government is bought and sold, these Republicans are no better than Mafia muscle. I hope the people of the United States have the wherewithal to vote these pigs out of office.

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