Conservatives refuse to acknowledge Bush 43.

             Yesterday on Twitter I debated one, then several Republicans. Started off with one, then it became 6. I do not understand how their set of facts and truths are so different from mine. Nor do I understand how they refuse to blame George W. Bush for anything. I actually had one tell me that Bush was trying to fix the Banks, according to them he did not deregulate anything.

As the conversation went on, they blamed Bill Clinton and President Obama for everything that happened during Bush 43’s 2 terms. According to these people Clinton caused the financial collapse and housing market collapse. Bush did nothing to cause this, although he was President for 7 years when all of this happened. According to these people the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were run properly and there was no hidden agenda.

They blame President Obama for not creating jobs, but put no blame on Republican led House, although they shot down a Veterans Jobs Bill and a Jobs Bill. Collectively they would have created as many as 1.5 million jobs, effectively lowering the 7.6 unemployment rate and helping economy. They do not recognize this as happening. They attack President Obama about Benghazi, but say the 11 embassy attacks and near 60 deaths in Bush term were acceptable because we were at war. War on Terror is still in progress, not all embassy attacks happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The whole Republican party philosophy shows here. If they cannot convince you that act like young children. Yes it devolved to them calling names and cursing. If you disagree with their views, you are dumb, stupid, a terrorist and a Muslim. Apparently religious views are no longer protected by their beloved Constitution, which Democrats protect more. This is why Congress is in gridlock. Republicans have own facts and refuse to acknowledge any other views. In my experience many, not all are bigoted, short sighted people. It only matters when it happens to them. Of Trayvon Martin was their child, their opinion of him being responsible for own death would be different. We live in a country of many views and ethnicities, people need to be more open minded.

Republicans are not job creators, useless law creators.

                  Over the last 5 years Republicans have done little to help the economy and in fact have impeded its recovery. The Sequester alone has cost several hundred thousand jobs; not to mention all the furloughs. They have worked with corporations to stop the will of the people and have made a mockery of our Government.

They believe in deregulation which directly led to the Financial Collapse, the Great Recession and the Housing Crisis. They have fought against reform in all of these markets, hurting our economy. They have not supported American ideals, leaning more toward a bigoted, short sighted corporate view of America. They have shot down Jobs Bill and Veterans Jobs Bills to concentrate on Anti-Abortion and Voter Regulation Laws.

The only way to make the ACA work is to work together. Republicans refuse and would rather destroy the middle class and social safety nets to prevent Tax Reform. They support the Citizens United Supreme Court decision but refuse to hold corporations accountable for their illegal actions. I and most other Americans do not think anyone is above the law or deserves a free ride. That is why not prosecuting CEOs of Too Big Too Fail Banks is a slap in America’s face.

I dont think our founding fathers imagined an American governed by corporations. Nor did they envision a Congress that would work against the countries best interests. But thus is where we are. Knuckleheads screaming for secession, yet they recieve more government money than anyone else. This is a country being held hostage by a party throwing a 4 year temper tantrum. Time for the rich white party to grow up.

Banking Reform, was there really any?

         In 2008 our economy was mainly decimated by risky & complicated practices. Has there really any worthy reform? Part of the problem was the,systematic failure of our regulatory agencies. Also to blame are the politicians who tolerate & defend deregulation & fraud.

         Derivatives, which are to most of us a super complicated math problem, are very much to blame for the collapse. I am not sure if my understanding of a derivative is correct, but here goes. A derivative is a contract whose value is derived from the performance of market underlying factors, such as market devices or indices, interest rates, current exhange rates, & commodity , credit & equity prices. Derivative transactions include a wide assortment of financial contracts including structured debt obligations & deposits, swaps, futures, options, caps, floors ,collars, forwards & various combinations thereof. I do not claim to understand it. The only reform I was able to find was to make rules that would make derivatives clearing houses open to firms with as little as $50 million in capitol. Basically the clearinghouse is on the hook if one of the banks fails. The larger banks didnt like this, because they do over 70% of the derivative trading.

         Mortgage reforms should have been easier to achieve, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Some reforms are;
Mortgage servicers are to identify & compensate homeowners who have suffered financial harm. Companies must provide a single point of contact for struggling borrowers, many complain of getting the run around. Servicers also would not be able to foreclose on borrowers after granting them a loan modification. Many, including myself, feel these reforms are weak. 10 of the nations largest mortgage servicers agreed to an $8.5 billion settlement with federal regulators to end a review of foreclosure abuses.

             Banks were fraudelently foreclosing on thousands of properties. They would have the wrong information, pass information on to new company buying the loan that wasnt updated & were rushing foreclosures through. This comes from a community that recieved billions of American taxpayer dollars to bail them out from their shady practices. Today many of these practices continue because our leaders will not take the needed steps to end this.

         This was the most difficult post I have written so far. I did not understand alot of the terminology used, even the definitions were for a lack of a better words were wonky. I am trying to pass on information that people will understand, if I dont understand it I would be a fraud passing it on. That being said, what I could gather here was that there was not much done to protect us from another collapse. It is an unfortunate truth, but in this case big money has another victory.

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