Government shutdown is the leadup to raising the Debt Ceiling.

         First to be clear, the Debt Ceiling is for bills Congress already incurred. It allows us to pay the bills Congress already approved. Under George W. Bush the Debt Ceiling was raised 7 times. That is under a President who took us from a surplus to about $10 trillion debt. He ran up a $15 trillion bill. Where were the Republican fiscal hawks then. Sadly many were ok with this spending.

The extreme right wing of the Republican party, the Tea Party, have pushed a very extreme agenda. The word compromise means surrender to them. They have made it a mission to destroy our government. My way or the highway is not how the Democratic process works. To use dramatic methods to extract every last thing you want is undemocratic. No one ever gets everything they want in the democratic process, they compromise and get the best of both sides. This is why Congress is in gridlock, the refusal to negotiate in good faith.

It is ignorant to blame President Obama for this shutdown. In fact Michelle Bachman said that they were happy with the shutdown. Other Republicans said theg were giddy about the shutdown. Why we President Obama give away the house when Republicans are coming back for more in a few weeks. Republicans are attempting to extract some now and more in the Debt Ceiling negotiations. Democrats are letting the Republican party show their lack of empathy for the American people.

From April until now, Democrats attempted 18 times to negotiate to avoid this shutdown. They were filibustered by Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mike Lee and several other prominent Republicans. Republicans have said they will not budge on Debt Ceiling negotiations. Despite the fact they already approved the spending. Very hypocritical stance. They keep mentioning the choice was President Obama’s. What they dont say is that there never was a choice. There was an ultimatum. Do this or we shut down the government. Now the GOP is scrambling to save their tarnished image, which is unsavable.

This is just setting the table for the next showdown in a few weeks. Republicans are making a spectacle of everything in order to polarize the country more. We will be in this same spot or worse in a few weeks. Our economy is taking a severe hit from this shut down. I believe Republicans thought President Obama would blink and negotiate the ACA. They took a calculated risk and lost. Sadly they weren’t smart enough to set up a way out of the mess they put us in. Just don’t move from manufactured crisis to another. Govern intellegently, think about the people. Stop spreading disinformation. The ACA is the law, help people learn it.

The Republican government shutdown.

           I spent yesterday awestruck at how people would blame President Obama for this shutdown. As odd as it sounds these people are saying Republicans are doing the right thing. Shutting down the government to shutdown a law you don’t like is incredible. The ACA is law and that will not change. Why is helping people get affordable health care such a problem?

Republicans want to negotiate, at the last minute. The 18 times Democrats tried to negotiate and go to conference since April were apparently not good enough. Republicans shot it down everytime. Why negotiate at the last minute? To fool gullible Americans into thinking they care. They are not negotiating, they are trying to force an issue through hurting the American people and economy. That is not governing, I don’t know what it is. Sadly people buy into this.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all these other right wing radio host spread hate. They dislike President Obama’s policies, so they spew vitriol in order to polarize the public that listens to them. They spread lies about the ACA, which host Chuck Todd said the main stream media does not need to correct. Isnt the media a vehicle for the public to learn the truth or is it just a vehicle to spread Republican rhetoric. Sadly it seems to be the latter. They, those who are closest to the mess that is Congress know the truth. But the truth doesn’t seem to matter.

The American public is being duped by a party of hate. This is a party that was against medicare, social security, food stamps, extending unemployment, the Veterans Jobs Bill and VAWA. Isn’t it obvious that these people do not care about the American public. These are the people who give rich farmers free money, $200 billion to corporate welfare and believe corporations are people that aren’t governed by the same laws as people. This is a party controlled by corporate interests. The Tea Party was created by the Koch brothers, who have ties to the NRA and ALEC. How is that grassroots?

Republicans were giddy about shutting the government down, their own words. Michelle Bachman came out and said how proud she was of the stand they are taking. Do they not realize they lost the election? The people spoke, overwhelmingly in favor of the ACA and President Obama. Get over yourselves and move on. Govern our country and stop holding the people hostage. America does not negotiate with terrorists. Especially ones in our own government.

Government shutdown, the Republican way of throwing a temper tantrum.

             The last time Republicans refused to negotiate on the debt ceiling our country had its credit rating downgraded. Why does a political party refuse to compromise?  President Obama has tried to work with Republicans since day one, despite Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders making him a one term president their number one priority. Obviously hurting the economy or making Americans suffer doesn’t get in the way of their attempts to accomplish this. They lost, President Obama is in his second term. What is different?

Republican demands are simple, get rid of the ACA and do things our way or we will shut the government. Many of these Republicans voted to expand the debt ceiling 7 times under George W Bush. The same Bush who oversaw the largest jump in the National debt, from a surplus to about 11 trillion. They voted for the Bush tax cuts, which added about 2 trillion to the debt and 2 unfunded wars. But when President Obama is in their they become fiscal hawks. Where were you when the train derailed?

So why are we here? Why is a government shutdown looming? Each continuing resolution the Republican led house has passed is attempting to defund or change the ACA. What Republicans won’t tell you us that the plan to repeal the tax on medical machines for hospitals or other offices, a 2.32% tax by the way, will cost the government about $28 billion. The President tried to get Republicans involved in the ACA process but they refused, saying they would stop it. They didn’t, it is the law of the land, found Constitutional by the Supreme Court. So are Democrats and President Obama wrong for not negotiating on the debt limit? NO!!! They already tried, Republicans didn’t want to.

The GOP is worried about their corporate sponsors, those that lobby and pay for their services. They do not work for the Democratic majority. Unfortunately this is the society Republicans want. They want the gap between rich and poor to continue and they want American people in debt. It is a version of a Feudal society. They do not believe in Democracy or the Constitution they state they protect. They are willing to hurt the country for a Corporate formed ideology, what is referred to as a ruling class.

On Friday I listened to Mitch McConnell and his cohorts speak after a vote. One was speaking about President Obama and Democrats need to adjust their energy policy. It came from a man who recieved $700,000 from Natural Gas and Oil companies since 2006. As well as a party that recieved over $23 million in donations from the Oil industry since 2007. They recieved 88% of all donations from the Oil industry in that time. So as they say the proof is in the pudding. Look at the numbers and think about why Republicans are willing to shutdown our government and risk our economy.

Government Shutdown, how the Republicans are trying to get around Sequester.

                 The House is currently fast tracking a Republican supported bill to avoid government shutdown. The $85  billion sequester will be included in the bill. Republicans of course have moved to soften the blow felt by the Pentagon. The bill does include funding for the ACA, much to the chagrin of many conservative leaders.

          The White House is deeply concerned with this bill. The concerns are about the governments ability to protect consumers, to avoid deep cuts in critical services that families depend upon. Also to implement critical domestic priorities such as access the quality and affordable gealth care. Cuts in the WIC and SNAP programs that many families depend on, as well as Head Start education profram cuts.

              President Obama and his administration are deeply concerned that Republicans are looking for a back door out of certain cuts. The Republicans are tryin to get rid of Defense, Veteran, Immigration and law enforcement cuts. In fact they are trying to give more money to the DOD. This is not what was agreed upon when both sides, including 170 Republicans, voted in favor of the Sequester. They made a deal and are trying to get out of the part of the deal they dont like. While at the same time maintaining cuts to all the Domestic programs.

         Lawmakers DO GET PAID during a government shutdown. The Democrat led Senate unanamously passed a bill to eliminate pay for lawmakers during a shutdown. But the bill has stalled in the Republican led House. When asked Speaker Boehner said he would have to look into where it was in the House. The House bill which is at the center of the contreversy does include langauge to restrict lawmakers pay, but this bill most likely will not pass. Because of the langauge to avoid cuts Republican dont like we might see a government shutdown.

             Neither party benefits from a shutdown, although Republicans will be hurt worse. With public opinion already in the toilet Republicans cannot afford any more negative public opinion. The only thing Republicans have going for them is that only 3 times in history has a party with 8 consecutive years in office won the next election. Good luck banking on that.

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If we cant get past Sequester how will government pass the next test.

            With the Sequester here & slowly kicking in, we now must turn to our next big test. On March 27 if our government officials cant work together our government will SHUT DOWN. The money will run out, no one will get paid. This is the big one.

           The Sequester will be felt by people, regardless of what the GOP says. Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnel, Eric Cantor & John Boehner got what they wanted in Sequester. They want more spending cuts but refuse to give any more revenue. If we closed tax loopholes we would save almost $200 billion, that woukd cover the Sequester & more. That would seem a brighter course to balancing the budget & reducing debt. But it is not an option.

            President Obama cannot let the Reuplicans hold the American people hostage anymore. We need him to be a strong leader, as he has been since day one, & push these domestic terrorists into doing what is right for the PEOPLE. Our leaders should not work for a % of people because they give the most money. That is why a government shut down us looming. Please dont kick the can to June or August, do your jobs!

           In a Democratic government no one is going to get everything they want. This type of government thrives on compromise. Our country was built on progressive ideas, lets keep progressing.

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