Cowboys without Romo.

     I am a die hard Cowboys fan. I have loved this team through some lean times. I remember 1-15 and some heartbreaking playoff losses.  My favorite Cowboy ever was Tony Dorsett.  I was not a big Aikman fan nor any of the long line of Quarterbacks after him. I do not like Romo,  never have. That is not to say I do not think he is a good qb, he is.  I just don’t believe we can win the big one with him.

       Tony Romo offers intelligence,  accuracy,  a quick release and gets us into good plays. I don’t think he is a choke artist,  but he tries to do to much at times. He has excellent chemistry with Witten and Bryant.  The emergence of an excellent offensive line and running game last year made him a better qb. He can hit the big one and has carried a team that lacked a solid defense for a few years. We had a decent year or 2 but it has been a weakness. We need to get through the time he is hurt with a 6-4 record.

        Brandon Weeden is not a good qb. He has a good arm,  but not a good head.  It is going to be difficult to win with him. He is a dinker and dunker with zero confidence. He makes bone head plays and scares me every time he drops back to pass. We cannot win a game that the pressure is put on him.  We need a young qb to groom.

         As I am writing this Sean Lee left the game with a concussion. He is a great player but does not help us on the bench.  The Cowboys have to win with defense and running the ball. Pound the ball and play action shots down the field. They have to stop the run and get a pass rush. Help is coming.  Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory should be back for the Patriots game.  Rolando McClain should be back as well,  great for the overall defense. This is going to be a tough few weeks.

      Joseph Randle is going to get the chance to get the meat of the bone. Lance Dunbar needs to get the ball running more and Christine Michael needs to get on the field. Once the running game gets established it will open up longer passes.  Only if Weeden can be accurate enough. I am not confident in the team missing the players the Cowboys are.  They just need to hold it together. So do I.

My plan for our Basketball team.

       It is the second season our school has had a 7 and 8 grade girls team.  Last year they scored one basket the whole season. They didnt much direction. They had 2 practices a week, just like we did. They had 3 practices before the season,   we had 5. The teams we play against practice 5 days a week and had a month of preseason conditioning. To say we were behind the 8 ball is an understatement.

Upon speaking with the athletic director we are trying to get more practice time. We do not have our own gym yet. We have seen significant improvement from most of our players, in most areas of the game. They work hard, play hard and take coaching for the most part. It hasn’t been easy, but i have started a plan. We started an offense and have begun to outline our practice plan for next season. It has been a rough season, but I have learned quite a bit.

To start the preseason we are going to work fundamentals, as any coach would. Then we will install our 2 offenses. We are going to run a 3-2 motion offense, with a high-low post and backdoor cutters. It is a little hard to teach at first, but once it clicks it is good. It depends quite a bit on screens and your players reading the defense. Our zone offense will be a 1-3-1. The key is the girl on the free throw line and the girl underneath. Both players need to move to the ball side, the underneath player needs to creep behind the defense. We have worked quite a bit on the press break, but oily t hasn’t completely clicked yet.

Defensively I want to stick with a 2-3 defense. When we use it our perimeter defends well but our backline does not rotate quick enough. I prefer this defense because of the lack of athleticism. The head coach prefers a 1-3-1 defense. I think it is a gimmick defense, it works well when it works, but when it doesn’t it doesn’t. We have been putting the girls in a man to man defense to teach them personal responsibility. It has worked in that regard, but it exposes our lack of athleticism. I prefer to press with the guards and have our 3 at half court.

Transition defense has hurt us really bad. We have one girl who gets back. I have to make that a focus from day one. With a year of experience under our belt we will be in a better place to begin next season. The program hasn’t gotten a win yet. I hope next year to get that win. But we shall see.

The opening stages of the George Zimmerman trial started today.

                 17 year old Trayvon Martin was walking down the street with a pack of skittles and an iced tea; when George Zimmerman decided he was dangerous. Something clicked in Zimmerman’s head saying Martin was dangerou. Zimmerman called 911, which told him not to follow, Zimmerman ignored them. He followed anyway, a conflict followed. In the end Trayvon Martin lie on the ground dead from Zimmerman shooting him.

The question here us not whether Zimmerman is guilty of shooting Martin, that has already been established. The question is whether it was in self-defense or not. Under the Florida Stand Your Ground Law, several other states have adopted similar laws, Texas was in the news for it most recently, you do not have to retreat if you are threatened. It authorizes you to use deadly force if you feel you are threatened. This was an ALEC model bill that has had a negative effect on society.

Unfortunately the focus of this case will be on a bogus law passed by Republicans, with tremendous support from ALEC. The focus of the case should be on the fact that a grown man followed a child, instigated an altercation with a minor and then killed the minor during the struggle. These are the unmitigated facts of the case. A grown man killed a child, how does some bogus law make that ok. Is this the kind of country we want to live in? The Judiciary System has been removed by a man known to be touched in his head.

The implications of this case are far reaching. If Zimmerman is found innocent, people have been given the ok to kill basically at will. I can shoot my neighbor because we exchanged cross words, as long as I felt threatened. If Zimmerman is found guilty, well that is a victory against big business, the Republican party and deals a major blow to the laws ALEC and the NRA are trying to push. I want to know how these laws slipped past Democrat lawmakers. Lobbyist and Republicans are trying to turn this into a free for all to please the gun nuts. How about pleasing the majority of Americans, we don’t want these laws.

Government Shutdown, how the Republicans are trying to get around Sequester.

                 The House is currently fast tracking a Republican supported bill to avoid government shutdown. The $85  billion sequester will be included in the bill. Republicans of course have moved to soften the blow felt by the Pentagon. The bill does include funding for the ACA, much to the chagrin of many conservative leaders.

          The White House is deeply concerned with this bill. The concerns are about the governments ability to protect consumers, to avoid deep cuts in critical services that families depend upon. Also to implement critical domestic priorities such as access the quality and affordable gealth care. Cuts in the WIC and SNAP programs that many families depend on, as well as Head Start education profram cuts.

              President Obama and his administration are deeply concerned that Republicans are looking for a back door out of certain cuts. The Republicans are tryin to get rid of Defense, Veteran, Immigration and law enforcement cuts. In fact they are trying to give more money to the DOD. This is not what was agreed upon when both sides, including 170 Republicans, voted in favor of the Sequester. They made a deal and are trying to get out of the part of the deal they dont like. While at the same time maintaining cuts to all the Domestic programs.

         Lawmakers DO GET PAID during a government shutdown. The Democrat led Senate unanamously passed a bill to eliminate pay for lawmakers during a shutdown. But the bill has stalled in the Republican led House. When asked Speaker Boehner said he would have to look into where it was in the House. The House bill which is at the center of the contreversy does include langauge to restrict lawmakers pay, but this bill most likely will not pass. Because of the langauge to avoid cuts Republican dont like we might see a government shutdown.

             Neither party benefits from a shutdown, although Republicans will be hurt worse. With public opinion already in the toilet Republicans cannot afford any more negative public opinion. The only thing Republicans have going for them is that only 3 times in history has a party with 8 consecutive years in office won the next election. Good luck banking on that.

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