President Obama and the changes in our War on Terror.

              In 1996 a man who was not a religious official of any and had no authority to do it, declared a Fatwa or Holy War. That man’s name was Osama bin Laden. He issued a self styled Fatwa, a declaration of war against the U.S. It was declared because of Americans ocuppying the Land of the Two Holy Places, Saudi Arabia. The 2 Holy Places were Mecca and Medina.

2 years later bin Laden declared another Holy War on America. This time it was much clearer. This w one said that everyone should try to kill Americans and their allies, civiliand and military. It is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in every country in which it is possible to do it. To justify it he said that first for over 7 years the U.S. has been occupying the lands of Islam in the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula. Since the first Iraq War the U.S. had been maintaining bases in Saudi Arabia.

Then 3 years later 9/11 happened. We pulled our bases out of Saudi Arabia, very quietly, about a month after declaring war on Iraq. Osama bin Laden’s big demand was that we pulled U.S bases out of Saudi Arabia and George W. Bush complied. While complying with a terrorist, he declared an unnecessary war on Iraq.

In the 1980s in Beirut a suicude bomber drove a truck into a Marine Barracks. 6 months earlier there was a suicide car bomb on the U.S. embassy in Beirut. 63 people killd at the embassy including 17 Americans. An almost staggering amount of 299 dead at the barracks bombing. 220 Marines, 18 Sailors, 3 Army, and almost 60 French soldiers. They were there as a peace keeping force. The message was to get out you infefils, leave our country. President Reagan pulled out the peace keepers.

Neither President will go down in history as capitulating to terrorism. Terrorism is incoherent. Osama bin Laden was not assuage by us removing bases from Saudi Arabia. It did not stop him from wanting to kill Americans. It does not matter what we do, it will not stop terrorism. There will always be someone who wants to harm us. It has always been here and will not go away. We try to stop it with the Military, CIA, FBI, other intelligence services.

Republicans attack President Obama because he wants to move away from the broad war on terrorism. Democrats never fully agreed with the Bush/Cheney way of war. I agree with President Obama that this war on terror either ends or it will define our country. He wants to refine and repeal the authorization for military force signed after 9/11 and will not continue you it. That was among many other big changes. Republicans should not politicize this and should turn their focus to the economy. President Obama is the right man for the job at a very difficult time.

How Dick Cheney’s son in law, Philip Perry, helped deregulate the Chemical Industry.

           The Bush administration, specifically Dick Cheney’s son in law played a major role in defeating regulations that would have strengthened Federal oversight of chemical plants like the one that exploded in West, Texas. During the time Philip Perry’s father in law was VP, he worker in a couple of government agencies. He was in the White Housec Office of Management and the Department of Homeland Security. While there he successfully blocked the EPA from regulating the Chemical Industry. As General Counsel at the DHS, Perry was pivotal in moving the regulating task from the EPA to the DHS. This was a move that helped the Chemical Industry.

                In the wake of the 9/11 Terrorist attack, the Bush administration expressed concern that fertilizer plants could be a danger to the population, because they store explosive chemicals. But despite George W. Bush’s claims of wanting to make the nation safer post 9/11, they instead threw up roadblocks to the regulation of such plants.

                   The Bush administrations own cabinet secretaries came up with a plan to regulate these chemical plants. It was halted by Phil Perry. When the issue was brought before Congress, the Bush administration sided with the Chemical Industry. Then they pulled the backroom maneuver changing who regulates the plants. Now in 2013, the West Fertilizer company is guilty of storing more than 13-hundred times the amount of ammonium nitrate than world normally trigger safety oversight by the DHS. Not only did the DHS have no idea what the West Fertilizer company was storing, but id didn’t even know it existed untilit blew up.

              The Obama administration is considering giving the EPA the authority to oversee such plants, which Perry blocked. The Chemical Industry is of course fighting it. It does not want to lose the sweet deal the Bush administration gave it. The West Fertilizer company gives us an excellent example of why more oversight is needed. Not just to stop another explosion, but to protect the employees of these plants and the surrounding communities. When the plant was actually inspected, there was a pattern of violations that should have been addressed.

                Now in our capital Republicans will try to make this into a political issue, a talking point. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is about workers rights and community safety. Democrats need to approach it this way to garner support from Labor Unions and communities. We need oversight, because without companies will take unnecessary risks for a short term profit. We saw what lack of oversight did to Wall St. and the Banking Industry. But of course in will take a major catastrophe like this to get anything done in Congress, or maybe Republicans will block it like Unovetsal Background Checks, which 90% of Americans supported.

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We are dedicating a library to George W. Bush when we should be dedicating a jail cell to him.

                George W. Bush is having a library dedicated to him, a slap in the face to all our soldiers who died. He and Dick Cheney lied us into a war that cost billions if not a trillion dollars, but also thousands of American troops. It also cost the lives of at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians. He is widely considered on of the worst Presidents in American history.

              Not only did he lie us into war, but get neglected to pay for it. He never put the war costs in his budget, so that is now part of our national debt. He deregulated the banking industry directly leading to the Great Recession and the Housing Crisis. His policies also contributed to the rapid decline of Wall St. and people losing trillions of dollars.

             Of course while everyone else was suffering Bush and his acolytes were raking in the dough. While people were losing money he and his were making it. He gave out his portion of the TARP funds with no stipulations, they did with it what they wanted. President Obama’s portion of the TARP fund has all been paid back, whereas no one truly knows how Bush’s was used.

       I am sure we can go on and on. There is evidence that possibly points to him having some idea of the 9/11 attacks. Could be conspiracy theory, maybe not. During this time Democrats worked with him until they realized they were bamboozled. Then when he tried to privatize Social Security that is when the dam broke. Bush was tried in absence in a court in Madagascar, that specializes in war crimes but I’d not a recognized court, and he was convicted as a war criminal. We will never seen him tried but it is abhorrent to see him celebrated.        

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Dick Cheney

           Dick Cheney once served as Vice-President and now will sit infamously as one of the architect of one of the largest lies ever told to American people. He ignored information to invade a country that did not have WMDs. 32,000 injured American soldiers, almost 5,000 killed and over $3 trillion spent. Not to mention almost 110,000 dead Iraqi civilians.

               Dick Cheney helped perpetuate this lie, in fact he may have been the chief engineer behind it. Saddam Hussein was a bad man, he did many bad things, but we didnt go in because of those actions. We went in under fraudelent information that he had WMDs and was working with Usama Bin Laden. Almost all of the information he used to sell the American people on the war was fabricated. Somehow he walks free today.

            It took us about 6 weeks to finish the invasion, but our leaders did not have a plan for after that. Because of that in took us another 7 years or so to get out of there. While we went in there on fabricated information, which the CIA said was fabricated, he made quite a bit of money through Blackwater and Haluburton.

            It showed a weakness in leadership that Congress got bully damned into this. Everyone was worried that they would lose their seat. That is inexcusable. We had a weak president in office who let himself be pushed into this. This is a president who didnt even truly win his seat, this should never had happened.

            Tonight I go to bed knowing that before we went into Iraq I did NOT agree with it. I said to my wife it was going to end up being like Vietnam. Our soldiers should not have died because Dick Cheney had an issue with Iraq. George Bush should not have let himself be pushed into it and Congress should have read all the paperwork. Hopefully this will be a lesson for us going forward.

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Payback in Politics.

             Chuck Hagel was confirmed today. Despite the protests of certain members of the Republican party. John Mccain & Rand Paul to name 2. A man who was once a frontrunner to be a Republican candidate for president. Why did these Republicans come out against a former Republican Senator?

            The Republican party is said to be a very loyal party, not to the American people, but to each other. Apperently Chuck Hagel upset the apple cart by disagreeing with his party. He criticized Bush 43 for the Iraqi war, the surge & how the Iraqi war was handled. He said that we did not need to go into Iraq, that it woukd be a money drain. He was right. He said the troop surge wouldnt work, is there any indication that it did. He was right again. How the war was handled was a blunder beyond blunders. After we invaded our troops didnt know what to protect, as things were being looted they stood & watched because their commanders didnt know what to do. How was it paid for? It wasnt! Again he was right.

              Was Chuck Hagel being punished for being right? Was he being punished for disagreeing, although he still voted with his party? Or was he punished as a way to hurt President Obama? Any one of the three is a really bad answer. There is not a single way to explain any of the three without looking petty. Dick Cheney as VP said it was unconstitutional to hold up a presidential nominee, what changed? The Republican party has been dropping the ball for at least the last 15 years, probably longer.

             How can a party that bases decisions upon pettiness remain relevant? I dont think they can. Instead of acting out, work on compromise. Work together, no one in a governmental position should get 100% of what they want. You are governing 50 states, with all colors, creeds, sexual orientations & religions. Rich, poor, middle class & the homeless. COMPROMISE is the answer, not hurt the American people because I am mad at the Senator from Pa.

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