Is there truly a cabal of wealthy people who secretly control America?

          This is an odd topic, although it is something that has been presenting itself to me more daily. Each day I watch news, read the paper, read on the Web or debate one person or another, it seems that this subject is slapping me in the face. The more I read, the more it seems I am being force fed garbage, something to keep me off the this elusive subject. The Internet is veritable smorgasbord  of conspiracy theories. The news and the papers are obviously controlled by the wealthy elite, so we only get the stories they want us to read. My ideas on the subject are in constant evolution and not 100% clear yet. I just want to present them, just to get them out and hopefully get some input from others. I also want some of these thoughts solid so I can always refer to it.

              I want to start with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not controlled by the government, it is controlled by private bankers. Odd, right, one would assume that it was a government entity. For a period of time our dollar was backed by gold. That switched, I apologize  for being vague but I am not going in depth about this part, and money became backed essentially by the full faith and credit of the United States. It is made up out of thin air, it means nothing and comes from no where. That, you would think makes our dollar worthless, but it doesnt. Now every dollar that we borrow from the Federal Reserve, yes our government borrows money from private bankers, has to be payed back with interest. So every dollar created puts the United States further in debt to wealthy bankers. It creates a system of perpetual debt, leaving the super wealthy in control of our government.

            Let’s move to Citizens United next. This ruling by the Supreme Court allowed dark money to flood into our politics. Dark money is money that comes from unknown sources and cannot be accounted for. It also allowed individuals to contribute more to political campaigns and to be able to hide who it was contributed to. Let’s be very clear, this does not benefit the poor or middle class. I gave $15 to President Obama  in 2012 and $10 in 2008. There is a new bill Republican lawmakers are trying to pass that would triple the amount people could contribute without declaring any of it. Now interesting statistic I keep seeing is that 94% of candidates that raise the most money win. Now Congress had a 9% approval rating yet 94% were reelected. I hope you caught that anomaly as well. 9% approval is very very bad. Interestingly, just for example, the Koch Brothers contributed approximately $325 million, that is accounted for in the last election cycle. That is according to the Washington Post. Now how does that help the poor?

             Now to Voter I.D. laws. Who do voter i.d. laws affect? The poor of course! The rate of fraudulent voting of the sort Republicans are trying to stop is about .00002%. Does that really seem like something that would warrant this much action? Especially because Republicans have seemed reluctant to take any action at all. Why is this an issue? In 2008 when then Senator Barrack Obama was running for President, the poor overwhelmingly voted for him. His speeches motivated the country and helped assuage voter apathy. 93% of the African American vote went to President Obama and minorities  as a whole were generally in his corner. How can the wealthy elite keep their puppet in office if people vote? They cant. They had to do something, their lobbyist marched into our capital to manufacture a new issue. Voter fraud. By requiring I.D., people who live in inner cities and do not drive, nor have the finances to own a car could not vote. Unfortunately for the wealthy we were protected from poll taxes. But it didn’t end there, Republicans ended early voting or shortened it, closed polls early, created long lines by having less polls, machines switched votes from Democrat to Republican and they even used voter intimidation. In 2014, about 30% of the population or less voted. It seems they got their sheep back in the herd.

            Those are the big ones I wanted to cover. But here is more food for thought. The rolling back of part of the Civil Rights Act that helped protect minorities rights to vote in districts that have had past issues. Low wages and the decimation of Labor Unions. Unions were the middle classes great protector. The continual attempts to decimate the EPA. Saying the EPA makes it where business can’t compete because of regulations. The illegal foreclosures by banks, who paid a pittance of a fine and didn’t have to give the homes back. Bank executives getting bonuses while crashing the economy, destroying people’s pensions, 401 KS and decimating our workforce. No prosecution of any of these people who committed illegal acts, while our prisons are over crowded by poor people with Marijuana offenses. The complete control of the mass media, holding each to their own standards and showing a blatant avoidance of the truth. In fact, many tell outright lies more then they tell the truth, Fox News. The worse part of this is the absolute ignorance of so many Americans. The easiest way to make the middle class forget about the rich, is to make them hate the poor. We are so gullible.

          Is it a true conspiracy? Did I paint a clear enough picture? The answer to both, I don’t know. The idea is still coming together for me as I dig through more and more. It is a theory, but truth, not sure yet. This I will say. There is an eternal battle going on in America. At its root is income inequality, which is at its highest since the 1920s. The DOW Jones is setting records dailly, but we are only getting minimum wage jobs. Why? 95% of the wealth made over the last six years has gone to the top 5% of the population. Class warfare is undeniably one of the biggest issues in America. It seems as if the wealthy elite have clung to power for so long, that any perceived attempt to dislodge them from power will be met with fierce resistance. Even at the loss of our great country. Cabal or greedy men? They might be one in the same.


Governor Corbett has to defend another pro-business law.

                Governor Tom Corbett is yet again defending another of his Bills. Several of his Bills, which helped make up his conservative agenda, have been found unconstitutional or dismissed by the Commonwealth Court. This time it is his Gas Royalty Bill. Another pro-business Bill from a man who refuses to tax Natural Gas Drilling Companies and gave businesses another $310 million tax break in his new budget. While at the same time cutting funds from Education and Health Care.

Critics of the Bill contend that it undermines landowners negotiating rights. It gives an unfair advantage to Natural Gas Drilling Companies. Many landowners in Pennsylvania have negotiated drilling contracts so companies can get at the Marcellus Shale.

The Bill enjoyed overwhelming support from the Republicans who control the Pennsylvania legislature. Democrats fought against, but like many issues they have fought against the Republican majority will dismiss Constitutional rules to get what they want. Corbett signed the Bill without public comment. Corbett believes the law enhances the efficiency of oil and gad drilling. He also says the Bill will limit environmental damage and protect landowner rights. Governor Corbett said fracking doesn’t cause pollution, in fact the EPA stopped investigating it. That is odd he mentions pollution.

This law like most of Corbett’s other proposed laws, is pro-business. Corbett uses rhetoric to disguise them as helping people. This is designed specifically to help drilling companies get at all of the Marcellus Shale natural gas. The Fracking process which is used to bore horizontally underground that extend thousands of feet from the vertical well bore. This law allows them to cross property lines as well. Fracking is widely known for causing environmental pollution, as well as making people sick. There are at least 23 known carcinogens in the fluid used to Frack. Why isn’t the EPA investigating Fracking Companies and chemicals? Could it be lobbying companies have bought off the top levels of government?

Head of ALEC in Texas created model legislation for Rick Perry’s 20 week abortion ban.

                Texas State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R) filed the State Legislature’s first attempt to ban abortions after 20 weeks. It is called the Preborn Pain Act, which is strongly supported by Governor Rick Perry. The Bill alledges that substantial medical evidence recognizing that an unborn child is capable of experiencing pain by not later than 20 weeks after fertilization.

While the facts clearly dispute this strongly held Republican opinion. In fact the American Medical Association has concluded that evidence regarding the capacity for fetal pain is limited but indicates fetal perception of pain is unlikely before the third trimester.

The Bill provides an exception for the life of the pregnant women. But only if the person is in physical danger. An abortion may not be provided if there is a claim or diagnosis that the woman will engage in conduct that may result in her death or irreversible physical impairment of a bodily function. It also changes the language of the Texas Health Code. It would require physicians to report the probable post fertilization age of the unborn child, rather than the period of gestation. This is part of the States new Big Brother style requirements.

20 week abortion bans are Republicans way of taking choice out of the equation, as well as a way to nake abortions inaccessible to women in very bad situations. A lot of women seeking late term abortions are in abusive relationships. Sometimes it is women who wanted the pregnancy but suffered severe personal problems that makes the prospect of having a child untenable. Others are addicted to drugs. There are many different reasons, that is why it is their choice.

Rep. Laubenberg is the Texas state chair of ALEC. They are a hyper-conservative non-profit lobbying group that drafts model bills and provides them to lawmakers. Some of the goals of ALEC model legislation are dismantling Medicaid, protecting big business from the EPA and stregthening Stand Your Ground Laws nationwide. ALEC is in very good standing with the NRA. ALEC has also been tied to the Voter I.D. Laws and Privatizing Public Education.

Recently during a special session called by Governor Rick Perry, the Texas Republicans tried to force this Bill down the peoples throats. They were halted by Democrat Wendy Davis and her 13 hour Filibuster. Also by the people who were chanting against the Bill. They called it the Peoples Filibuster. The Bill needed to be signed by midnight, but was signed at 12:03, which effectively stopped the Bill. Although Republicans tried to change the time to force the passage of the Bill, but they got caught. Republicans said that it wasn’t over and they were right. Governor Rick Perry called another special session. He says the hell with the will of the people.

New Gas Drilling Legislation on Governor Corbetts desk weakens negotiating rights for landowners.

            New Oil and Gas Drilling Legislation seriously weakens landowners negotiating rights with Fracking Companies. The National Association of Royalty Owners said last minute changes to a Senate Bill would allow drilling companies to use decades old mineral leases to force current landowners to accept Marcellus Shale drilling under their property.

Trevor Walczack, Vice President of the association’s Pennsylvania chapter, said Corbett shouldn’t sign the bill. Although his group normally favors oil and gas drilling. Unfortunately Governor Corbett’s history suggests he will side with Natural Gas Drilling Companies, he has sided with corporations more often than not. Walczak said the bill would ultimately be similar to forced pooling. A drilling company can force some landowners to accept drilling if many of the surrounding households have agreed.

The Legislation would apply to people with existing oil or gas leases. Heirs to leases signed many years sgo for traditional drilling would be forced to accept fracking. Which can extend under neighbors lands and the neighbor would be forced to accept Fracking on their land as well. Fracking has led to a Natural Gas boom in Pennsylvania and millions of dollars in royalties for leaseholders.

Pollution caused by Fracking has been well documented in States that have had Fracking for several years. Water from a faucet catching on fire, cancer clusters, headaches among many other symptoms from the pollution. The EPA does not have clearance to check the chemicals used for Fracking. But samples taken have shown at least 23 known carcinogens. Governor Corbett has basically let these Natural Gas Drilling companies to drill in Pennsylvania tax free. Republicans and Democrats in the State House and Senate have been at odds about Fracking for quite some time. It figures our Pennsylvania lawmakers would try to take away citizens negotiation rights. Why not pollute and make billions while not paying a dime? That is where this is headed.

Global warming, can President Obama help curb it.

                  Beaches across the world ate slowly being eroded away by the ocean. In one area people are going to leave their houses because the ocean us eroding the beach. In New York it is starting to overtake a highway, a moderate storm and the water is in the road.

                 The earth is warming. It us warming because of us, burning fossil fuels in our cars and businesses. It puts more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that traps more heat from the sun. The earth has not been this warm in 4,000 years. We have more than 2 times the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time during humanity existing. At that time the sea levels were 100 feet higher.

             Mostly by circumstance, partly by policy carbon dioxide emissions have dropped during President Obamas tenure. The Obama administration has had the power to regulate carbon. The Supreme Court the ordered the administration to deal with carbon. President Obama got corporations to agree with cap and trade deals, but Republicans put a stop to that.

           Republicans call Climate Change a fake science and refuse to acknowledge the problem. By doing this they are enabling and encouraging wealthy corporations to ignore clean air laws. Democrats have been fighting for Climate Change laws, but of course anything President Obama does Republicans are against.

             If we do not deal with Climate Change we are going to have serious problems. This is not a political game, its not about money or power, it is about the survival of humanity. It is time for us to deal with this, I find myself saying this way to much. Republicans need to realize they lost the election, there is a midterm next year and one in 2016. Get to work and get something done.

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Why does the GOP hate the EPA?

             Republicans hate the EPA, they say that it is President Obamas way to destroy private enterprise. As the Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney, ran on an I hate the EPA agenda. He said that it was conpletely out of control. The EPA was created by a Republican.

                President Obama is destroying private enterprises. Although the stock market remained over 15,000 for the third consecutive days. Before this the stock market was never over 15,000, not once. If he us using the EPA to destroy private enterprises, he really sucks at it. Tom Delay, called the EPA the Gestapo of the government. It has been one of the major claw-hooks the government maintains on the back of our constituents.

             The Republicans new way to stop from confirming an EPA director seems to be by questioning them.into submission. President Obama has nominated Gina Mccarthy has been nominated. Senate can ask all the questions it likes, do its due diligence. They can ask questions in person or in writing. The nominees write their answers back.

              Republicans asked Michael Leavitt 22 questions, Democrats 283. Republicans asked Stephen Johnson 49 questions, Democrats 181. Those are both Bush nominees. Republicans asked Lisa Jackson 118 questions, Democrats 39. Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s new choice was asked 41 questions by Democrats and a whopping 1,079. There are subquestions in the questions, she received 123 pages if questions from Senator Vitter.

            The 8 Republican Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee, led by ranking member Senator David Vitter, boycotted a committee meeting. They did so in protest of what they called Ms. Mccarthy ‘s unresponsive answers to more than 1,000 questions about EPA policies and practices. She has answered all 1,079 questions.

              Of course this is just another Republican ploy to protect their corporate sponsors. Democrats need to begin treating Republicans the same way. I heard Rush Limbaugh say that Republicans do not play politics, it is always Democrats and Dictator Obama. Keep inflaming the hate and then we can have companies throw chemical tainted waste into our waterways.


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Detroit tar sands refinery explosion.

           On April 27 a major explosion rocked the Marathon Detroit Refinery in Detroit, Michigan. It sent a thick plume of smoke into the sky and pollution into the air. It caused a brief evacuation for the neighboring town of Melvindale. It was quickly withdrawn. The worst part of this, is the growing list of oil related incidents it joins. It is already proving to be a devastating year in terms of toxice fumes and pollution.

          As of now officials aren’t sure what caused the explosion. It happened when a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia blew up a tank during maintenence work. Reportedly there were no deaths or injuries. As economically ravaged as Detroit is, they could ill afford this unfortunate incident and the resulting environmental pollution. The refinery processes dirty Canadian tar sands, the sane type that would run through the contreversial Keystone XL pipeline,  if it ever gets built.

             According to an environmental study by scientist at the university of Michigan conducted, the Marathon refinery was already notoriously toxic prior to the explosion. The study shows that the zip code was the most heavily polluted in Detroit. Detroit is the most polluted area in all of Michigan. Nearby residents commonly suffer from leukemia, asthma and multiple types of cancer.

                 The Marathon refinery had received 13 air pollution violations since 2001. Althoughnone resulted in a penalties because Marathon took quick corrective action. On the other hand, sampling performed by residents and overseen by Global Community Monitor, and environmental group out of California, in 2010 found high levels is benzene, a known carcinogen. Hydrogen sulfide was found near the plant. In one case more than 20 chemicals, including benzene, were detected in a residents basement. The EPA investigation traced the contamination to Marathon’s dumping of waste water into the city sewer systems.

                 Many residents around the Marathon refinery are beginning to accept buyouts. Marathon has been squiring houses in a decaying neighborhood in Oakwood Heights. Many others ate still awaiting offers in order to get away from the pollution.

           I have barely heard mention of this on the news. Just because there were not any fatalities doesn’t change the fact that this is bad news. The oversight on these potentially hazardous plants is not working. Apparently these is another case of corporate money buying freedom to do as you will. These again relies on our government to correct the growing problems in the oil industry. Democrats are already on board, but of course Republicans are more concerned with protecting their corporate handlers. There have been enough problems with oil companies this year, lets get some oversight.

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